Ferocious Princess/C2 inexplicable crossing
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Ferocious Princess/C2 inexplicable crossing
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C2 inexplicable crossing

Tian Song Dynasty.

April 7th was the day of the nation's celebration. The people on both sides of the river were like an ocean of people. The massive and disciplined army ships were surrounding the resplendent emperor as they toured the Stellar River, paying homage to the great goddess of light, Odin!

Under the bright sun, the tyrant of the dragon robe, Tuoba Lie, had a solemn and sacred expression.

A hundred and thirty years ago, on a stormy night, there was a huge flash of lightning in the sky, and a fisherman fished up a strange box.

This mysterious box was made of a type of metal that had never appeared before in the Tian Song Dynasty. It was impervious to swords and spears, impervious to water and fire.

All living beings were terrified, guessing that this was a gift from the god to the mortal realm!

The Imperial Court then worshipped this mysterious box as a divine object. Every year, on the seventh of April, the entire nation toured the Stellar River to pay tribute to the grace of the God of Heaven, praying for the blessings of Heaven! This tradition continued for one hundred and thirty years!

Tuoba Lie led the hundred civil and military officials, kneeling down facing the north, a pious pilgrimage!

"Pray to heaven! Bless the peace of the people of the country in Tian Song, and our wealth lies everywhere! "

Tuoba Lie solemnly said as he prayed!

The officials kowtowed! Long live the people! It was like a torrential downpour!

Suddenly ?


A bolt of lightning suddenly flashed in the sky!

The huge thunder caused a huge disturbance and panic! The Magus said that this was a response from the God of Heaven. Remembering the piety of mortals, he would protect the peace of the world! The people believed without a doubt that a more pious mountain was able to cry out "Long live!" He kowtowed to the heavens!

Tuoba Lie raised the bow of the ship and looked down at the citizens bowing. He glanced at the cold iron chest that was quietly lying on the table and thought: "What exactly are you? No matter if it is a divine object or not, you have helped the Tian Song Dynasty maintain a stable rule for more than a hundred years. From this point of view, you are a divine object! I have never believed that there were truly gods and ghosts in this world, let alone any divine objects. But if you are not a divine object, then what exactly are you? Why couldn't he open it? What exactly is hidden inside? "

Suddenly, there was a commotion from the stern.

Tuoba Lie frowned and asked: "Guards! What happened next? "

His Majesty seemed to have heard of a woman falling into the water when the lightning struck her, and had been rescued by someone!

Tuoba Lie's cold eyes flashed with a hint of sternness: "Go and confirm, call the imperial physician along! Today is the day of the Rites of Heavenly Worship, so no one can drown or die from drowning! "

"Yes sir!"

The guard accepted the order!

Tuoba Lie thought: "Didn't the Heaven's Sacrifice Patrol Unit clear the entire river channel earlier? Why would any woman fall into the water? The governor of the capital was truly incompetent! Someone else should do it! "

The first thing Fei Yan felt when she woke up was pain all over her body!

"How strange!"

"My body has never been this weak before!"

Fei Yan was very suspicious. As a secret service agent, she had received strict and cruel special training from a young age. Regardless of whether it was her body or her consciousness, she had already reached a certain limit. Why was she currently feeling as sore as an ordinary person, so much so that she couldn't stand it?

"Eh? Just where is this place? "

Fei Yan quickly discovered something even stranger! She was in an ancient and somewhat elegant and plain room, and the fragrance of sandalwood was very strong and profound ?

When the imperial doctors received Tyrant's orders to save the woman who had fallen into the water during the sacrifice of the heavens, Fei Yan was somehow brought into the palace. But she had no idea where she was.

"Why am I here?"

"Why have I never been to such a strange place in my memory?"

"Being unfamiliar with it means danger! This is the Fourth Law of the Special Agent! "

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