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C17 Kill Chen Feng

Chen Feng paused for a moment, his eyes twinkling, and said: "Okay, as long as you return the blood ginseng to me, then this matter will be over."

Although he said that, in his heart, he did not plan on letting Ye Xuan and Xue Qingqing go. Firstly, the former belonged to the Ye Family, and secondly, they were in the wilderness, so it would be fine to kill them.

Therefore, he wanted the other party to hand over the Blood Ginseng before killing Ye Xuan, and then cripple Xue Qingqing's dantian so as to enjoy it.

"Alright, it's a deal!" As Xue Qingqing said this, she was just about to untie the bundle, but at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly stopped her.

"Do you really think that you will be let off just by returning the thing to him? This fellow's character is known to both genders in Lianyun City. Even if you were to give him all of your possessions, he would not let the two of us off. " Ye Xuan slowly said.

Although Xue Qingqing's talent was not bad, in the end, she was still a fourteen year old child. She had never seen anything of the world, and she did not know what it meant by people's hearts being sinister.

After hearing this, Xue Qingqing's movements also stopped, and she asked in astonishment: "Are you serious?"

"Ye Xuan, stop talking nonsense!" Chen Feng anxiously shouted, the reason he told the two of them so much was because he was afraid that Xue Qingqing would destroy the 500 year old Blood Ginseng. After all, it was worth more than a million silver taels.

"What does my words have to do with you?" Ye Xuan immediately pulled out his sword, and said: "Chen Feng, I think after you get the Blood Ginseng, you will rush forward to kill the two of us?"

Seeing that the matter was exposed, Chen Feng did not hide anything anymore, and silently took out his sword, and said: Humph, using a 500 year old Blood Ginseng to exchange for the life of a genius in Ye Family, that is truly a good deal, since that is the case, I will experience the strength of the number one genius of Ye Family!


Chen Feng also acted immediately, raising his hand and releasing a few sword beams, but because they were too far away, they were easily dodged by Ye Xuan and Xue Qingqing.

Xue Qingqing was about to pull out her sword, but was stopped by Ye Xuan.

"Girl, wait here. I want to fight him one on one!" Ye Xuan said indifferently.

"What?" You're crazy, he is in the early stages of the fifth stage of Martial Dao! " Xue Qingqing anxiously shouted.

"Just watch, I'll kill him in ten rounds!"

Ye Xuan's morale suddenly rose, and he immediately rushed out.

At this moment, Xue Qingqing finally reacted. The intensity of the spirit energy Ye Xuan exploded with earlier was much stronger than hers, and it seemed to be the early fifth stage of the Martial Dao.

"How could this be? Could it be that there's been some mistake with my information?" Xue Qingqing thought, somewhat astonished.

If it were any other Warrior in the early fifth stage of the Martial Dao, Ye Xuan would be a little afraid.

But Ye Xuan was not afraid of this Chen Feng.

Firstly, Chen Feng relied on his Dan to pile up the cultivation, and secondly, Chen Feng was not much older than him, and thirdly, he still had two Devouring Points on him.

During their conversation just now, Ye Xuan had secretly exchanged the two Devouring Points for a cultivation technique, a [Rushing Steps] with a [Movement Technique] of the fifth stage.

Ye Xuan and Chen Feng had instantly started fighting, but after seeing Ye Xuan's strength, Chen Feng trembled, it seemed like the information he had obtained was also very inaccurate.

Ye Xuan was more than just at the early fourth stage of the Martial Dao, this was clearly the middle of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao, and he was even stronger than him.

"Impossible! How can your cultivation be higher than mine?" Chen Feng was extremely shocked. It had only been a month since Ye Xuan had broken through to the fourth stage of the Martial Dao. Within a month, he had consecutively jumped four levels.

"Haven't you heard of breaking it before?!" Ye Xuan coldly replied.

In an instant, he thrusted out three times, and the speed of his attacks was even faster than Chen Feng's by thirty percent. After all, he was currently in the middle of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao.

Chen Feng blocked with great difficulty, but right at this moment, Ye Xuan's speed suddenly erupted. He originally used a fourth stage movement Martial Arts, but now, he used a fifth stage movement Martial Arts.

This increase in speed made Chen Feng a little unable to react. He was accidentally pierced by Ye Xuan's sword and became red.

"Impossible, you can't be this strong! I will kill you!" Chen Feng couldn't bear the shock and after shouting a few times, he tried to resist.

He actually had a fifth grade Martial Arts on him as well, but the consumption of a fifth grade Martial Arts was extremely huge. Furthermore, he had also chased after Xue Qingqing for a long time already, so the amount of spirit energy in his body was actually not too high.

But now that the war had started, he had no choice.

"Thunderstorm Sword, die!" Chen Feng suddenly slashed out.

"Hmph, Gale Chop!"

Ye Xuan also noticed the uniqueness of this move, and immediately used his trump card.


The two slashes collided with each other and the two different Spiritual Energies instantly fused and exploded. A shockwave swept out.

With this move, they were even!

"What?! He can actually destroy the powerful Thunderstorm Sword!" Chen Feng was extremely surprised. The Martial Arts he used was regarded by the Cloud Breaking Sect as the strongest one amongst the fifth stage Martial Arts. However, he then recalled that Ye Xuan's realm was higher than his.

But at this moment.


Suddenly, a slash broke through the smoke and dust and flew towards Chen Feng. It was another Gale Chop.

As the name implied, the Gale Sword Technique was known for its speed.

On the other hand, the Thunderstorm Sword only had a large amount of power. The circulation of the spirit energy within her body was rather complicated, so it was rather slow to use.

This Wind Slash caught Chen Feng off guard.

The [Gale Slash] flew through the air, but Chen Feng's reaction speed could be considered fast, he anxiously used the sword in his hand to block.


A muffled sound rang out and Chen Feng was sent flying. The longsword in his hand was also sent flying.

"Good chance, your death is imminent!"

Ye Xuan passed through the smoke and dust, and immediately used his to attack. His figure flashed, and he jumped through the smoke and dust, and then slashed out again.

With the Swift Wind Slash in addition to the Charge Steps, his speed was almost at its peak.

Before Chen Feng even landed on the ground, the Gale Slash had already arrived in front of him.

"No, that's impossible!" Chen Feng's eyes were wide open, he felt that this was unbelievable, he could not believe that he would die in Ye Xuan's hands.


The [Gale Chop] swept past Chen Feng's body, chopping off his head along with half of his shoulder. In an instant, he died a miserable death.


As the two pieces of Chen Feng's body fell to the ground, Ye Xuan's footsteps stopped one after another.

"The head of the Chen Family's four prodigies is only so-so!" With a wave of her sword, Ye Xuan kept it back into the sword sheath.

Now, he had a rough estimate of his own strength.

He reckoned that even if it were some experienced middle stage Martial Dao s, they would still be able to fight. After all, he had the advantage in terms of Martial Arts. Furthermore, he had grown up eating Treasures s since young, so his physique could be considered quite good amongst his peers.

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