The Red Refined Lord who was suppressing Hu Bin suddenly felt that something was not right. He turned around and saw Wei Zhentian flapping his wings quickly towards him. • amp1t ;/p >
This speed was almost on par with his. • amp1t ;/p >
When a human Warrior broke through to the Heaven's Soul Realm, they could control their Qi to fly, but compared to a Heaven's Soul Realm flying beast, their speed would be much lower. • amp1t ;/p >
Flying Saint Beasts of the same level definitely had a speed that surpassed that of humans. • amp1t ;/p >
It was only then that Chi Lian and Hu Bin realised that out of the four people who had been killed by Ye Xuan, only the Redwood Lord was left with serious injuries. • amp1t ;/p >
It was very obvious that Ye Xuan was from a third party. • amp1t ;/p >
"Die!" • amp1t ;/p >
Ye Xuan rode Wei Zhentian and rushed in, but his attacks were all aimed at Hu Bin. • amp1t ;/p >
After all, Hu Bin was easier to deal with than Chi Lian. • amp1t ;/p >
As long as Hu Bin's Heaven & Earth Ring were in Ye Xuan's hands, Ye Xuan would be able to break through again. • amp1t ;/p >
"We're doomed..." • amp1t ;/p >
Hu Bin's face darkened. • amp1t ;/p >
Originally, he was already defeated by Chi Lian without any chance to retaliate. Now, with Ye Xuan added on, one of his arms was cut off in less than two exchanges. Furthermore, it just so happens that he was wearing Heaven & Earth Ring's left arm. • amp1t ;/p >
"You want to take it?" • amp1t ;/p >
Chi Lian had heard about Ye Xuan from the Big Blade Blood Corpse before, so he recognized him. Therefore, when Hu Bin's arm flew up, he attacked Ye Xuan. • amp1t ;/p >
"Humph!" • amp1t ;/p >
Ye Xuan snorted, he stomped his feet and jumped towards Chi Lian. • amp1t ;/p >
As for Wei Zhentian, he instantly turned into a small bird and plucked the Heaven & Earth Ring from Hu Bin's left hand. • amp1t ;/p >
"This is bad!" • amp1t ;/p >
Chi Lian forgot that Ye Xuan was not alone, and immediately retreated. • amp1t ;/p >
Since Ye Xuan couldn't fly, he could only attack from afar and couldn't give chase. But at this time, Wei Zhentian took a detour and returned to his feet. • amp1t ;/p >
"Chi Lian, you're finished!" • amp1t ;/p >
The eyes of the Heaven & Earth Ring in Ye Xuan's hand that was holding onto Hu Bin released an endless killing intent. • amp1t ;/p >
"Ding! Host has broken through to the strength of 140 dragons!" • amp1t ;/p >
Even though he only increased the strength of three dragons, every time he broke through, the amount of things he needed would naturally increase. The strength of three dragons was already not bad. • amp1t ;/p >
At this time, there were already twenty flying dragons around Ye Xuan, eighteen large ones and two small ones. • amp1t ;/p >
The strength of one hundred and eighty-two dragons! • amp1t ;/p >
And Chi Lian had already dropped to 175 dragons. • amp1t ;/p >
"We're doomed..." • amp1t ;/p >
Chi Lian was desperate, he did not expect that Ye Xuan would appear in the middle of the road and destroy his revenge plan. • amp1t ;/p >
"Don't worry, I'll kill him for you." • amp1t ;/p >
When Ye Xuan's voice landed in Chi Lian's ears, the latter's head had already flown up. • amp1t ;/p >
Although Chi Lian had slaughtered dozens of sects of different sizes in an inhumane manner, it was all for revenge. And Hu Bin was his enemy. • amp1t ;/p >
Ye Xuan did not care about Hu Bin anymore, since Hu Bin was no longer human. Therefore, it would be hard for Hu Bin to escape death. • amp1t ;/p >
"No …." • amp1t ;/p >
The seventh Redwood Lord, Hu Bin, also threw his head into the sky. Following that, two corpses fell from the sky. • amp1t ;/p >
"Pah!" • amp1t ;/p >
The Blood Corpse was a very strange thing. After it died, it quickly turned into a pool of blood. The three Blood Corpses were the same. • amp1t ;/p >
Chi Lian and Hu Bin's bodies dissolved into a pool of blood in the air, and a rain of blood rained down from the sky. • amp1t ;/p >
Two powerful Aura Realm experts were killed by Ye Xuan at the same time. • amp1t ;/p >
"Ding! Host broke through to 150 dragons!" • amp1t ;/p >
A system announcement sounded out. • amp1t ;/p >
Ye Xuan was stunned. • amp1t ;/p >
Chi Lian and Hu Bin were truly rich. Their Heaven & Earth Ring had allowed Ye Xuan to break through the strength of ten dragons. • amp1t ;/p >
