Super Devouring System/C20 I want Chen Song dead!
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Super Devouring System/C20 I want Chen Song dead!
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C20 I want Chen Song dead!

"Are you serious?"

The Ye Family asked in surprise.

"That's right, I am indeed in the middle of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao, Qingqing can testify!" Ye Xuan nodded solemnly. Actually, he was already at the peak of the fifth stage of Martial Dao, but he was currently extremely cautious, so it was best for him to keep a low profile.

"Un, I can testify that he is indeed in the middle of the fifth stage of Martial Dao, and, he is also ?" Xue Qingqing had not finished speaking when he was interrupted by Ye Xuan.

Ye Zhang and the four clan elders did not think much of it.

"Haha, the heavens have truly blessed my Ye Family. Fifteen years old, middle stage of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao. In the future, she might even be able to reach the eighth or ninth stage of the Martial Dao!" The Second Presbyter of Family of the Ye Family, the two Elder s, laughed heartily.


Before anyone else could speak, Ye Xuan growled, and everyone's attention was on him.

"I don't think I said anything about returning to the Ye Family, right?" Ye Xuan squinted and glanced at the five of them.

"You ?" The second Elder's laughter suddenly stopped as she pointed at Ye Xuan.

"Hmph, I clearly remember your expressions back then. Now that I have recovered my strength, do you think I will return to the Ye Family so easily?" Ye Xuan said in the same ice-cold tone as before.

Ye Xuan was also a person with a temper, even if it was his own family, he could not compromise.

None of you are fools, they could all hear the hidden meaning behind Ye Xuan's words.

Immediately, Ye Zhang asked: "Then, how are you going to return to the Ye Family?"

He could hear that there was a condition for Ye Xuan to return.

"Yes, we can agree to any conditions." Immediately, the clan elders responded.


Ye Xuan immediately extended his hand and said: "Five million silver!"


As his voice fell, everyone in the audience sucked in a breath of cold air.

Five million silver taels was truly an exorbitant sum!

"Ye Xuan, you aren't joking right?" Ye Zhang asked in disbelief.

Five million silver was equivalent to two months of Ye Family's income.

"Uncle, do you think I'm joking? Or do you think my aptitude is not worth five million silver taels? " Ye Xuan looked at the five of them.

"This ?"

Ye Zhang and the four clan elders looked at each other.

A fifteen year old who was at the middle stage of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao. This was definitely the first time it had appeared in the Lianyun City and even in the vast Southern Cyanwood Country, it was unlikely to be much.

Currently, the most powerful Strongman s were only at the seventh stage of the Martial Dao, and with Ye Xuan's aptitude, she would be able to reach the eighth or even ninth stage of the Martial Dao in the future. At that time, the Lianyun City would be under the Ye Family's rule.

"Alright, five million silver!" Ye Zhang immediately nodded.

But in the next moment, Ye Xuan's words stunned him yet again.

"Five million is one point, I have another condition."

Ye Xuan continued.

"What condition?" Ye Zhang asked.

"I want Chen Song dead!"

When these words spread through the Ye Family's Main Hall, the entire Main Hall fell silent.

Chen Song was a direct descendant of the Chen Family, and he was not an ordinary person either. He was the nephew of the Chen Family's Patriarch, and if he died, the Ye Family and the Chen Family would immediately begin their fight.

"This ?" Ye Zhang hesitated again.

The Four Great Elder s also looked at each other.

"Ye Xuan, you're being too ruthless." Xue Qingqing asked softly.


Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with killing intent, and said: "Attacking against Liu'er, is a capital offense!"

Xue Qingqing no longer spoke. Suddenly, she discovered that the youth beside her had a unique domineering aura.

"Ye Xuan, Chen Song's identity is extraordinary. The last time you caused this commotion, it had already caused Ye Family to lose a few experts. If we kill Chen Song again, then we really won't rest until we die. " Ye Zhang frowned.

"Uncle, then what if I tell you that I have already killed Chen Feng, the leader of the Chen Family's Four Great Heroes in the Cloud Eighteen Mountain Range?" Ye Xuan suddenly said.

Before he even finished speaking, the four clan elders and Ye Zhang had all stood up and exclaimed, "What?"

Now, the five of them were no longer calm, Ye Xuan had actually already killed Chen Feng, if this matter were to spread to the ears of the Chen Family, it would be even more explosive than killing Chen Song.

"Ye Xuan, are you sure? Are you kidding? " First Presbyter of Family asked in disbelief.

"Clan Elder, do you really think that I, who was at the middle of the fifth stage of the Martial Dao, would be able to kill Chen Feng, who was piled up with a bunch of Dan?" Ye Xuan focused her gaze.

This question stunned the Four Great Clan Elders and Ye Zhang yet again.

Their thoughts were still stuck at the time when Ye Xuan had broken through to the early fourth stage of the Martial Dao, but right now, Ye Xuan was already at the middle of the fifth stage.

"I can testify, Ye Xuan killed Chen Feng alone right in front of me." Xue Qingqing suddenly said.

Ye Zhang also felt a sense of pressure and asked: "Ye Xuan, who else knows about this matter?"

"Just Qing Qing and me." Ye Xuan replied honestly.

"That's good, this matter must not be spread out. Otherwise, my Ye Family and my Chen Family will not rest until we die!" Ye Zhang anxiously reminded, and continued: As for Chen Song, we still have to discuss.

Although Chen Feng's death was a little more explosive, no one knew that Chen Feng had died in the wilderness. But if Chen Song died now, then everyone would suspect the Ye Family, and at that time, the two families would start a war.

Ye Zhang and the four clan elders walked to the back of the hall and discussed with each other.

Ye Xuan also pondered for a moment, and still shouted: "Uncle, four clan elders, I give up on this condition."

When the five people behind the lobby heard this, they hurriedly walked back.

"That's good, that's good." Ye Zhang heaved a sigh of relief.

For Ye Xuan alone, if he wanted Ye Family and Chen Family to have a huge battle, this matter would have to be planned carefully.

At this time, Ye Xuan suddenly added: "I can remove the condition of Chen Song's death, but I want to take an additional two million silver!"

"Oh my god, what an extravagant demand."

The five of them thought at the same time.

However, if he were to compare Chen Song's death with the two million silver, the latter would naturally accept it.

It was only two million silver, not lost. He was giving it to Ye Xuan anyway, which was equivalent to the amount of money his family had allocated to him in advance.

"Alright, for a total of seven million silver." Ye Zhang was very straightforward.

Seven million silver was the equivalent of three months of Ye Family's income, and the amount of silver spent every month by the disciples of the Ye Family was estimated to be less than one tenth of that amount.

Ye Xuan agreed to return to Ye Family, but extorted seven million silver, which was not bad. However, Ye Xuan still had a plan in his mind.

"Uncle, a few days ago, I went to the eighteen mountains of Lianyun to train, and I stumbled upon two fifth-grade Martial Arts books."

As Ye Xuan spoke, he suddenly took out the two sets of Martial Arts that he had exchanged for from the Devouring System.

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