Look At Me [Book 1]/C1 First Doom
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Look At Me [Book 1]/C1 First Doom
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C1 First Doom

Emma POV

"Holy shit! Molly, why haven't you removed the cake from the oven?" I screamed in annoyance as I left the dough I was rolling and went towards the oven to turn it off.

"I'm sorry ma. We've lot of orders today and they're piling up" Molly, the staff in my family bakery frowned sadly.

"Orders? Where's grandma?" I asked surprise because my grandmother will never keep her family business unattended.

"She's a bit over the weather" Molly said as she assisted in preparing the cake.

Thank goodness it wasn't burnt.

"So, what are the orders both online and offline?" I asked scrapping the brown cover on the cake, Molly focus were on me.

"We have thirty orders online and the other staffs are taking care of the patrons here" she explained courteously while I nodded my heard slowly.

"Anything new that the others can't do?" I raised a brow with my focus keen on the cake I was making.

"Not really, it's just that are some certain companies ordered more than we can make for a day" she frowned again and I smiled.

"Is there anything we can't achieve?" I chuckled and for some reason, my word boasted her morale and she shook her head; I laughed to the one that fit.

"What are there request?" I started preparing the fondants for icing while Molly flips through the small jotter she's holding.

"The first company needs Emperor rice and braised chicken in twenty five packs, the second isn't a company but a school and the teachers are asking for creamy latte twenty and the same amount for the egg pie" Molly flips again while I listened but my hands were busy.

"The last company asked for delicious desserts in thirty packs, the problem here is that they didn't give us their desired package. We can't just make anything" she crossed her arm looking all confused.

"Well that give us more reason to promote our new recipe" I smiled taking the cake to another show glass, I mean I'm done with it.

"You're so full of ideas, Ms. Emma" she lauded and I couldn't help but smile happily.

"It's alright. First you'll ask the other team to deal with the two top orders while I'll work on the desserts" I placed the cake on the show glass and waved at some patrons who were acquaintance to me, then I proceed into my bake room leaving Molly to complete the other requests.

I took on my ipod and my earpiece and tune into my favorite music putting them on 'play next' then I start diving into making the strange dessert orders.

I'm Emma Ethan, a beautiful graduate with honored degree in artistry and I'm twenty two years old. I'm an orphan who lost her parents at the early age of seven, they didn't see me graduate neither are they alive to watch my success. Grandma Tan has been my back bone and only family all these years, she managed our family bakery and when I got to twelve I started helping out and learning catering offline and online.

As years go by, grandma Tan became too old to cope with the busy services and as you know, people age. I took it upon myself to assist her forever, yeah she do visit and at times wake up before me to start the day but recently she's been quite lazy. I totally understand her because she's close to her sixties.

Well, my neighborhood isn't that big and friendly so I have no close friend aside from my grandma and staffs and I have no thing with guys or should I say, I haven't encountered romance journey yet.

I have a golden brown long curly hair, I'm blonde and beautiful, the color of my eyes remains clear green, I have a small red matte lips and I'm tall.

Before it got to afternoon, I was already rounding up with the dessert orders when Molly entered into my baking room.

I call it my baking room because it's restricted from other staffs and used by only I and grandma.

"Woah! This is incredible. You're so fast" Molly exclaimed in shock as she walk closer to me, I smiled clearing off some dirt on the surface of my table.

"You think they'll like it? It's a new recipe I and grandma came up with last week" I wasn't so confident as she's and will really feel bad if our online food booking application gets a bad rating.

"This will surely do. They didn't gave us any proposal after all" she winked happily giving me back my lost confidence and I nodded.

"Okay. It's almost time. Go ahead and tell Travis to prepare the ride, this needs to be sent out" I informed her courteously taking off my apron.

"Sure boss" as usual, she's cool with me. She got closer to the exit door and paused turning backward.

"Anything?" I removed my hand gloves gently.

"Are you leaving already?" She asked anxiously and I gave her a short nod.

"I have to visit grandma and check how she's doing. Will return in the evening" I said taking up my bag and arranging myself to leave.

"Alright. Best chef ever" she lauds again still standing by the door then I realized she wants something.

