Look At Me [Book 1]/C3 Accepting Danger
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Look At Me [Book 1]/C3 Accepting Danger
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C3 Accepting Danger

Emma POV

"Miss, can you reconsider?" the old woman's voice comes up softly again full of pity and my imagination travelled to my grandma, what if she begs someone for my help?

It was as if this grandma and grandson were putting me under a spell but I have to admit it.

"Are you sure you'll pay me whatever I state following my terms and conditions?" I slowly stood upright in anxiety, Molly's gaze widen staring at me.

"Yes! Name it" the old woman nodded courageously, her grandson quickly cleaner his eyes focusing on me.

"I'll work for your sons and in return, you take care of my bakery and my grandma.. whatever way you're to use, but make sure everything doesn't change drastically" I stated vividly staring at the lady.

"Are you in or out?" I raised an anxious confident brow.

"I also have a warning or should I say rule for you" the old woman cleared her throat softly.

"Bring it on" I nodded shortly.

"My son is divorced but that doesn't mean he's interested in taking up some low class ladies, I want you to be two meters away from him and don't try to gain favors from him" the old woman paused and I exhaled softly.

"Don't look at him if ever you cross path, you work directly with me" the woman added cautiously holding a stern glare.

"I'm not a romance freak neither will your son be my taste" I rolled my eyes annoyingly.

"Welcome on board, I'm Mrs. Dakota and here's my grandson; Aries Emerson Dakota" the woman introduced politely wearing a small smile on her face.

"I'm Emma Ethan, nice to meet you" I introduced myself courteously.

"Are we done here? Is she coming home now?" Aries stared at his grandma anxiously pouting out his beautiful eyes full of deceit.

"Erhm.. Ms. Emma. I'll exchange contact with you and invite you over soon, get some time to think" Mrs. Dakota stands from the chair leaving her business card on the table, Aries followed.

"I anticipate on hearing from you" I said taking off the card from the table.

"Grandma, didn't I ask you a question? Why didn't you invite her over immediately?" Aries shook the dress of his grandma in annoyance as they leave the cafe.

"I have to seek your father's permission too" I heard her last word before they stepped out of the bakery, as if planned; I and Molly exhaled heavily.

"Ms. Emma, can you cope with that little guy? Why didn't you take a second thought?" Molly looked worried.

"I'll be fine. It's just catering. As long as our business booms and grandma is okay, I'm fine" I assured her with a warm smile and she nodded, our eyes fell to the delicacies.

"Isn't he trouble? He didn't even eat anything out of it" Molly sighed in annoyance and I chuckled.

"Stop it Molly, he's a kid" I intervened on the little guys behalf.

"Whatever" she paused and turned to me.

"Ms. Emma, how about adding this recipe in our menu?" She asked anxiously with sparkles dancing in her eyes.

"I'll think over it but for now, I've to talk with grandma" I said as we walk into the passage while other staffs clear off the dishes.

"Again?" She asked in surprise as it will be the second time I'm visiting grandma again.

"I'm tired" I yawned waving my hands on the air.

"But---" before she could finish talking, I walked into my baking room and shut the door. Peace, I exhaled again.

Two weeks after discussing the whole deal with grandma, I got a text message from Mrs. Dakota. I stood in front of the penthouse staring in astonishment.

"Does the grandson stays here or it's just for the show?" I buried my thoughts while entering into the glamorous penthouse.

"You must be Ms. Emma" a tall young man who's wearing a security uniform asked politely immediately I stepped into the building.

"Yes.?" I nodded cryptically and full of confusion.

"Welcome" the young man gave me way and I left wondering what all these reception were.

I walked into the elevator pressing the second floor button and ding, the elevator closes.

"Ms. Emma!" Aries screamed happily as soon as he saw me walk into the passage.

I didn't bother about him as my gaze were staring around every corner of the extravagant penthouse.

"This is money!" I whispered but it came out loud and by then, Aries was already holding unto my dress.

"Aries!" Mrs. Dakota called out as if annoyed by the child's behavior towards me and immediately, he runs back to his grandma while I smiled.

"Children" I double tap my palm on my trouser.

"You're here. Welcome" her tone wasn't as polite as I had imagined, she ushered me into the wide living room which had a panoramic view of the city.

I couldn't help but turn around to take a good look at where I'd be working, the sparkling beautiful chandeliers, the perfectly arranged dining table, large and wide big television, awesome armchairs... God, I almost freaked out.

"Have your sit Ms. Emma" Mrs. Dakota rolled her eyes annoyingly pointing at the armchair.

"In as much as I've agreed to help and take you in, I still need to pay you" she cleared her throat while I nod with my focus keen on her words.

"I'll pay you $300 dollars for the nanny job and $700 dollars for the delivery job" she called the money as if it were something small, my gaze widen in astonishment.

"$1,000 monthly? This is..." I started in shock but was cut off.

"I'm not done talking" she shunned me annoyingly, she's sure rude and arrogant; guess that's where her grandson copied the attitude from.

"Sorry ma" I lowered my head in embarrassment.

"I'll give you free accomodation here since my grandson stays alone, a ride to take him to school and make sure he doesn't miss his classes" she spoke vividly holding a stern glare, for a minute I got scared by this whole deal thing.

"Can I not stay here? My rent hasn't expired and I'd love my privacy" I suggested politely so as not to trigger her anger.

"No. You must stay with my grandson in this house" she emphasizes on each word in a tough tone and I sheepishly nodded.

"Sure, sure" I said.

"Don't get so close to my grandson neither should you make attempt to seduce my son" she warned again and this time I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"Who cares about your family? I'm only here for the money and because I felt pity for your grandson" I exhaled while she stared at me blankly.

"I have no interest in being friends with your grandson or even crossing path with your son. I'm only here confidently" I reminded her in a bit harsh tone and she nodded smiling happily.

"I'm glad to hear that. Just do a good job and it may attract bonus" since I've met her, it was this time she smiled broadly standing from the armchair and I followed quickly.

"I'll give you today to get use to the place and make arrangements for moving in, so you know; you're the only maid in this penthouse aside from the security" she informed in a more sincere and polite tone and I nodded.

"Let me show you to your room" she said as we walk out of the living room heading towards another passage and as usual, I stare around the house in admiration.

As Mrs. Dakota left, my belongings arrived and I started arranging my things in my room. My new room is way bigger than the old one and I could possibly call it a master bedroom, the bed was large that I can roll five times on it without falling out, the bed sheet and duvet were matching colors, the bathroom is almost the same size with the bedroom and I felt this was surreal. I sat on the bed sorting out my clothes to add in the empty wardrobe when I heard light voices coming out from the passage.

"She arrived today" that was Aries tine happy voice.

"You and your grandmother always go beyond my decision. I told you not to go out yesterday right?" another thick domineering voice asked annoyingly in an angry tone and beside the door where I placed my ears, I wondered who the person was.

"Dad, she was able to make my favorite meal and she's nice too. I bet you will love her" Aries spoke excitingly on my behalf and small smile crept from my lips.

"So, it's his dad" I muttered softly to myself trying to imagine what his father looks like.

"Aries, this maid or whatsoever is leaving this house today. Call her out!" the man screamed in anger and where I stood, fear gripped me.

What have I gotten myself into? Who's going to save me in this isolative penthouse with no neighbor.




To Be Continued...

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