Look At Me [Book 1]/C2 Risky Contract
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Look At Me [Book 1]/C2 Risky Contract
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C2 Risky Contract

Emma POV

I paced around my baking room confused on what next to do, I haven't really heard of such delicacy neither have I come across it in grandma's cuisine booklet. Molly stood by the door staring at me blankly.

"You could have just told that woman off than accept something you can't come up with" she broke the long silence in annoyance wearing a big frown on her face.

"How could I tell her off? Don't you think about our bakery's reputation? If we are able to impress that seem to be rich woman, who knows the opportunity that we may come across through her?" I sighed placing my hand on my forehead, Molly fell silent.

"Have you checked her identity? She mentioned to be a Mrs. Dakota..?" I asked cryptically staring at Molly.

"There are thousands of Dakota's online, I can't search for hers" Molly informed sadly poking her nose slightly.

"I need to do something... I really need to think of something" I muttered in a low tone to myself as I walk closer to my baking table.

"Ms. Emma can I...?" Molly begins but I didn't hesitate to cut her off, she was distracting my brain from racking.

"Please leave, I'll call you in when I'm done" I spoke bit by bit so as not to let anger over shadow me.

"Sure, sure" she nodded her head and leaves my baking room, I exhaled in relieve.

"Huntsman Pie and Italian Easter pizza---" as I spoke, a very sharp hint flashes in my mind and I quickly approached my bag bringing out my phone.

"Why was I killing myself when there's google?" I chuckled as I hastily went online to search for the strange orders.

"Bingo!" Luckily, I saw the recipes and ingredients to be used in making the strange orders successful.

"So the little guy isn't asking for a planet after all" as I go through the recipe, I noticed it was easier said then done.

The delicacies were very difficult to make and if a chef isn't careful, there may be faults. It's my first time making this new orders, I haven't watched any tutorials yet and neither do I have much time on my side. But, I need to satisfy this woman's grandson.

I started preparing and searching for the ingredients to use for this special order and of course, flour is constant.

The instructions were so bogus to learn at a blow, there's instructions the pastry and the filing. For the first time in my life, I felt I haven't started yet in my catering career.

Just the Huntsman pie took me almost four hours to make before I entered into the Italian Easter pizza, I heard soft knock from the door.

"Who's it?" I shouted trying not to lose focus of the ongoing tutorial.

"Ms. Emma, the woman and her grandson are making ruckus. They ask that you hurry" Molly sounded devasted and frantic behind the door, I nodded as if she's inside with me.

"I'm rounding up. Hold on" I assured her and I heard her exhaling deeply before leaving the door.

Truly, I was almost done with the filing and oven set up.

"The orders are here!"


"It looks tasty".

Some patrons and staffs whispered between themselves in astonishment as I and Molly gently place the delicacies on the table in front of the woman and her grandson.

"C'mon honey, have a taste" the old woman persuaded her grandson in a sweeter tone with little smile on her face.

"I don't want to eat this, she wasted a whole lot of my time" the little guy frowned sighing heavily.

Isn't he being so wicked and ungrateful? I spent over seven hours trying to make this up and here he is blabbing nonsense. I exhaled softly trying to get a hold of myself, it's not as if I have anger issue but it's better safe than sorry.

"Hello young boy, I'm so sorry for the delay. I had to add some special ingredients to make sure you enjoy every bit of it" I let out a toothy smile and the little guy stared at me blankly, his grandma just mopped.

"Please have a try" I took the fork up from the table handing it over to him, he confusingly collected the fork from me.

"Aries honey, have a taste. Quickly" the old woman made a come back patting his shoulder gently.

"I'll. You don't have to touch me" the little guy shrugged off his grandma's hand and slowly cut some part of the Huntsman pie.

As he chewed delicately, both I and the staffs with the patrons stare anxiously at him waiting for his reaction.

"It's not so bad" he retired back to the sit dropping the fork on the clothed table which had tissue beneath it.

"I want another set of these. It's delicious!" the little guy who was arrogant few minutes ago was holding a stare full of admiration and anxiety.

"I can but not today, we are running out of stock and have other orders to attend to" I said politely as much as I could so as not to offend him.

"What do you mean? Whatever my grandson desires, he must get!" the old lady paranoid annoyingly, other patrons decided to mind their business while my staffs drift away slowly except for Molly.

"What do you intend I do ma? I've satisfied your son as I promised. If he wish for more, he could order tomorrow or hire some private cook" I stood my ground as a business woman speaking confidently.

Even if I'm a catering working for the society, I can't let people override me not beyond my wish.

"Grandma, why hesitate? Hire her. I want her to personally make Italian Easter pizza and Huntsman pie for me, everyday" the little guy complained pestering his grandma in an arrogant manner, I watched them in surprise until the woman raised her gaze at me then I took my eyes off; a little.

"Young lady, what do you say if I strike an order with you?" the woman placed her hand on her forehead sighing in exhaustion.

I felt pity for her, where's her child.. I mean the parent of this child? They can't stuck this old lady up with this load of a child. Yeah, the little guy was very cute though but his attitude was a big barrier.

"And what's the deal?" I asked after a brief moment of silence staring at the woman and back at her dominant grandson anxiously.

"Since my grandson loves your meal, I'm sure my son will too. I want you to be the new food manager in my son's company and also a private nanny to my grandson" the woman paused scratching her upper nose while I watched her in annoyance.

"I'll pay you whatever you wish for.. name the price" the woman added confidently and I smirked.

"Do I look like one interested in such deal?" I took a step back ward and then forward again.

"You should go online or set some bill post to hire a nanny or delivery guy for your sons. I'm highly not interested in this deal" I crossed my arms.

"I've satisfied your son's desire, you better pay the bills and leave" I said as polite as I can even when I was already pissed off, the woman and her grandson stared at me in admiration.

"Grandma, you really must hire her else I'll skip classes and never eat again, I will fall sick and make things hard for my dad" the little guy continued ranting while the old woman shushed him trying to control his persistent.

"She doesn't want it honey, how about we call auntie Su from Korea?" the woman suggested lovingly but the little guy resisted shooking his head in disapproval.

"Ma, your bill is $5890" Molly broke their conversation courteously holding up her jotter after giving them a dekko.

"I'm not leaving until you fulfil my grandson's wish. Do you want me to close down this thing you call business?" For someone begging for another's help, she's sure way too proud.

"Madam" I lowered my head staring at the woman and back at the son.

"I'm accepting no..." I begins but got cut off by the little guys beautiful light ocean blue eyes that's almost filled with tears.

I felt so frail and didn't know what to say... I couldn't bring myself to hurt this cute boy, he's still a kid.

I fell silent unsure of what to say.




To Be Continued...

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