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C61 deputy Sect Master

Huo Yuan also understood, he knew that Ye Xuan did not want to reveal it, so he said, "Earlier, Junior Brother Ye, you said that you just entered the Cloud Breaking Sect, do you have a master now?"

Hearing that, Ye Xuan's eyes lit up, he shook his head and said, "No!"

"Since that's the case, why don't you join my master, Cloud Breaking Sect?" Huo Yuan's mind stirred, and he tried to rope her in.

Being accepted as a disciple by the Cloud Breaking Sect s could already be considered as an outstanding achievement. It must be known that every single Elder was at least at the tenth level of the Martial Dao.

Just as Huo Yuan finished speaking, the people outside the training grounds started clamoring again, following that, a figure walked in.

"Haha, my good disciple, here I come." The one who came was a middle aged man dressed in Cloud Breaking Sect robes.

"Master, I knew you were nearby!" Huo Yuan anxiously shouted.

"Since things have already gotten so out of hand, I naturally can't miss it." The middle-aged man laughed a few times and then asked, "Young man, how old are you this year?"

"Fifteen!" Ye Xuan replied.

Hearing this age, the middle aged man, Huo Yuan and the others were all shocked. A fifteen year old who had reached the eighth stage of the Martial Dao.

"Haha, good. My name is Baili Lie. Are you willing to become my disciple?" The middle-aged man went straight to the point.

He also understood that the reason Ye Xuan came to make a ruckus was to find a master.

However, Ye Xuan had just entered the Cloud Breaking Sect, so he did not know much about the Cloud Breaking Sect. However, when he saw that the middle-aged man in front of him seemed to be very powerful, he started to waver.

However, just as he was about to agree, someone suddenly jumped into the training grounds.

"Little brother, wait!"

Ye Xuan wanted to say something but hesitated. Seems like another person had arrived, he turned his head and sure enough, another Cloud Breaking Sect appeared.

"Bai Lie, you're not being too kind. You already have Huo Yuan and a few disciples under your tutelage, and you still want to take him away?"

The one who came was a bald old man with a long Knife Scar on her face. With a ferocious look, walking out would definitely scare the little sister.

"Thank you Elder, there's always a first come first served!"

Before Baili Lie could finish his sentence, the bald old man retorted, "What? First come first serve. He's just one person, how could he simultaneously pay respects to the two of us? "Young man, this fellow already has many disciples, and I don't even have ten disciples in front of the inner sect. If you become my disciple, I will definitely focus on raising you!"

"Thank you Elder, Hundred Elder, you think that you two are alone here?"

Just then, a few more people walked out. They were all Elder s of the Cloud Breaking Sect.

The sudden appearance of so many Cloud Breaking Sect s also caused Ye Xuan to be unable to remain calm. As expected, his aptitude was extremely popular everywhere, and the current him could only hope to find a rich Elder as a teacher.

Could it be that if he were to directly offer a price, how much would he have to pay per month?

Other than Elder Bai and Elder Xie, there were another three Elder s. After that, they started to argue with each other.

"Young man, as long as you become my disciple, I will give you 500 points every month!"

"500 points?" You're sending the beggar away, I'll give you eight hundred! "

"You misers, I'll pay a thousand!"

One thousand points, was equivalent to ten million silver. This was the price the Xue Clan had offered for the ninth stage of the Martial Dao.

However, Ye Xuan was still not satisfied with the price.

He was currently at the eighth stage of the Martial Dao. If he wanted to break through to the middle stage of the eighth stage, he would probably need at least seventy or eighty million, or maybe even hundreds of millions.

It would only break through once every few months, so Ye Xuan couldn't wait.

The disciples outside the training field were already shocked to the point of prostrating themselves. Ten million silver taels per month was a huge temptation.

One had to know that their family could only give one million silver a month at most, and some rich ones could even reach two million.

Ten million, but that was several times more than what they had!

"Why is it that there are so many Elder fighting over these kinds of people?"

The disciples outside were confused.

However, at this time, a figure suddenly jumped onto the training grounds. When the group of Elder saw this person, they all stopped.

"Greetings Vice Sect Master!"

A few Elder s greeted together.

The person who came was a white-haired old man, the wrinkles on his face was comparable to a cliff, and he was Cloud Breaking Sect's Vice Sect Master, Zhou Cang!

"Hahahaha, the main character has finally arrived!" Ye Xuan laughed out loud in his heart.

Previously, the Xue Family's Reverend had said that the Cloud Breaking Sect s of the Cloud Breaking Sect had gone out and were no longer in the Cloud Breaking Sect.

Although the Elder is not bad, but he can't compare to the vice Sect Master, right?

"Young man, how old are you?" The Vice Sect Master walked in front of Ye Xuan and asked.

"Fifteen." Ye Xuan replied honestly.

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Zhou Cang suddenly took action. He probed Ye Xuan's body a few times, and at the same time, used his spirit energy to walk a circle in Ye Xuan's body.

"Sure enough, he's only sixteen. Good seed, good seedling!" Zhou Cang was a little excited, and said: "Young lad, are you willing to become my disciple?"

"Vice Sect Master, this ?." Some of the Elder were immediately unhappy. It was a fair competition after all.

"2000 points every month, at the same time, use any Martial Arts of the ninth rank and below in Cloud Breaking Sect." Zhou Cang immediately stated his condition.

When they saw that Zhou Cang had appeared, they cried out inwardly.

Elder was still a Elder after all, so she could only impart disciple with the Martial Arts of the eighth stage.

Now that Ye Xuan was at the eighth stage of the Martial Dao, it would not be a problem for him to take some time to learn a ninth stage Martial Arts.

Moreover, there were 2000 points each month, which was equivalent to 20 million silver taels. These points could be used to exchange for weapons or for various Treasures.

Without waiting for the Elder to speak, Zhou Cang continued, "Young man, as long as you are willing, I will spare no effort to nurture you.


Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

To inherit the position of Vice Sect Master?

Zhou Cang, do you want to raise him as your successor?

Oh my god!

"Hahaha, what great luck." Ye Xuan shouted in his heart, and at the same time, immediately nodded: "I am willing, I pay my respects to Master!"

"Haha, good!" Zhou Cang stroked his beard and laughed.

A few of the Elder s' face were gloomy, they did not expect that the good seed they had obtained would be taken away by Zhou Cang. However, Zhou Cang was a vice Sect Master, so they did not dare complain, and could only accept their fate.

Since Ye Xuan had already become his disciple, then it was useless for the Elder s to stay. They immediately shook their heads and left.

"Ye Xuan, follow me."

After they left, Zhou Cang brought Ye Xuan along and under the gaze of tens of thousands of people, left the training grounds.

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