However, this was a bit too poor for a person like them, a hundred and seventy or a hundred and eighty dragons of the Stormwind Divide. • amp1t ;/p >
The battle had finally ended. • amp1t ;/p >
The ten thousand corpse army was destroyed, the Red Refined Tribe died, this could be considered a good ending. • amp1t ;/p >
"Father …" • amp1t ;/p >
The Redwood Lord dashed over while dragging his heavily injured body. However, Hu Bin had already turned into a pool of blood. Even if the God of Heaven had descended, it would be impossible to revive him. • amp1t ;/p >
To this, Ye Xuan did not feel any guilt. This was the world of the Strongman, it was obvious that they were going to kill each other for their treasures. • amp1t ;/p >
After looking at the Redwood Lord for a while, he rode Wei Zhentian and left. • amp1t ;/p >
… …. • amp1t ;/p >
If he wanted to raise his cultivation level again, he would have to go to an even stronger territory to gain more experience. This Redwood Territory probably wouldn't be enough for him. • amp1t ;/p >
However, there was another place in the Red Wood Territory that caught Ye Xuan's attention. • amp1t ;/p >
That was the Abyss! • amp1t ;/p >
There was a maze that had trapped him there for more than a month; there must be something good inside. • amp1t ;/p >
However, before this, he had taken all of the Redwood Sect's disciples over to see if there were any Iron Corpses or Copper Corpses left behind. • amp1t ;/p >
After that, was this the second time he had reached the Abyss? This was the third time he had entered the Abyss. • amp1t ;/p >
"Last time, I was unable to break through this barrier with the strength of 120 dragons. Today, I have the strength of 150 dragons. I wonder if I can …" • amp1t ;/p >
Ye Xuan thought in his heart. • amp1t ;/p >
If it was any other time, he would have been too lazy to come over. However, this was an extraordinary time, and he was stuck in a situation of strength and courage. • amp1t ;/p >
To break through from the strength and soul realms, one would need several Treasures to do so, and the Nether Grass was one of them. • amp1t ;/p >
Although there was a 60% chance of breaking through to the Spirit Stage now, Ye Xuan did not dare to gamble. He wanted a 100% chance! • amp1t ;/p >
After preparing himself in his heart, Ye Xuan walked in. Very quickly, he found the maze. • amp1t ;/p >
The difference between a hundred and twenty dragons and a hundred and fifty dragons was huge. Ye Xuan's physique had also greatly increased, which was of great help to him in breaking through the formation. • amp1t ;/p >
At most, he could just use the Beast Master Violent once. • amp1t ;/p >
If there really was Nether Grass in the maze, then he would be able to break through to the Heaven's Spirit Realm earlier. • amp1t ;/p >
He had a feeling that in this area surrounded by the maze, there was definitely the Nether Grass. • amp1t ;/p >
"Let me see how powerful this maze is..." • amp1t ;/p >
Ye Xuan thought for a while before stepping in. • amp1t ;/p >
This time, he had exchanged for quite a few items to break through the formation. These items were actually just some markings. • amp1t ;/p >
The most troublesome thing about a maze was losing one's direction. As long as one looked in the right direction, one would be able to break through the maze. • amp1t ;/p >
However, Ye Xuan was too naive. • amp1t ;/p >
He had followed the west, but in the end, he had returned to the starting point. • amp1t ;/p >
It seemed that this maze was not ordinary. • amp1t ;/p >
He went around for three days, yet he still could not do anything. • amp1t ;/p >
However, on the seventh day after he entered the maze … • amp1t ;/p >
"Hmm? "What a powerful aura …" • amp1t ;/p >
Ye Xuan's feet suddenly stopped as the Beast King's bloodline in his body started to boil. • amp1t ;/p >
Before him, there was definitely a powerful Saint Beast! • amp1t ;/p >
"It must be the Soaring Centipede. It must be resting!" Ye Xuan's eyes lit up, if he followed the reaction, he might be able to break through the array. • amp1t ;/p >
He immediately headed in this direction. • amp1t ;/p >
In this case, the sense is more reliable than the eye. • amp1t ;/p >
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