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"Someone come quickly, someone come quickly! Young Master cut her wrist and committed suicide, someone come quickly!"

When Ye Xuan woke up, he found himself on a huge bed.

"Oh, my head is dizzy!"

Ye Xuan sat up.

At this moment, waves of intense pain came from his wrist, causing him to be unable to stop himself from frowning. He looked over and noticed that his left wrist had already been wrapped into a dumpling.

"Holy shit, what is this?" Ye Xuan was a little confused, but he could feel that his left wrist was injured.

However, at the next moment, his eyes suddenly opened wide. He felt a large amount of memories suddenly appearing in his head.

Profound Yang Empire, Southern Cyanwood Forest, Lianyun City, the young master of the Ye Family, Ye Xuan

This memory stimulated his brain, causing him to grit his teeth and let out an unfathomable, blood-curdling scream.

After a long while, the veins on his forehead were retracted.

"What's going on? Did I transmigrate?"

Ye Xuan felt the memory in his head, and quickly crawled down the bed to look in the mirror, and discovered that the owner of this body looked exactly the same as him, even the sunburned black pigment.

He vaguely remembered what happened before he transmigrated.

At that time, he was still reading novels on a website called Pingyao. The lights on the ceiling suddenly flickered, as if something big was about to happen in a movie. However, what happened the next moment was still fresh in his mind.

The lights on the ceiling went out, and then the thirty-inch monitor in front of him, which he had bought for a huge sum of money, began to rumble into it like a vacuum cleaner.

The instant noodles, mouse, keyboard, and mobile phone were all sucked into the display. In the end, even Ye Xuan was unable to escape from it, he could clearly hear the sizzling sounds of electric currents, which were exceptionally ear-piercing.

"Did I really transcend over? Or am I dreaming?" Ye Xuan was a little unsure.

Just as he was about to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming, the sound of footsteps came from outside the door, followed by a petite figure.

"Young Master, you're awake!"

The one who spoke was a girl around twelve or thirteen years old. She was tall and slender, and her face was so delicate that it seemed as though it was natural.

Just as Ye Xuan turned around, a memory immediately floated up. It was her personal maid, Liu'er.

Before Ye Xuan could say anything, his stomach suddenly felt as if ten thousand needles had stabbed into it. This sudden pain almost made him pass out.

Now, Ye Xuan was sure that he had definitely transmigrated.


Ye Xuan screamed.

"Young Master, quickly lie down!"

Seeing that, Liu'er rushed to help him to the side of the bed, saying at the same time: "Young Master, your Dantian is broken, you have lost all your cultivation, it would be better to rest in bed for a while now."

"What?" With his dantian shattered, his cultivation lost? " Ye Xuan was a little flabbergasted. After sensing it carefully, he realised that he had gained an additional ability to see inside.

He could feel that his Dantian was empty, and his heart had a strange feeling of emptiness.

"What the hell is going on? If I transmigrated into a unlucky guy with a broken dantian, then why did I transmigrate to this place?"

Ye Xuan was helpless.

However, he suddenly discovered something extraordinary within his broken dantian. It was a golden sphere.

"The hole in my Dantian is exactly the same size as the golden ball, did you cause me to lose all my cultivation?" Ye Xuan immediately understood, but even if he had read a lot of fantasy novels, he still could not find the relevant information.

What exactly is this golden ball?

He began to recall.

Three days ago, Ye Xuan, the unlucky ghost who had been replaced, had been practicing his fist art at the back mountain of Ye Family and coincidentally picked up a golden ball. Following that, the golden ball directly entered his dantian, creating a hole in it. This caused his spiritual energy to leak out and be unable to condense.

Moreover, other than the Dantian, Warrior could also hide her spirit energy in each and every meridian.

However, this golden ball not only broke his dantian, but it also sucked up all the spiritual energy and cultivation level in his body, thus making him an ordinary person.

He was originally the number one genius of the Ye Family, and yet, at the age of fifteen, he had already broken through to the fourth level of the Martial Dao.

However, right now, he did not have a single bit of spiritual energy in his body, and could probably not even be compared to a child from the Ye Family. You have to understand that Ye Family people have practiced martial arts since they were young, even a ten-year-old child would have reached the first stage of the Martial Dao.

After losing all his cultivation, he continued to train, attempting to stop the golden ball from absorbing spirit energy. He had even consumed a large amount of Treasures, but to no avail.

When this matter spread out, the entire Lianyun City was in a state of turmoil, because he had already been accepted by a force called Cloud Breaking Sect and became an outer disciple.

In a year, he would head to Cloud Breaking Sect to report.

Cloud Breaking Sect was a powerful sect, and even if the ten Lianyun City s combined, they would still not be able to compare to him. And the reason why Cloud Breaking Sect accepted Ye Xuan, was because his talent was not bad.

But right now, Ye Xuan had lost all his cultivation, and was even more so unable to recover. Cloud Breaking Sect would definitely not want a useless disciple.

When they found out that Ye Xuan had lost all his cultivation and was unable to recover, the entire Ye Family was completely lifeless.

It was a pity that Ye Xuan had already become a cripple.

Now, Ye Xuan finally understood what was going on. It was that the unlucky bastard from before had his dantian smashed by this golden ball, then couldn't take the attack anymore and committed suicide by slicing his wrist.

And, he really did commit suicide.

After that, Ye Xuan teleported over and replaced that unlucky bastard.

"Young Master, are you alright?" Seeing Ye Xuan not saying a word, Liu'er anxiously asked.

"Oh, it's fine. Liu'er, don't worry, Young Master will not commit suicide again. Ye Xuan said seriously.

Hearing Ye Xuan say that, Liu'er's face also lit up with happiness, and he anxiously said: Then your Young Master will rest here, Liu'er will go get you a bowl of Blood Replenishing Porridge.

"Yes." Ye Xuan nodded.

Because he had lost too much blood, Ye Xuan could only stay on his bed and rest for the entire day.

It wasn't as if he had not had any gains that day. First, he adapted to his body, and second, he understood how to circulate his cultivation technique and then condense spirit energy.

However, the newly condensed spiritual energy was completely absorbed by the golden ball when it flowed to his dantian. Moreover, even if it wasn't absorbed by the golden ball, it would dissipate due to the collapse of the dantian.

"I don't believe it, it's said that this unlucky Ye Xuan was the number one genius in the Ye Family before, and his uncle allowed him to go to the treasury every month to collect a stalk of hundred year old Blood Ginseng.

Ye Xuan thought, just putting on his clothes, then walked out.

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