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C1 Han Feng!

Great Jin Nation, Renzhong City.

Teenagers between the ages of ten to fifteen showed up early in the morning at the Han family's martial arts square to practice their Martial Skills. When they arrived, it was already a common sight for them to see a thirteen-year-old boy with a somewhat pleasant appearance doing various movements in the middle of the field.

"As expected, Han Feng came earlier than usual. He's always been the first one among us to be here for three consecutive years."

"Yeah, it's a real pity. He clearly has a fourth-level Aptitude which is superior to ours. Unfortunately, after so many years of hard work, he has no such luck in cultivating his Internal Strength because of his body's illness. I learned that the Family Head and others are extremely disappointed in him."

Several teens could be heard whispering to each other, but the one who spoke aloud clearly felt sorry for Han Feng's situation.

However, someone also commented with an edge of sarcasm in his voice. "Han Feng's father is a piece of trash. He did shameful things that made our Han family feel hurt and suffer a great loss. I suspect this is the punishment for the wrongdoings committed by his father. And Han Feng suffered all the bad karma."

The young man who spoke was Han Feng's cousin, Han Lin. He was a little over fourteen years old and had already opened three Main Bloodlines. Among those aged under fifteen in the Han family, he was often identified as the leader. While he was stronger than Han Feng in all aspects, he was inferior to him in terms of Aptitude.

Han Feng's Aptitude was already at the fourth level, and Han Lin was one level below him. After Han Feng's Aptitude was put to the test, the outcome frustrated Han Lin. However, for some strange reason, Han Feng's body couldn't produce Internal Strength, thus his fourth-level Aptitude was totally worthless. This thrilled Han Lin, and he always ridiculed Han Feng for it whenever he got the chance.

In reality, he was jealous of Han Feng. If Han Lin also had a fourth-level Aptitude, he might have already broken through four or even five Main Bloodlines.

Despite the young men's highly audible exchange, Han Feng didn't seem to hear them. He stayed focused on his training and familiarized himself with the Basic Long Fists and Basic Leg Techniques taught by his family.

Soon after the arrival of the other teenagers, they all started their Basic Long Fists and Basic Leg Techniques training.

Both techniques was divided into nine styles. Han Feng practiced them alternately several times before stopping for a break. He drew a deep breath and said, "I'm very proficient now with these two techniques. If it doesn't require the use of Internal Strength, then nobody here deserves to be my opponent, but..."

Han Feng only shook his head as his voice drifted off, but there wasn't a single hint of bitterness on his face. It was as if he wasn't disappointed by his failure to produce Internal Strength after three years of cultivation.

His firm mouth twisted as if he were about to laugh. But he only smiled mysteriously after hearing the other boys talk and feel sorry for him.

He unwittingly touched his chest to placate himself, and soon, his eyes lit up. "Three years have passed since I started cultivating. I have an inkling that I can finally solve this mystery in a few days, or maybe even today. And when that happens..."

Afterward, Han Feng resumed his training and worked tirelessly to improve his dexterity on both techniques.

Not long after, a middle-aged man entered the martial arts field. When everyone saw him coming, they straightened up their backs and grew silent to avoid being scolded.

Although he had a surname different from the Han family, he was their teacher. Everyone referred to him as Instructor Lin. His cultivation base already reached the four-star Human rank, enen in the entire Han family, his strength was powerful.

He was quite strict in teaching young people. The oldest ones in the training field were only fifteen years old, and they had no practical experience. Thus, they showed a lot of reverence for Instructor Lin.

When Instructor Lin saw that everyone had gathered, he declared unequivocally, "To the boys of the Han family, listen. It's been three years since I first taught you Basic Fist Techniques and Basic Leg Techniques. Originally, I had no intention of giving you any new Martial Skills before you reach fifteen. However, your batch is a level stronger than the previous one, and the strongest disciple, Han Lin, isn't far from breaking through his fourth Main Bloodline. So, after the Family Head granted me permission yesterday, I'll be training you in advance the Claw Condensation Technique!"

The announcement caused a great deal of uproar. Among the basic Martial Skills, the Claw Condensation Technique was an extremely powerful Upper-grade capability. Generally, only the Martial Cultivator with five or six Main Bloodlines were allowed to cultivate the technique by the family. They didn't expect to learn it so soon!

