Ferocious Princess/C9 Princess
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Ferocious Princess/C9 Princess
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C9 Princess

It was as if she had come to a completely new world ?

No matter what.

The agent's alertness and accurate judgement told her that she had regained her strength and was ready to face danger and flee! However, he had yet to figure out the truth of the matter, so he shouldn't act rashly. So she kept pretending to be unconscious...

The events that happened in the next few days left her extremely shocked!

Every day, there would be a doctor who would treat her illness and even feed her some very bitter medicine ?

There were servants and maids to feed her, drink her water, change her body and clothes ?

No enemies!

There was no forced confession!

There were also no shocking torture methods!

She was enjoying what seemed like a... Princess.

All of these completely exceeded the limits of Fei Yan's imagination! She was completely lost!

"Where the hell am I?"

She realized that the only way to understand her situation was to learn the language of strangers!

She was a genius at languages. While she was pretending to be asleep, she would diligently and seriously imitate, research, and learn how to talk to everyone!

After half a month, she had basically mastered the language skills of this world!

She slowly found out the truth!

It was an extremely shocking and unbelievable truth!

She had crossed over!

She had actually become the most popular transcender!

She was not sure if this was Earth or not, but she was sure that she was in a special era, not using the era of AD, but the era of Tian Song Dynasty.

The power of this country, which was also the Tian Song Dynasty, was a very rich and powerful nation. A hundred years ago, when the Tian Song Dynasty's emperors went to war, the army fell to the ground and a huge mountain was formed! In the last hundred years, the country has basically had no wars, and the domestic economy and culture have been greatly developed ?

This world was a martial arts world, and strong martial arts was the foundation to ensure the strength of countries!

Regardless of gender, everyone had to practice martial arts. Even a three year old child could practice a few moves. In such a country, countless martial arts masters had appeared. The most famous were the three great martial arts families: the Zi Jin Zhuo Family, the White Marquis Family, and the Prime Minister's Estate ?

The Prince of Zijin's Mansion controlled a force of one hundred thousand elite Golden Knights, and was the largest vassal force in the north!

The White Marquis family had three hundred thousand troops guarding the southern part of the empire. Their might shook the world!

The Prime Minister's Estate held the military power of the ten thousand Royal City Guards and was responsible for the security of the capital's security. And the Domoto's family, as the successor of the Prime Minister, had always grasped the imperial revenue and business fate.

The reason why the three families had been famous for hundreds of years was not only because of their great power and wealth, but more importantly, it was because of their top martial skills!

Wealth would disappear and power would decline. However, the pinnacle of martial skills would allow the three great families to forever stand firmly. Surrounding the Tuoba Royal Family was public rule!

It turned out that the Zhuo Family had so much power!

Fei Yan was secretly surprised!

What was even more surprising was that the people from the Zhuang family were all treating her as a Ninth Miss that had lost her twenty years ago ? Zhuo Ning.

After Fei Yan pretended to be in a coma and eavesdropped, she had a rough understanding of the information.

It turned out that the Fourth Young Master of the Zhuo Family, Zhuo Lei, had coincidentally seen Fei Yan on the street ?

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