Ferocious Princess/C3 What a beautiful girl
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Ferocious Princess/C3 What a beautiful girl
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C3 What a beautiful girl

Fei Yan carefully looked at her surroundings vigilantly. Other than the room that was decorated like it was ancient times, it could still be considered elegant. Furthermore, there was no aura of danger at all ?

She did her best to recall the past. Why did she come to such a strange place? And why? His body was actually so sore and weak?

However, as long as she thought about it, her head would immediately hurt so much that it felt like it was about to split open!

"Hey!" HELLO! Is anyone there? Who can tell me where exactly this place is? " Fei Yan shouted for a while, but there was no one who replied her!

There was no television, no computer, not even a phone, except for a gold ingot that was hidden by royal doctors in the mezzanine walls of the room. There wasn't even any modern electrical appliances or furniture! She wanted to contact her own people, but there was nothing she could do. Special agent. The crate is also missing...

"Why am I here? Why does my head ache when I want to remember the past? "What exactly is the problem here?"

A series of questions troubled Fei Yan, but she could not remember a single one!

She clearly remembered who she was, but she just could not remember why she was here.

It seemed that he would need some time to recover!

He should be able to recall it once his head stopped aching! No matter what, he had to escape first! Try to get in touch with the Bureau!

Fei Yan took advantage of the fact that no one noticed, and escaped from the window ?

"Your Majesty, you are so brave!"

On top of the beautiful dragon bed, the Concubine Li's face was flushed red!


Suddenly, there was a loud noise. A huge hole appeared in the roof and a woman fell from the sky!

Tuoba Lie was in high spirits... A large hole was torn open in the roof. A woman had fallen from the sky and was currently landing on the dragon's head!

Assassin! Help!

Concubine Li, who was already exhausted due to her emotions, screamed in shock!

A large group of palace maid eunuchs rushed in. Seeing the emperor's sleeping quarters had its roof torn open, and a strange woman had unexpectedly appeared on the dragon's surface, all of them were flustered for a moment.

Tuoba Lie shouted coldly: "Everyone, quiet!"

Only then did the palace maid's eunuchs obediently remain still, not daring to let out a single sound.

Concubine Li's body was like a water snake wrapped around Tuoba Lie's firm chest: "Your Majesty! I'm so scared! "

Tuoba Lie kicked him away!

The Concubine Li was scared silly. She hurriedly got up, and pulled a piece of cloth to cover her own important parts. She then fearfully stepped down from the bed, and nervously knelt down ?

Tuoba Lie was as cold as death, his face was as cold as jade!

A bold assassin dares to attack the Imperial Palace? He wanted to see who would be so daring!

However, he quickly discovered that this assassin was very strange!

Because she was lying motionless on the dragon's head, as if she had fainted!

Tuoba Lie pulled on the blanket, and the woman turned around. She had clear eyes, and her oval face was delicate yet pale white. What a beautiful lady. Less. Woman!

She really fainted!

Tuoba Lie realized that this' assassin 'had really fainted!

"How can there be such a stupid assassin?" The corner of his mouth curled up into a sneer. Then he thought: How could there be such a beautiful assassin?

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