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C2 Tiger Falling Yang

Right now, Ye Xuan had already merged with the memories of the unlucky ghost, so he was extremely familiar with the Ye Family, so he wouldn't get lost.

"This trash actually dared to come out, he really does not mind losing face."

"That's right, that's right. He must have done some heaven angering thing that caused his cultivation to be completely lost, turning him into an ordinary person."

"Tsk tsk, my cousin has already stepped into the Martial Dao, and he doesn't have any spiritual energy at all. I'm afraid he won't even be able to beat my cousin."

"What a pity, from the number one genius of the Ye Family to the current number one trash of the Lianyun City, if I were him, I would have already been dead."

"Hey, isn't he just cutting his wrist to kill himself?"

"Haha, maybe he suddenly remembered that he had a beautiful fianc?e, so he didn't want to die."

A few disciples of the Ye Family were whispering in discussion.

On the way to the treasury, Ye Xuan met many people, but they were all looking at him with a strange expression. After all, this was the first time that someone's cultivation had disappeared for no reason.

Everyone was suspecting that Ye Xuan did something that would anger humans and gods alike, and thus be punished by the heavens.

Although the Ye Family had not been established for more than two hundred years, it was still a huge clan in the Lianyun City. Originally, Ye Xuan was the number one genius in the Ye Family.

When Ye Xuan came to the Ye Family's treasury, the manager at the entrance of the treasury looked at him with disdain. He shouted at the same time: "Ye Xuan, what are you doing here?"

"Manager, I want to get a stalk of Hundred Years Blood Ginseng." When Ye Xuan heard the other party address him by his name, he was also slightly unhappy. However, he did not express it out loud.

"One hundred years old blood ginseng?"

When the manager heard this, he also berated: "You still think you're the number one genius in Ye Family? Such a precious thing like the hundred-year blood ginseng, it would be such a waste if it was used on a cripple like you. Go away. "

"Your Patriarch said that I could obtain a stalk of Hundred Years Blood Ginseng every month." Ye Xuan retorted.

"Patriarch? Hehe, the Patriarch sent an order yesterday, you can't take it now. " The treasury manager put on a haughty attitude.

"I can't accept it anymore?"

When he heard this news, Ye Xuan's heart also cooled down by half.

The patriarch that the treasury manager spoke of was the master of the Ye Family and the uncle of that unlucky bastard.

While the unfortunate ghost's cultivation was still around, his uncle gave his all to nurture him. Every month, he would be allowed to receive a stalk of 100 year old Blood Ginseng to strengthen his vital energy, blood and body.

"Right, I can't accept it anymore. Who knows if you will commit suicide tomorrow?" The manager of the treasury said coldly.

"You ?" Ye Xuan was somewhat angry.

Thinking back to the time when this manager of the treasury respectfully spoke to him in a respectful manner when he saw him. But now, he was looking down on him with a haughty attitude.

"You what?! This is a rule! Quickly leave!" The treasury manager said.

"Don't you have Spirit Boosting Pills? As long as you are a disciple of the Ye Family, regardless of your cultivation level, you will receive three Spirit Boosting Pills every month." Ye Xuan suddenly thought of something.

"To think that you still remember this matter, but the family head had ordered it. Right now, you can't even accept a single Spirit-Strengthening Pill." The treasury manager snorted coldly.

"What? Not a single one?"

Ye Xuan opened his eyes wide, almost thinking that he heard wrong.

Spirit-Strengthening Pill was a type of Dan that could increase spirit energy. One pellet was worth one hundred silvers, and three pellets was three hundred silvers. And out of the hundred years of Blood Ginseng Ye Xuan had received, each one was worth a hundred thousand silver taels.

Now that he had lost all his cultivation, his uncle was so stingy that he didn't even give him a hundred taels of silver.

Ye Xuan did not say much and only clenched his teeth, he was truly like a tiger who was being bullied by a dog. Previously, he could slap the manager away with a single hand, but now, the manager could stab him to death with a finger.

"When I recover my strength, I'll definitely teach you a lesson!" Ye Xuan noted down this grudge in his heart and remembered the look in this manager's eyes.

However, if he couldn't recover his strength, then everything would be in vain.

Ye Xuan returned to his own room and started to think carefully.

However, not long after, a person walked into his courtyard.

Upon seeing the newcomer, Ye Xuan immediately shouted as well, "Uncle!"

"Ye Xuan, I heard that you have already been to the treasury." The one who came was Ye Xuan's uncle, the current Patriarch of the Ye Family, Ye Zhang.

"Yes." Ye Xuan nodded.

"Don't blame Uncle. Your cultivation has dropped, so if you can recover, that would be for the best." However, in these three days, you have already spent a million silver taels on the Treasures, but you still do not have the slightest hint of recovery, so we have decided that we cannot allow you to obtain any cultivation resources. " Ye Zhang shook his head, expressing his regret.

"Have you already given up on me?" After listening, Ye Xuan became somewhat bitter.

"It's not that I'm giving up on you, it's that you're no longer able to cultivate like before. So, when your body recovers a little, pack up and go help the family manage their businesses." Ye Zhang said slowly.

"Alright, I understand!" Ye Xuan nodded.

It seemed that the Ye Family had truly given him up. Otherwise, Ye Zhang would not have told him to pack his luggage, as he was here to ask him to leave the Lianyun City.

Now that he was the number one trash of the Lianyun City, everyone knew that if he left the Lianyun City, it would benefit the Ye Family as well.

Just as Ye Xuan was about to turn around and enter the room, Ye Zhang suddenly called out to him.

"Uncle, is there anything else?" Ye Xuan turned his head.

"It's like this. Before, your family set a marriage for you, which was the engagement between you and Lin Family's Lin Xue'er. However, after your cultivation had completely disappeared, this Lin Family was a bit ?"

Ye Zhang did not finish his words.

However, Ye Xuan understood and said. "Uncle, do you mean that this Lin Family wishes to end the engagement?"

"Yes, and the Lin Family people are already here. They're in the hall, and they even brought a betrothal gift." Ye Zhang nodded.

"Uncle, I understand. I will go now." Ye Xuan said seriously.

This matter also proved that a tiger falling to the ground was being bullied by a dog.

However, this was also human nature. No one wanted their family's precious daughter to marry a piece of trash, a trash that couldn't cultivate, a trash that couldn't stand being cut off and committing suicide.

In the Lianyun City, even some farmers could cultivate. Although they weren't strong, they still had some spiritual energy in their bodies. Ye Xuan did not have a single bit of spirit energy right now, so he was afraid that he would not even be able to beat a strong man who did not know how to cultivate, let alone those Warrior s.

"It's good that you can keep your eyes open. Moreover, that Lin Xue'er was taken in as a disciple by a sect's Strongman. It is said that the Strongman of this sect is much stronger than the Cloud Breaking Sect. " Ye Zhang glanced at Ye Xuan.

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