Super Devouring System/C16 The leader of the Chen Family's Four Great Heroes
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Super Devouring System/C16 The leader of the Chen Family's Four Great Heroes
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C16 The leader of the Chen Family's Four Great Heroes

"Don't you recognize me? I'm Xue Qingqing," the young girl said in surprise.

Xue Qingqing!

When this name landed in Ye Xuan's ears, it also caused his figure to tremble. In that moment, a person appeared in his mind.

When his father, Ye Chong, was traveling, he coincidentally encountered a caravan, which was also being robbed by bandits.

At that time, Ye Chong had acted to resolve the crisis of this caravan and at the same time, got to know the master of this caravan.

The owner of this caravan was named Xue Hai. He was extremely grateful to Ye Chong, and after finding out that Ye Chong was from the Lianyun City, he paid him many visits to express his gratitude.

And this merchant called Xue Hai, was precisely the father of this young lady in front of Ye Xuan.

"It's you?" Ye Xuan also reacted, it seemed that he knew this young lady as well.

"Of course it's me. Hmph, I haven't seen you for a few years, but you don't recognize me anymore?" The young girl Xue Qingqing said angrily.

However, she suddenly recalled that the last time she went to Lianyun City was four years ago. At that time, she was only ten years old.

"This Xue Qingqing's father is a friend of the unlucky bastard, and is also the only trustworthy friend. It seems that I have to help out with this favor." Ye Xuan made up his mind.

When he said that he wanted to go out and find his father's friend, the person that appeared in his mind at that time was Xue Hai. After all, this was the only friend his father Ye Chong could trust.

"So it's you. Quickly come over." Ye Xuan anxiously said, at the same time he shot a glance into the distance, where the figure that was chasing him was already halfway, in less than half a minute, he would probably catch up.

Xue Qingqing also anxiously ran over to Ye Xuan, but in the next moment, she suddenly muttered: "It's over, it's over, how did I meet you?"

"What do you mean, girl?" Ye Xuan did not understand, but he could understand from Xue Qingqing's tone, that she was looking down on him.

"I heard that you are only at the early stage of the fourth stage of Martial Dao, and are even weaker than me. I'm afraid that we won't be able to stop him." Xue Qingqing was helpless, her jade hand was already on the sword hilt.

Ye Xuan was also rendered speechless by these words. In his memories, this Xue Qingqing seemed to be a year younger than him, yet his talent was actually much higher than his. To be able to reach the middle stage of the fourth stage of the Martial Dao at the mere age of fourteen, he could definitely be called a genius.

"What do we do, I don't have much spiritual energy left in my body. If we add all of us together, I'm afraid we are no match for the opponent!" Xue Qingqing said worriedly.

"You don't think well of me? No matter what, I am the number one genius of Ye Family! " Ye Xuan suddenly turned and asked.

Xue Qingqing ignored him, and only said guiltily: "I'm sorry, I've let you deal with this matter. It might even cause you to lose your life. Your uncle blocked the way to save our family, and has yet to repay our kindness in any way.

"Cough cough" Ye Xuan almost choked to death on his own saliva.

He also didn't say anymore and only stood beside Xue Qingqing, watching the figure in front of him quickly approach.

"Xue Qingqing, you ran quite fast. You stole something from me, do you think you can escape from my grasp?"

The newcomer was a young man, but he was roughly three or four years older than Ye Xuan. He looked at Xue Qingqing, and instantly revealed an angry expression.


Ye Xuan raised his eyebrows, and looked towards Xue Qingqing, who was beside him. The latter smiled awkwardly, and said softly: "When I met him earlier, I found out that he had obtained a five hundred year old Blood Ginseng, so I suddenly took her package away."

It turned out that Xue Qingqing did not run into someone who killed them for their treasures, but rather, took their things.

The hundred year old Blood Ginseng that Ye Xuan consumed was worth one hundred thousand silvers, but this one was probably worth ten times more, and could be sold for at least a million silvers.

"You really want to die. Stealing something from an early stage Warrior of the fifth stage of Martial Dao, are you courting death?" Ye Xuan already admired Xue Qingqing, and now he had already recalled that the Xue Family seemed to have a rather profound movement Martial Arts that had reached the fifth stage.

It was no wonder that Xue Qingqing was able to shake off this young man. It was actually because of this, but the consumption of the fifth grade was extremely huge, and the spirit energy in Xue Qingqing's body was not sustained long enough, so the opponent caught up to him.

"I only wanted to steal something. This guy is very cautious towards me. It's not bad that I didn't ambush him and kill him." Xue Qingqing muttered.

"What are you two talking about?"

The youth's expression sank, and his gaze fell upon Ye Xuan. In the next moment, his eyes also flashed with a strange light as he exclaimed: "Ye Xuan, why is it you?"

Hearing this exclamation, Ye Xuan was also helpless. The number one genius and number one trash of the Ye Family was indeed powerful.

He turned his head to look at the young man in front of him and found that he did have some impression of him.

"The head of the Four Great Rankers of Chen Family, Chen Feng?" Ye Xuan said in surprise.

He had previously stripped Chen Song of her Chen Family and thrown him onto the street. This had caused a huge commotion in Lianyun City and this Chen Feng was also a member of the Chen Family, moreover, he was the most outstanding genius, a person who had already reached the fifth stage of the Martial Dao at the mere age of eighteen.

Not only that, Chen Feng was also an outer disciple of the Cloud Breaking Sect, and could be considered as Ye Xuan's Senior Brother.

"You know him?" Xue Qingqing turned and asked.

"That's right, this Chen Family is one of the Four Large Families, and this Chen Feng is the most outstanding one among the young generation of the Chen Family." Ye Xuan nodded and explained in a small voice.

He remembered that Chen Feng had broken through to the fourth level of the Martial Dao at the age of sixteen, and then, in the following two years, broke through to the fifth level of the Martial Dao.

Originally, his talent was above Ye Xuan's, but Chen Family had spent several millions of silver and Dan to make Chen Feng join the Cloud Breaking Sect, which was actually good news for Ye Xuan.

"I didn't expect to meet a trash like you here. I heard that you've lost all your cultivation, so how did you manage to enter the Lianyun Eighteen Mountain Range?" The corner of Chen Feng's mouth slightly curled up. As he spoke, his eyes occasionally flashed with killing intent.

This was a wilderness, if he were to kill Ye Xuan, no one would know.

"I won't trouble Brother Chen to worry about my cultivation." Ye Xuan also laughed slightly, he could see that Chen Feng seemed to want to kill him, to weaken the Ye Family's strength.

"Hmph, it doesn't matter to you."

Chen Feng retracted his gaze from Ye Xuan's body. The most important thing right now was to catch that 500 year old blood ginseng, he looked at Xue Qingqing and coldly said: "Xue Qingqing, hand over my thing!"

"If I return the 500 year old Blood Ginseng to you, would you let us go?" Xue Qingqing asked in surprise.

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