Molly praises me either for normal success or when she's in need of a favour, I smiled at her.

"What do you want? Day off?" I figured with a soft chuckle.

"No" she shook her head.

"What then?" I begin walking closer to her.

"Can you get me the best cotton candy on your way coming back, please?" she asked politely curving her cute brown eyes into something beautiful and of course, I always fall for it.

"Sure. Sure. This is the last time" I opened the door showing her the exit to leave so I can close the door.

"Thank you Ms. Emma! You're the best!" Being all giddy, she runs happily into the passage and I laughed off.

I booked a designated ride and in some couple of minute, I was in grandma Tan's house. Her beautiful dog named 'Pearl' first barked happily at me announcing my presence. I couldn't help but gave her some tickles before walking into the apartment, the dog was light brown and hairy but his ears were deep brown.

"Emma, Emma" Grandma Tan called softly with her lovely voice as soon as I walk into the living room. She was sitting on the armchair and goin through a cuisine magazine, as usual.

"Grandma" I sat beside her giving her a short warm embrace, she was smiling happily and the wrinkles on her forehead folds in triple.

Grandma's hair were almost covered with grey hairs, she's still beautiful and vibrant, she's chubby but not so short, her eyes were kinda small making it hard to guess the color of her eyes.

"How are you, my Emma" she asked lovingly patting my shoulder and I smiled.

"I'm good. Couldn't find you at the bakery so I decided to visit" I explained shortly and she nodded putting the magazine back to where she had collected it from.

"And how's the bakery?" for one thing, she doesn't joke with the bakery and is always ready to fight for it's success.

"Business is good. We had tons of early order today" I chirped in happily, grandma's passion made me fall in love with catering that I have no passion of even getting married.

"I told you to go out and make friends. Do you want to marry our bakery? I mean, you ain't getting old and neither am I?" She stands from the armchair heading towards the kitchen axis and I followed her.

"Grandma, I promise to marry when our bakery is well to do" I said snuggling my face on her neck and my hands around her waist, she smirked.

"You say that any year I remind you of your marital life. The bakery is already known in half part of the city and we are doing well, you need to find yourself a good man. You deserve some care too" she preached lovingly to me, she had always want my happiness but unknown to her; baking is my happiness.

"I've heard you grandma. I'll look for a good man that you'd like" I teased and she laughed off proceeding to prepare coffee for us.

Evening came so fast that I didn't realize it, I hit up the road as soon as grandma decided to take some rest and didn't forget to get what Molly asked for.

Around our bakery premises was bustling with patrons and other businesses and pedestrians minding their business.

Happily swinging the paper back I was holding and enjoying the cool evening breeze, I got distracted by some loud voices I heard coming out from our family bakery.

This has never happened, none that I could think off. I quickly rushed into the bakery to check whats happening.

"How dare you say that? And you call yourselves top rated bakery in NY?" an old lady who looks like an age mate of grandma snorted annoyingly at Molly and another staff, she was holding a small child in his early seven or eight years old by her side. I immediately intervened.

"What's happening here?" I walked closer to them anxiously, the old lady was already fuming in anger and other patrons were watching out of curiosity too.

"How can all this ingrates say they're unable to satisfy my grandson's desire? Do they know who we are?" the woman made dissatisfying comeback as she rummaged her big golden purse.

"Molly, can't you speak?" I turned to my staffs, they were all unable to speak or redeem their selves.

"What does he want?" I exhaled trying to hold my emotions from taking the best out of me.

"He asked for Huntsman pie and Italian Easter pizza--- and --- and I told him we can't make such since it isn't in our menu" Molly stammered frantically as she explained to me.

"Have you heard of the Dakota's? I guess you haven't. If you can't satisfy my grandson, just say goodbye to this thing called bakery" the old lady flashed a business card to our faces looking paranoid.

She's all angry and I can't think of any reason to make her happy neither is she willing to negotiate, who's she? And too bad I haven't come across such delicacies. I rubbed my forehead in confusion when I realized I can't call grandma since she's resting.

"I'll take your request. We will satisfy your grandson" I spoke courageously after a long period of silence, the patrons including my staffs stared at me in astonishment and shock; even I don't know the risk I've just taken.





To Be Continued...

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