In a flash, everyone's grateful gazes landed on Han Lin.

He was the only Martial Cultivator who was on the verge of breaking through four Main Bloodlines.

Han Lin felt proud to feel everybody's gratitude and attention.

Meanwhile, Han Feng's eyes flashed with ferocity. "The Claw Condensation Technique is a Basic Upper-grade Martial Skill whereas the first two techniques are both Basic Lower-grade Skills. The reward is very lucrative because they actually skip the Medium-class Martial Skill."

Instructor Lin's expression changed abruptly as he ordered everyone to stand apart from each other. Instantly, he gave off an intense and dominant aura with a trace of Killing Intent!

None of these young men had previously experienced this kind of occurrence, and all their faces turned pale in the presence of such a fierce aura. Han Feng's reaction wasn't good either, and his body shook slightly. Obviously, Instructor Lin wasn't aiming at them, otherwise...

"Wow! I can't believe the Human-rank Martial Cultivator can be this powerful. If a Four-star Human rank cultivator is already this strong, then what kind of strength will our Family Head have, who has probably reached the Ten-star Human Rank?" Han Feng thought in shock.

For a while, Han Feng and the other young men got caught up in their adoration for the powerful Martial Cultivators.

Suddenly, Instructor Lin screamed loudly, and his fingers quickly turned into claws. He picked up a huge rock and shattered it to pieces without trouble. Afterward, he started shaking fast and unleashed different techniques.

After some time, Instructor Lin withdrew his aggression, and the inundating atmosphere went back to normal. Everyone stared at him with burning intensity.

Instructor Lin's face relaxed into a smile, and he started showing every movement while highlighting some important key points.

"All right, everyone. Now that I've shown you the Claw Condensation Technique, it's your turn to cultivate on your respective places."

Han Feng stayed in his spot and closed his eyes as he visualized Instructor Lin's actions earlier. After a while, he opened his eyes and started moving slowly. At first, his body was stiff, but his movements soon became more fluid as he transitioned to the next move without pause. As his proficiency increased, his speed also improved. Although he was not as fast as Instructor Lin, at least he could execute the technique with ease.

Instructor Lin's eyes swept over the training field and landed on Han Feng. "Sure enough, Han Feng's the first one to pull it off perfectly. With such an extraordinary comprehension and a fourth-level Aptitude, his future looks promising."

"It's just unfortunate that there's something wrong with his body."

Instructor Lin shook his head, feeling sorry to have a talented Martial Cultivator but with a physical condition.

While Han Feng performed the Claw Condensation Technique, the other young men stopped their training to observe him more closely. By the time he finished, they started talking and resumed their cultivation.

"It seems as if Han Feng is always the first to showcase his skills fully. Before, I thought that the Basic Lower-grade Skills were too simple, but then I realized that the Claw Condensation Technique is much more complex and superior. I wasn't expecting him to be the first to perform it flawlessly again."

"Who gives a damn about it? What's the use of his skills if he can't even cultivate his Internal Strength?"

"You're right. Even if we cultivate much slower than him, we still have our Internal Strength. And just a few days ago, I'm about to break through my first Main Bloodline."

"Really? Me too! Let's not waste time now and cultivate some more!"


Han Lin looked at Han Feng resentfully and spat, "Trash will always be trash. I'll never believe something until I see it. By the time we practice the Human Rank Martial Skills, everyone must use their True Qi. Let's see how you'll do then!"

Time went on and before they knew it, two hours had elapsed. Instructor Lin waved his hand and said, "Everyone did well today. Only four people barely mastered the Claw Condensation Technique. Keep working hard, everyone! Only when you become familiar with it, nothing will go wrong when you activate your Internal Strength. If you do incorrect movements during battle, then your Internal Strength will become unstable that may lead to something terrible. Okay, everyone, that's it for today. Let's go back now."


Most of the cultivators were quite young. While the thirteen and fourteen-year-olds understood his reminder, the energetic ten and eleven-year-old kids weren't paying attention at all. Once they were dismissed, they just ran off like crazy.

Meantime, Han Feng maintained a relaxed expression. He slowly left the training field and walked toward his father's room.

When he opened the door, a handsome man got up at once and greeted him. "Son, you're here. Come over quickly. The food is getting cold."

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