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C10 Out of town

These three bottles of Dan were all engulfed by Ye Xuan without exception. He estimated that he would only need around five hundred thousand silver taels of good stuff to break through into the middle of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao.

It was a pity that although he had consumed a lot of things, they were not particularly precious, so he did not obtain any Devouring Points s.

Right now, he was already a step closer to the middle stage of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao. Once he broke through, he would probably be able to sweep across the entire young generation of Chen Family. With this kind of aptitude, even in the entire Cloud Breaking Sect, it could be counted on one hand. If he was allowed to enter the Cloud Breaking Sect, he would definitely be able to receive special training.

However, 500,000 silver was not a small amount.

Just now, he had only gotten twenty thousand taels of silver from Chen Song and Ye Kai. After all, there was no need to bring too much silver with him for a stroll.

"This isn't bad either. As long as I have money, I can level up. It will be much easier compared to normal cultivation." Ye Xuan said in his heart, and then held onto Ye Kai's treasure sword and went back home.

Previously, the unlucky ghost's Dantian had been destroyed and he had lost all his cultivation, so he had thrown away all his belongings and bought the Dan and the others, hoping to recover.

Although he snatched the sword from Ye Kai, it still belonged to him, and Ye Xuan had his own plans for the future. He needed to use the sword, so he did not devour it.

As for that terrible mess of Chen Song's, he would clean it up for the Ye Family.

On the way back, Ye Xuan also bought quite a few things, because he would need to leave the Lianyun City for a period of time.

"Young Master, you're back." Willow trotted in from the house.

"Mn, Young Master has already avenged you. I took off all of Chen Song's clothes and threw him on the street." Ye Xuan said as he nodded his head.

When she heard this, Liu'er was also shocked. Ye Xuan had not even gone out for half an hour, yet he had already taken his revenge?

"Young Master!" Liu'er's eyes instantly became moist. Probably, it was only Ye Xuan who would dare to strip naked the clothes of a Chen Family person and throw him on the street.

"Sigh, Liu'er, you're crying again. This isn't a big deal." Ye Xuan stroked Liu'er's beautiful hair, then took out a small jade bottle from his bosom: "This is a healing medicine, Liu'er, heal your wounds. Also, I have brought quite a few things with me, remember not to go out for the next few days."

Although Liu'er was only twelve to thirteen years old, she was not stupid. She anxiously asked: "Young Master, where are you going?"

"I need to go out of the city for a bit. We have no one to rely on right now, so I want to contact my father's friend from before." Ye Xuan slowly said.

But this was only a reason he came up with. This time, he wasn't going to look for someone, but to gain experience.

He only had thirty thousand silver on him and Ye Kai's treasured sword. If he wanted to level up in the future, he would need a large amount of Treasures and Dan.

Therefore, this time he was going out to kill some Demon Beast and sell the precious materials.

"Liu'er is going too." Liu'er said worriedly.

"Don't be afraid, Young Master has already recovered my strength and is even stronger now. I will be back in a while. These days, you must not go out, remember. " Ye Xuan shook his head and said.

For an ordinary person like Liu'er, staying in the city was much safer. Moreover, the mansion he bought was very secluded and there weren't many pedestrians. Thus, it would normally be fine.

"Alright then, Young Master, you must be careful." Liu'er knew that she would be a burden to Ye Xuan, so she did not force him. If something were to happen on the way, Ye Xuan would definitely protect him, which was equivalent to adding a burden.

"Alright, then I'll be going. I'll be there as soon as possible." Ye Xuan repeated himself.

Liu'er nodded and waved at Ye Xuan, her small face filled with reluctance, "Young Master, you have to come back quickly!"


With that, Ye Xuan left.

After leaving his residence, Ye Xuan went to the stable and bought a good horse. As he was going out to train, he only brought ten thousand silver with him. The remaining twenty thousand silver was given to Liu'er.

After that, he went out to buy some things that he needed to train and then hurriedly left the city.

He reckoned that the entire Ye Family was looking for him right now. After all, he had stripped Chen Song, who was at the middle of the fourth stage of the Martial Dao, naked and threw him onto the street.

This meant that his cultivation base had definitely been restored.


Ye Xuan muttered in his heart, and then he mounted his horse and galloped off into the distance.

Although he could not ride a horse before he transcended worlds, and had not even seen a horse before, the unlucky ghost knew how to, so Ye Xuan could be considered to be able to ride a horse now.

This time, he was going to a place called the Eighteen Mountains of Lianyun. There were countless Demon Beast there.

Ye Xuan is currently in the early fifth stage of the Martial Dao, so as long as he doesn't encounter Demon Beast of the sixth stage or higher, he should be fine. Furthermore, the more powerful Demon Beast in the Eighteen Cloud Mountain Range was located in the mountain ranges beyond, and Ye Xuan's goal this time was to train in the first ten mountains.

He spent more than a day travelling before finally arriving at the entrance of the Lianyun Eighteen Mountain Range at dusk. This place was one of the best places to train in the Southern Cyanwood Forest, so there was a lot of people. However, because it was night, there weren't many people outside.

"It's late today. I think I'll rest for the night. I'll go in tomorrow."

Ye Xuan thought for a while, then sat down to rest, taking the time to train his Martial Arts.

The unlucky ghost was the number one genius in Ye Family. The Martial Arts that he trained in was also of a very high rank, but Ye Xuan was only an ordinary person when he transmigrated over, he couldn't even beat a Chinese field dog, much less a martial artist.

However, after a few days of practice, along with the combat techniques that the unlucky ghost had come up with, his battle prowess was not bad at all.

The next day, he woke up early and entered the Lianyun Eighteen Mountain Range.

Just as Ye Xuan went in, he met a green skinned wild boar.

According to the unfortunate ghost's memories, Ye Xuan found out that this was a Demon Beast called Green Haired Pig. Its strength was at the second level, equivalent to a Warrior at the second level of the Martial Dao.

"Tsk, a single punch sent you to see your grandma."

Ye Xuan did not pull out his sword, and directly smashed his fist onto the head of the green haired pig's Demon Beast, in an instant, the strong fist hacked the green haired pig to death.

"The tenth stage of the Martial Dao, every stage can increase the strength by one hundred fifty kilograms, and any casual punch of mine has the strength of six to seven hundred kilograms. With the addition of the boost from the second grade Martial Arts, the Back Connecting Fist, I should be able to kill Demon Beast of the third stage and below with a single punch."

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