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C3 Three times!

"Is that so?"

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed.

If Lin Xue'er was accepted by this Strongman as a disciple, then after entering the sect, she would immediately become a Successor Disciple.

It was no wonder that the Lin Family was in such a hurry to end the engagement. After all, even the aptitude of that unlucky bastard from before was only average in the Cloud Breaking Sect.

Although Lin Xue'er's aptitude was a little worse than the unlucky ghost, there was definitely something extraordinary about her being able to catch the attention of the sect's Strongman s.

Immediately, Ye Xuan followed Ye Zhang to the main hall.

In any case, he had gone from the number one genius of the Ye Family to the number one trash of the Lianyun City.

At this time, there were already a lot of people seated in the great hall of Ye Family. Amongst them, the elders of the Four Great Clans of the Ye Family were all present.

On the other side, there were only two people from Lin Family, a middle-aged man and an elderly.

The atmosphere in the hall was a bit strange, not a single sound could be heard.

Ye Xuan followed Ye Zhang into the great hall, and immediately became the focus of attention, because the Lin Family had come today precisely for Ye Xuan.

"Good, he's here."

After Ye Xuan entered the hall, the middle-aged man from Lin Family nodded.

Ye Xuan also sat down, and his gaze landed on the two Lin Family s.

Ye Xuan had seen that middle-aged man before, he was Lin Xue'er's father, Lin Ming. As for the old man, no one from Ye Family knew his origins, but looking at his clothes, he was obviously not a servant, because he had sat right beside Lin Ming.

Before waiting for Ye Xuan to sit down, Lin Ming said again, "Big Brother Ye, I believe you already know the purpose of our visit today. This is the betrothal gift that your Ye Family sent to my Lin Family that day."

"Brother Lin, I know." Ye Zhang nodded.

"If that's the case, then Brother Ye, you ?" Lin Ming paused and did not continue.

Ye Zhang also immediately understood, and immediately looked towards Ye Xuan and said: "Ye Xuan, take out the marriage contract."


Without saying a word, Ye Xuan took out a piece of paper from his bosom. It was indeed his and Lin Xue'er's arranged marriage.

Seeing this marriage contract, Lin Ming's eyes also lit up, and laughed: "This nephew is truly generous, as long as you tear this marriage contract, then all of these betrothal gifts will be returned to your Ye Family."

Ye Xuan looked at him, then glanced at Lin Xue'er and said: "I can tear this engagement, but"

"But what?" Lin Ming frowned, he thought, could it be that Ye Xuan had other requirements?

"This marriage was brought up by your Lin Family, and it has only been a month. It's not impossible for his to withdraw, but I remember that there seems to be a rule for it." Ye Xuan did not continue speaking, he knew, that Lin Ming should understand.

Hearing this, everyone present frowned.

"Nephew, you mean, double the betrothal gift?" Lin Ming's expression became serious.

But before he could finish speaking, Ye Xuan shook his head: "No, I want three times!"


When the voice fell, everyone present was shocked.

Ye Xuan was really asking for it!

"Nephew, are you joking?" Lin Ming asked in astonishment.

"Uncle Lin, do I look like I'm joking?"

The corner of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly, and continued: "Our Lianyun City's betrothal gift is only worth a hundred thousand silver, and Uncle Lin, you should know, the gift that my father prepared for me when he left home was a whole million silver. If you want to break off this engagement, then you must take out three times, or else, I absolutely will not agree to it! "

He was already a cripple, what other wife did he need?

Of course, cultivation was more important!

"You ?" Lin Ming was at a loss for words.

Indeed, the betrothal gift they accepted was indeed a bit expensive. It was ten times more expensive than normal.

However, now that Ye Xuan suddenly asked for three times the betrothal gift back, it was different. This was 3 million silver, which was equivalent to the income of a small family for thirty years.

"Ye Xuan, what's wrong with you?" Ye Zhang suddenly scuttled over and said softly.

"Uncle, since Lin Family dares to accept them, we must make the necessary preparations." Ye Xuan answered coldly.

"If you do this, it will be very difficult for Ye Family." Ye Zhang reminded.

"Uncle, don't worry. If I receive the three times betrothal gift, I will definitely make up for the Treasures that I spent all these days." Ye Xuan ignored him and continued.

"You ?" Ye Zhang was also rendered speechless by Ye Xuan.

In front of him, Lin Ming was talking to the old man. After a while, Lin Ming also nodded and said: "Alright, three times the betrothal gift. My Lin Family is willing to return three times the betrothal gift!"

When he finished speaking, he looked straight at the marriage contract in Ye Xuan's hands.

"Uncle Lin, until I see the returned betrothal gift, I will not break this engagement." Ye Xuan said clearly.


Lin Ming's face darkened, following that, the old man's right hand suddenly changed, and he immediately took out a jade bottle, and said: "Here are two Spirit Gathering Pills, each pill is worth a million silver."


The crowd present were shocked once again. However, they were not shocked by the price of the Spirit Gathering Pills. Instead, they were shocked by the techniques of this old man.

"Heaven & Earth Ring?" A clan elder of the Ye Family exclaimed.

Heaven & Earth Ring was a very precious thing, it was very convenient to store the hundred items in the spatial ring. Even in the entire Lianyun City, or even in the entire Cloud Breaking Sect, there might not be a single one.

This old man actually had such a precious Heaven & Earth Ring. Just who was he?

"Could it be that this old man is the Strongman from that powerful sect, the master of Lin Xue'er?"

Everyone had the same thought in their hearts, but in the next moment, they personally rejected this notion, because if this Strongman came, Lin Xue'er would definitely also be present.

Therefore, they guessed that the old man was probably just one of Strongman's followers.

If a follower could own a Heaven & Earth Ring, then how strong was that Strongman?

When Ye Xuan saw the capabilities of this old man, his heart trembled. He suddenly regretted it a little, and felt that his price had dropped.

However, since the price had already been announced, there was no point in regretting it.

Immediately, he walked over, took the jade bottle, and handed over the marriage contract in his hand.


The old man took the marriage contract and a powerful spirit energy suddenly gushed out from his right hand, instantly shattering it.

Right now, Ye Xuan and Lin Xue'er had no relations whatsoever, but the former did not regret at all. After all, he had only met Lin Xue'er once before.

Although Lin Xue'er looked like a Heavenly Immortal, she was only a smelly piece of scum. Lianyun City was so big, they could definitely find a lady that could compare to him, thus, Ye Xuan did not care much about her.

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