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C5 one stroke of the hand

"Liu'er, I still wanted to go out and look for you, pack your things too, we need to leave Ye Family!" Ye Xuan said to Liu'er.

"Leave the Ye Family? "Why?" Liu'er was obviously not able to react and asked in surprise.

"I am currently unable to cultivate in the Young Master and have been rejected by the Ye Family. Liu'er, are you going to leave with me?" Ye Xuan stopped what he was doing.

Liu'er was brought back by his father. At that time, Liu'er was still a child, and Ye Xuan was only three years old. They grew up together, so their relationship was extremely close. However, Ye Xuan treated Liu'er as his own sister, and so did Liu'er.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Liu'er was also stunned, her large eyes immediately filled with tears as she cried, "Why are the Patriarch and the rest like this? The Young Master has already fallen into such a state, why are they chasing the Young Master away?"

Ye Xuan was also helpless. Liu'er had been very obedient since she was young, but she had a small weakness, which was that she loved to cry.

Helpless, he walked over and caressed Liu'er's hair, saying: "No, Young Master left alone. Liu'er, do you believe in Young Master?"

"Yes." Liu'er nodded obediently.

"Then we will leave. Young Master is like you guarantee, they will definitely beg me to come back from now on!" Ye Xuan said solemnly.

"Young Master, I believe in you." Liu'er wiped away her tears and looked at Ye Xuan with her hazy big eyes.

"Then hurry up and pack up. If they go back on their word, then we won't be able to leave." Ye Xuan lightly pinched Liu'er's small face, and said with a smile.

"Alright, Liu'er will go now."

Liu'er nodded and quickly left.

Ye Xuan looked at her leaving figure, and could not help but sigh, and muttered: "I hope these two Spirit Gathering Pills are useful, if not, we can only rely on these ten thousand silver for a lifetime."

He could be considered rich before, but he had spent a lot of silver in the past three days. Now, besides the two Spirit Gathering Pills, he only had ten thousand silver left.

However, ten thousand taels of silver was enough for the two of them to live an ordinary life.

Soon enough, Liu'er finished packing. Ye Xuan also did not bring many things with him as the two of them each carried a bag. Then, they left the Ye Family.

Along the way, there were quite a few Ye Family s who saw them. Most likely, it wouldn't be long before news of this matter would spread.

Before leaving the Ye Family, Ye Xuan had also made a plan. They had ten thousand taels of silver right now, but normally, they did not even need one tael of silver to stay in an inn for a day.

However, for convenience's sake, Ye Xuan also bought a small mansion, which cost him one hundred silver. They only had two people, so they didn't need to live in a large residence.

After that, Ye Xuan gave Liu'er some silver, and told her to go out to buy some necessities, while he himself stayed in the house, ready to give it a try.

Ye Xuan took out the jade bottle that Yu Jin gave him and opened it.

"A Spirit Gathering Pill worth one million silver taels? Let me see your effects!"

Ye Xuan took one out and threw it into his mouth. Without chewing, he swallowed it.

He didn't have any spiritual energy in his body right now, so he couldn't help to refine it. He could only wait for the pill to digest itself.

Not long after, Ye Xuan felt a warm feeling gush out from his body, and then, a strand of spirit energy emerged.

Immediately, he channeled the Ye Family's Martial Arts and began to refine the Spirit Gathering Pill.

His spiritual power grew more and more.

This time, Ye Xuan was smarter. He did not let the spirit force flow into his Dantian. Previously, the moment he had spiritual energy, it would be absorbed by his dantian, causing him to be absorbed by the golden ball.

Now, as long as he continuously circulated his Martial Arts, he could continuously produce spirit energy, as long as he did not stop.

In about ten minutes, Ye Xuan could feel a large amount of spirit energy circulating in his body, most of it condensed from the effects of the Spirit Gathering Pill.

"It's about time. Go and see how much you can absorb!"

Ye Xuan made some calculations in his heart, then he controlled his Spirit Qi and channeled it bit by bit into his Dantian. This Spirit Gathering Pill was worth over a million silver each. The Spiritual Energy in his body was probably many times more than it was during his peak condition.

Of course, this spiritual energy wasn't his. It was just that the Spirit Gathering Pill absorbed the heaven and earth origin energy and quickly condensed it. As long as time passed, this spiritual energy would dissipate.

Therefore, Spirit Concentrating Pills were usually used to break through, and only those above the sixth stage of Martial Dao could be used.

After three days of constant failures, Ye Xuan had figured out a principle, and the golden ball in his dantian was like a bottomless pit, constantly absorbing spirit energy.

Thus, this time, he wanted to fill up this golden ball.

Ten percent!

Two tenths!

Three out of ten!

The spirit energy in Ye Xuan's body was constantly flowing into his dantian before it was absorbed by the golden ball. His heart was also extremely nervous as he was already prepared to consume the second Spirit Gathering Pill.

However, when half of the Spiritual Energy was gathered, the golden ball in his Dantian suddenly trembled.

"It moved, it moved!"

Ye Xuan's emotions could not calm down, because this was the second time this golden ball had trembled in three days. And the first time was when he took the two Spirit Gathering Pills.

Six out of ten!

Seven out of ten!

When he used up seventy percent of his spiritual energy, the golden ball trembled once more.

"Eight out of ten!"

"Nine out of ten!"

The golden ball trembled once again!

Ye Xuan was excited, he controlled the last ten percent of spirit force to enter his Dantian, at the same time preparing to take the second Spirit Recovery Pill.

When the last ten percent of the spiritual energy entered his dantian, suddenly, the golden ball inside his dantian trembled again. This was the most violent vibration in history.

Ye Xuan screamed, he felt as if his dantian had been pierced by a needle, it was extremely hot.

However, in the next moment, his brow suddenly relaxed, because he discovered that there were some changes occurring in his body.

"Hahaha, my realm is starting to recover!"

Ye Xuan could not help but exclaim out loud, he endured the pain and revealed a smile.

The Heavens did not disappoint those who were considerate. He finally began to recover his strength!

first stage of Martial Dao, second stage of Martial Dao, third stage of Martial Dao, fourth stage

Originally, Ye Xuan's cultivation realm was at the early fourth stage of the Martial Dao, but now, he had actually already surpassed this threshold and reached the mid fourth stage of the Martial Dao.

And it was still rising.

"What ? What is going on? My strength actually increased?" Ye Xuan was a little confused.

In his astonishment, he had once again broken through the barrier of the middle fourth stage of Martial Dao, and reached the Fourth Peak Level. And it was still sprinting.

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