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C11 Quick Ascend

"The tenth stage of the Martial Dao, every stage can increase the strength by one hundred fifty kilograms, and any casual punch of mine has the strength of six to seven hundred kilograms. With the addition of the boost from the second grade Martial Arts, the Back Connecting Fist, I should be able to kill Demon Beast of the third stage and below with a single punch."

Ye Xuan said as he prepared to leave. This green haired pig did not have anything valuable, the entire corpse was probably worth more than 10 taels of silver.

However at this time, Ye Xuan's footsteps suddenly stopped, and he muttered: "A Devouring System can devour everything, then can this corpse of the Demon Beast be devoured as well?"

He came back, squatted down, and opened his mouth to inhale.

Sure enough, the green haired pig's body began to shrink before being devoured by him.

"It can actually devour and reap the benefits from the spirit energy. Haha, then wouldn't I be able to level up if I were to kill the Demon Beast crazily?" Ye Xuan was overjoyed. This was another way for him to level up.

However, this green haired pig's level was too low, the Devouring System's spirit energy feedback was not much, causing Ye Xuan to be unable to calculate, whether he should sell the corpse for money or directly devour it, he did not know which one would be more cost-effective.

However, direct engulfing was obviously more convenient.

"Sigh, devouring it with one's mouth is still quite shocking. If someone were to discover it, I'm afraid they would be treated as a monster and killed. It would be best to get three Devouring Points s earlier, so that we can have another hand that can devour the rest of the Devouring Points. "

Ye Xuan shook his head and then continued on his way.

Along the way, he had been looking around the Devouring System s and discovered many good things.

In addition to the cultivation techniques of this world, there were also some other things, such as magic and dou qi. However, these abilities required a specific bloodline, such as a mage's bloodline.

Ye Xuan felt that he should forget about it. These things were all science fictional, after all, this was a world of fantasy.

He headed inside alone, killing any Demon Beast he met.

"Rank 3 Demon Beast, Black Striped Panther, receive my punch!"

"Rank two Sharp Fang Wolf Demon Beast, receive my punch too!"

"Rank 3 Demon Beast Mighty Ox!"

Ye Xuan's whole body started to boil because every time he killed a Demon Beast, his strength would increase by a level. This was exactly the same as killing monsters to level up in the game.

However, the Devouring System was not omnipotent, the golden ball had only become his Dantian, so he did not use his Spirit Qi limitlessly.

In less than a day, Ye Xuan had already killed his way to the Sixth Mountain Range. There were quite a few third and fourth stage Demon Beast here, which made his levelling speed faster.

"At this rate, he should be able to break through to the middle of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao within three days."

Ye Xuan thought in his heart.

Previously, he estimated that it would take him 500,000 silver to level up. But now, in this Lianyun Eighteen Mountain Range, he only needed four days to earn around 100,000 silver a day.

Of course, this was just exchanging the Demon Beast and the silver.

If they really came in to earn money, they would have to leave after earning less than ten thousand taels of silver. After all, most Warrior would cut down their Demon Beast and keep them.

Everyone didn't have too many bags with them. When they were full, they would have to go back to sell their bags. This would take a long time. Therefore, money was still relatively hard to earn, it was just that Ye Xuan was more convenient.

At this time, Ye Xuan was resting on a tree and looking through the good stuff inside the Devouring System s.

However, at this time, a slight movement in the wind attracted his attention.

"Something is here!"

Ye Xuan immediately sat up, his right hand holding onto the low rank mortal sword, he listened carefully.

The forest at night was quite dangerous. Most people spent the night on trees, rarely moving about in the forest. Furthermore, Ye Xuan could also hear that the commotion seemed to be caused by the Demon Beast.


A voice came from not too far away.

Ye Xuan frowned, and turned to look, but because it was too dark, he could not tell what Demon Beast it was.

The sound was getting closer and closer, and this Demon Beast was just walking towards Ye Xuan's direction. However, the moment it appeared before Ye Xuan, it also caused the latter's body to tremble.

"Oh my god, it's a Husky. It's actually a huge python."

Ye Xuan saw clearly what kind of Demon Beast it was. It was a three-meter-long python, its body's radius was even faster than Ye Xuan's thigh.

"This seems to be a White Scaled Python. When it matures, it will become a Rank Four Demon Beast." Ye Xuan recognized it.

A stage four Demon Beast, even if one of them was the stronger one, would only be equivalent to a Martial Dao's Warrior. However, Ye Xuan was at the fifth stage of the Martial Dao and his Martial Arts was at a high level, so dealing with his shouldn't be a problem.

This White Scaled Python didn't seem to notice Ye Xuan as it directly swept past him.

"This is the first Rank 4 Demon Beast I've ever encountered. After killing it, swallowing it would probably increase my strength by quite a bit. Kill!"

Ye Xuan tightly gripped the sword hilt, abruptly pulled out his sword, and then directly leapt out and slashed at the White Scaled Python's body.

Although he had not learned any sword techniques, killing this White Scaled Python under the circumstances of his low level cultivation was not a problem.


However, what Ye Xuan did not expect was that when his treasured sword cut into the White Scaled Python's scales, it actually let out a crisp sound.

It did not break the defense!


Ye Xuan was shocked, could it be that he had recognized the wrong Demon Beast?

"Impossible, I can definitely break it with my full strength!" Ye Xuan did not dare believe it, but when he looked carefully, he realized that this White Scaled Python's scales had a kind of black luster. Because it was on a tree just now, he did not notice it.

After being attacked, the White Scaled Python immediately turned around and opened its bloody mouth to bite towards Ye Xuan's neck.

"Tongbei Fist Art, Rushing Bull!"

Ye Xuan's left hand formed a fist and punched the White Scaled Python's jaw, forcing it to retreat. At the same time, he once again slashed out with his sword at the original location.


The second sword strike still wasn't able to break through the white scale python's defense.

"This is too strange, this is not an ordinary White Scaled Python." Ye Xuan was suspicious.

At this moment, he struck out again. This time, it was a stab.

The sword stabbed into the scales of the White Scaled Python, and a crisp sound rang out; it had broken through its defense!

"As long as I can break through your defense, I can kill you!" Ye Xuan was overjoyed.

This White Scaled Python was not very strong, only that its scales were very hard. However, it was fortunate that Ye Xuan had a low ranked common weapon in his hand that could attack the White Scaled Python.

Otherwise, he would have to punch the python.

After a few exchanges, the White Scaled Python was also pierced by Ye Xuan to the point that it was bleeding profusely. In the next moment, it actually fled in panic.

"You want to leave? It won't be that easy!" Ye Xuan anxiously chased after them, but he did not dare make too much noise, after all, some of the Demon Beast were active at night, and if they were to run into one, it would be troublesome.

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