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C4 leave

"May I dare to ask for Senior's name?"

Ye Xuan suddenly asked as he kept the jade bottle.

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Ye Zhang shouted loudly, "Ye Xuan, don't be rude!"

"Hehe, this kid is quite bold." The old man glanced at Ye Zhang, and said: "This old man is called Yu Jin, Sky Origin Sect's Protector."

Sky Origin Sect!

When this name entered the ears of everyone present, it caused them to be stunned. They were not shocked, but felt astonished because they had never heard of this sect before.

The old man also did not plan to explain, and said: "Brat, since the triple betrothal gift has been withdrawn and the marriage contract has been torn apart, then Miss Lin Xue'er has nothing to do with you."

"Yes, senior!" Ye Xuan said respectfully.

"In the future, you will know that cancelling this engagement will bring great benefits to you."

Yu Jin said casually. He knew that Ye Xuan would not understand, so he added, "Miss Lin Xue'er, being accepted as a disciple by our Sky Origin Sect s, her achievements will far surpass yours. Not only that, even the overlord of this region of yours ? the Cloud Breaking Sect s, will probably not be able to compare to her."

If they were to know that Lin Xue'er is engaged, let alone you, Ye Family, even if it is you, the entire Lianyun City, you will be destroyed in one fell swoop!

When the old man's voice fell, everyone present sucked in a deep breath. What kind of background did this Sky Origin Sect have?

"Alright, since the marriage contract has been broken, then this old man won't stay any longer!"

The old man stood up and prepared to leave.

Ye Xuan also cupped his fists: "Goodbye senior!"

"Haha, goodbye. We won't meet again." The old man laughed out loud: "I have heard about your matters before, you have suddenly lost all your cultivation and became a cripple. Although there is a precious Dan in my Heaven & Earth Ring that can help you recover, this Dan is extremely precious. Furthermore, your talent can be seen everywhere in the Cloud Breaking Sect, and even my Sky Origin Sect can't compare to the service disciples.

"Oh? Senior, how can you be so sure? " Ye Xuan suddenly raised his head.

Could it be that you think you can come to my Sky Origin Sect? " The old man turned and looked at Ye Xuan.

"Then, senior shall wait and see!"

Ye Xuan squinted his eyes. After he received the bottle of Spirit Gathering Pills, he had a strong premonition that this time, he would definitely be able to recover his cultivation.

This was because after the Spirit Pill appeared, the golden ball in his Dantian fiercely trembled for a moment.

"Although your aptitude is not high, your temper suits my taste. Alright, if you are able to come to Sky Origin Sect, then I will take you in as my Successor Disciple!" Yu Jin said casually, then flicked his sleeves and left.

Lin Xue'er's father, Lin Ming also followed closely behind, leaving behind the stunned Ye Family higher-ups.

They did not expect the old man to be so easy-going, and even started to chat with Ye Xuan.

If Ye Xuan was truly able to reach Sky Origin Sect, the old man would fulfill his promise and accept Ye Xuan as his true disciple.

But was that possible?

Right now, Ye Xuan had no cultivation at all, and even if he was able to recover his cultivation, he would at most be able to enter Cloud Breaking Sect.

And this Sky Origin Sect was a hundred times stronger than the Cloud Breaking Sect. No one knew where it was, so it was impossible for Ye Xuan to see the old man again.

After the old man and Lin Ming left, Ye Xuan turned around and looked at Ye Zhang: "Uncle, these betrothal gifts will be my compensation. Also, if I am unable to recover my strength, then uncle, you will definitely assign me to a different city or town.

"Leave the Ye Family?" Ye Zhang couldn't react for a while.

"That's right, leave the Ye Family. In other words, from now on, I, Ye Xuan will no longer be a member of the Lianyun City." Ye Xuan nodded.

"What did you say?" Ye Zhang suddenly widened his eyes. He couldn't believe that Ye Xuan would actually say such a thing.

Big Uncle, I'm saying that I will be leaving the Ye Family. Ye Xuan cupped his fists and said seriously.


Ye Zhang pointed at Ye Xuan, and was momentarily speechless.

Now that Ye Xuan had obtained two precious Spirit Gathering Pills and suddenly had to leave the Ye Family to establish his own sect, this matter had happened too quickly for him to process.


Before Ye Zhang could say anything, a clan elder from a Ye Family standing beside him said in a stern voice, "I agree!"

"I also agree. Since this boy wants to establish his own sect, then let him be. He has no strength to reverse the situation." The other Elder also nodded.

"That's right. If an ordinary person like him manages our family's business, I'm afraid he won't be able to control us. Let him be." The third elder also agreed.

In the Ye Family, there were only five decision-making levels, which were Ye Zhang and the four clan elders. If something big were to happen, they would need to gather together to discuss and then decide on the matter by voting.

Now that the three clan elders had already agreed, even if Ye Zhang and the remaining clan elder rejected, it would be to no avail.

"Thank you three clan elders for your consent. From today onwards, I, Ye Xuan, am not related to the Lianyun City at all. Today, I will move out of the Ye Family!" Ye Xuan bowed and cupped his fists to the three clan elders, then quickly left.

At this time, the fourth elder suddenly said, "This kid is acting strangely. He can't be thinking that he has a chance to recover his strength, right?"

"How is this possible? He spent close to a million silver in his three days of cultivation and hasn't shown any signs of recovering at all. How could a mere two million silver be enough to recover?"

"This kid probably has a grudge against us. We need him to be nurtured. Now that he has lost his cultivation, we can kick him away. He must have some grudges in his heart."

"Could it be that we have to continue investing in him so that he can recover his strength? Don't you understand the meaning behind that senior's words? "

"That's right, that senior's meaning is that Ye Xuan can recover his strength, but he will need a huge price to pay. This price is not something our Ye Family can bear, two mere Spirit Gathering Pills are absolutely impossible to obtain!"

Ye Zhang listened to the conversation of the Four Great Clan Elders and sighed helplessly. After all, Ye Xuan was his nephew, the son of his own biological brother.

Although his brother had already left the Ye Family for many years and still hadn't returned yet.

After leaving the Ye Family Main Hall, Ye Xuan went straight back to his own residence. He had been abandoned by the Ye Family since long ago, so staying in the Ye Family was useless to him.

After that, he started packing his luggage.

At this moment, a beautiful figure suddenly flashed in.

"Young Master, what are you packing your luggage for?"

An elegant voice entered Ye Xuan's ears. When Ye Xuan turned around, he realized that Liu'er had walked in.

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