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C12 fortuitous encounter

This was a forest, although the White Scaled Python's body was large, its speed was not slow. Furthermore, it was circling around the tree, giving Ye Xuan a headache.

"Ai, the unlucky ghost does not seem to be interested in swords, so the sword technique is not very brilliant. Otherwise, I would have hacked it to death." Ye Xuan was helpless, although the unlucky ghost was not interested in swords, but he felt that the sword was very handsome.

At this time, Ye Xuan was also thinking, should he exchange that little Devouring Points for a fifth grade Martial Arts?

He was hesitating, because Devouring Points were not so easy to obtain.

However, when he thought about how the corpse of the White Scaled Python was worth at least ten thousand silver taels, he made up his mind. He quickly searched through the Devouring System menu and finally chose a set of Martial Arts, the Gale Sword Technique.

"Would you like to spend some Devouring Points s in exchange for the Gale Sword Technique?"

The system prompted.

"Yes sir!"

After Ye Xuan replied in his mind, the system had deducted that tiny bit of information from the Devouring Points, following that, a cultivation technique appeared in his mind, it was the Gale Sword Technique.

In the outside world, Ye Xuan was still chasing after the White Scaled Python, but a long time had passed since then.

"As expected, it's amazing. After exchanging for the skill book, you actually gave me a period of time to practice your sword skills with the sword light. It's the same as showing off your skills in the game. Haha, Snake, don't go!"

With his cultivation at the early stage of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao, using fifth grade Martial Arts would definitely be able to quickly kill this White Scaled Python.

Immediately, he gripped the longsword tightly and swung it out.

"Gale Chop!"

A wave of pure spiritual energy turned into sword qi and swept out, instantly sweeping past a few meters and landing on the White Scaled Python's body. In an instant, the White Scaled Python was split into two, splitting into two halves.

However, because of his poor vision, Ye Xuan's accuracy was not high, the broken part of the White Scaled Python was only its tail. With this, the White Scaled Python fled even faster.

"The consumption of a fifth grade Martial Arts is really great. At my peak state, I should be able to see the bottom after using ten tries of spirit energy. As for the current me, I can probably only use it two or three times. " Ye Xuan thought for a while, then stepped on the Ye Family's to catch up.

"Gale Chop, die!"

Ye Xuan's eyes turned cold, and he suddenly brandished his sword.

A stream of light flashed past, and a crisp sound rang out.

This time, the White Scaled Python's head was cut into two halves and it died instantly.

"The fifth rank Martial Arts is indeed powerful." Ye Xuan joyfully walked over and directly swallowed the body of the third phase White Scaled Python.

Seeing the extent of the increase, he also revealed a satisfied expression as he muttered to himself: "Not bad, not bad, this White Scaled Python is equivalent to twenty or thirty Rank Three Demon Beast, it would be better if there were more."

After engulfing the White Scaled Python's corpse, Ye Xuan was also thinking of finding a place to rest. However, at this moment, he suddenly discovered a cave in front of him.

"Cave? Could it be the lair of this White Scaled Python?"

He focused his mind, it seemed like the White Scaled Python was threatened and wanted to escape back to its nest, but unexpectedly, it was chopped into the nest by Ye Xuan.

Since there was a nest, then there might be other White Scaled Pythons inside. He had heard that White Scaled Pythons usually lived together with two other pythons, and if there was one left, it was an unexpected harvest.

"I can still use Gale Slash twice more, and even if I don't use it, I can still make the White Scaled Python flee. Hmm, I should first recover my Spiritual Energy, just in case."

Ye Xuan made his decision, but he couldn't help but take out a bottle of Dan to recover his spirit energy.

Just now when he killed the White Scaled Python, he had only increased the upper limit of his spiritual energy.

He took the Dan and used the Ye Family technique to quickly recover his spirit energy. After a long while, he stood up and entered the cave.

This cave was not big, but what surprised Ye Xuan was that in the depths of the cave, there seemed to be something that was emitting a faint light.

"There might be something good!" Ye Xuan was looking forward to it.

Other than Demon Beast s, there were also a few other Treasures in the wilderness, and they were all the raw materials used to refine Dan.

Ye Xuan walked into the cave for a while, and then he heard something different. It was the White Scaled Python's hissing sound.

"There really is another White Scaled Python," Ye Xuan thought, and then he turned a corner and slightly poked his head out.

Sure enough, in the depths of the cave, there was a white scale python coiled around. And the light source was a stone that was coiled up in the middle by the white scale python.

"A rock emitting black light. It seems to be some kind of ore. The scales of the White Scaled Python have become extremely hard. It seems that it was affected by it."

Ye Xuan could immediately tell what was wrong, and immediately, he pulled out his sword and rushed out.

However, in the next moment, he discovered that something was wrong. This White Scaled Python seemed to be much larger than the one he had just killed. Even its body reached five meters.

"Hiss hiss."

Seeing that a human had barged into its territory, the White Scaled Python stuck out its tongue and swam towards Ye Xuan.

Seeing the White Scaled Python pouncing towards him with its mouth wide open, a light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes, and she launched a Gale Chop at the snake's head.


The Sword Qi struck the White Scaled Python's scales, producing a metallic sound. This time, Ye Xuan's attack actually failed to break its defense.

"Oh no, it's a Rank 5 Demon Beast!" Ye Xuan immediately reacted. Moreover, this White Scaled Python was probably the equivalent of the middle stage of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao, or the peak of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao.

While Ye Xuan was still in shock, the White Scaled Python had already rushed to his side and bit down. Fortunately, the leaf had reacted rather quickly and moved its leg away in advance, otherwise, its venomous teeth would have pierced his thigh.

Ye Xuan was shocked by the White Scaled Python's strength, but he did not lose his reason.

Right now, there were only two options before him.

One, immediately turn around and run, running with all your might.

2. Quickly cross the White Scaled Python and swallow the glowing black rock.

If everything went well, he might be able to directly level up to the middle of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao, and then his spirit energy might be able to break through the White Scaled Python's power.

However, this was a huge risk, because he did not know what this stone was. If he could not upgrade it, then he would be in danger.

"Forget it, just look at this rock. It's no ordinary thing. Let's go all out!"

Ye Xuan made up his mind. He immediately stepped on the snake's body, and then, with a powerful stomp, he pounced towards the black boulder. Clang!

"Hiss hiss!"

The White Scaled Python also gave in to Ye Xuan's plan, waving its head and chasing after him.

When Ye Xuan landed, the black boulder had already fallen into Ye Xuan's hands, and was immediately devoured by him.

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