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C62 The Wonderful Use of Devouring Points

At this time, Ye Xuan was still dressed in the attire of an outer disciple of the Cloud Breaking Sect.

An outer disciple was directly taken in as a disciple by the Sect Master s.

Presumably, the entire Cloud Breaking Sect was in turmoil.

Following Sect Master Zhou Cang out of the training grounds, Ye Xuan was brought directly to Zhou Cang's residence. Zhou Cang lived in the middle of the bamboo forest, and the environment was elegant, conforming to Ye Xuan's appetite.

Following that, Zhou Cang started to investigate the household registration, but all of these did not matter. After all, Zhou Cang was certain that Ye Xuan was indeed only fifteen years old.

"Disciple, Master wants to go out for a while. This is Master's order badge, you can use it to go to Refining Pharmacy and the House of Kung Fu Knowledge."

Zhou Cang immediately gave Ye Xuan an order badge, then quickly left.

"Every month's two thousand points, casually learning Martial Arts of the ninth rank and below, it's really refreshing!"

Ye Xuan happily shouted a few times, and immediately, he took the order badge and went to Refining Pharmacy.

"Hmm? Why is it you again? "

Previously, Ye Xuan had come here once and bought thirty million taels of Treasures, so the Refining Pharmacy knew him.

Without saying a word, Ye Xuan threw the order badge given by his master onto the table, and said: "Give me ten thousand year old Blood Ginseng."

A thousand-year-old blood ginseng was worth two million silver taels. Ten of them were worth twenty million silver taels, which was exactly two thousand points!

When the Deacon picked up the order badge in surprise and looked at it, she was immediately shocked and almost swallowed her tongue.

"Sect Master Token?"

"That's right!" Ye Xuan nodded.

"About this, I need to ask the Elder!" The Deacon was almost scared to death and quickly ran into the inner hall. Not long later, she brought a Elder out.

Ye Xuan had seen this Elder before, and he was that Xie Elder.

"So it's yours, I was wondering who brought the Sect Master Badge over. Sigh, what a pity, if this old man had arrived earlier, you would have been this old man's disciple." Elder rubbed her bald head, looking extremely helpless.

Ye Xuan was also shocked, he never thought that this big and tall Xie Elder would actually be in charge of the Refining Pharmacy s.

This meant that the Elder knew how to refine pills!

Ye Xuan had heard of this profession before. Alchemists were all rich people!

However, the disciples of the Sect Master were not bad, with benefits and status. Most importantly, Ye Xuan's previous lie would not be exposed. Although the timing was wrong, was this important?

Ye Xuan left after collecting the ten thousand-year-old blood ginseng. All these things were actually written into Zhou Cang's account.

Ye Xuan returned to the bamboo forest and swallowed all of these things in his room.

After that, he left for the House of Kung Fu Knowledge.

He flung the Sect Master Medallion aside and went to take a look around the House of Kung Fu Knowledge, retrieving quite a few copies of the Martial Arts of the ninth rank.

None of the Martial Arts in the Cloud Breaking Sect is allowed to be spread outside. Unless one obtains permission, otherwise, they will be severely punished.

Ye Xuan was a man with integrity, so he would not spread the news.

He had previously exchanged her Martial Arts in the Devouring System s, so he had directly learnt it. However, this time, he needed to learn it like the normal Warrior.

However, Devouring System was extremely human. When Ye Xuan flipped open a ninth level Martial Arts instance dungeon, a System Prompt Tone suddenly rang out in his mind.

"Ding! Discovered eighth level Martial Arts, Thunderstorm Steps. Host can use two points of Devouring Points to learn it immediately. Would you like to learn it using Devouring Points?"

Godly horse?

Ye Xuan was shocked, the Devouring System could even let him learn one Martial Arts?

This was a good thing!

"Two points is a Devouring Points, so it's not that expensive. If I were to learn this Thunderstorm Steps, I don't know when I would be able to master it. Learn first!"

As Ye Xuan thought this, he immediately chose to confirm it.

"The Devouring Points has been deducted successfully. The host has already learned the eighth stage of the Martial Arts, Thunderstorm Steps!"

Ye Xuan opened up his Attributes Panel and looked.

Host: Ye Xuan

Cultivation Stage: early eighth stage of Martial Dao

Bloodline: Hundred Beast Bloodline, Hundred Blossom Bloodline, Wind Chasing Leopard Bloodline

Martial Arts: Explosive Thunder Steps, Netherworld Steps, Starburst Arrow's first stage, Falling Ice Fist's first stage, Chaotic Star Arrow's second stage

Devouring Points: 56 points

"Haha, this is really good news. Come again!"

Ye Xuan was so happy that he continued to use his points to learn Martial Arts.

"The Devouring Points has been deducted successfully. The host has already learned the eighth stage Martial Arts, Rushing Thunder Hand!"

"The Devouring Points has been deducted successfully. The host has already learned the eighth stage Martial Arts, Thousand Splitting Leg!"

"Devouring Points deducting successful. Host has already learned the eighth level Martial Arts, Soul Summoning Sword Art!"

"Devouring Points Deducting Success, Host has already learned the level eight cultivation technique, Heaven Returning Technique!"

These [Eight Level] Martial Arts required two to three points of Devouring Points to learn, and Ye Xuan learned all of them.

His method of levelling up was different from that of ordinary Warrior's. He only relied on Devouring to level up, so his levelling up was not big. However, the better the method, the faster one could condense spirit energy. Furthermore, the speed at which spirit energy was recovered using methods was also fast, so Ye Xuan spent two Devouring Points s to learn an eighth stage technique.

At the same time, he also realized something.

In the future, if you can obtain Martial Arts, you can record them into Devouring System s and only learn them when you need them.

However, this could not be spread. He had to have an instance dungeon in order to teach it to others, just like right now.

"The benefits for the disciples of the Sect Master s are great, I am temporarily unable to use the ninth grade Martial Arts, furthermore, my energy consumption is too great, and the Devouring Points s have been consumed too much, I should first record them and then talk about them in the future."

Ye Xuan thought, but he still spent ten Devouring Points s to learn the [Sky Illusion] technique.

The current him, had increased his strength by a lot. One must know that he previously used a seventh grade Martial Arts, but now, he was actually proficient in several eighth grade Martial Arts s, and even had a ninth grade movement Martial Arts.

He reckoned that if he could instantly send Huo Yuan flying, it wouldn't even be a problem for him to fight against Warrior who was at the peak of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao.

"I don't need to train now, what should I do next?"

Ye Xuan was a little bored, so he left the bamboo forest and went for a stroll in the inner sect.

However, when he arrived at the entrance of the bamboo forest, he saw three figures. He had seen these three people before.

"Hey, it's the two of you." Ye Xuan raised his brows.

These three people were the Senior Brother Lu, Senior Brother Ning and Senior Sister Guan who were obsessed with cleanliness that they met at the entrance of the mountain.

"It's you. Why are you here?" Senior Brother Ning cried out in alarm.

The Senior Brother was the same.

As for Senior Sister Guan, she was shocked speechless.

At this time, Ye Xuan had already washed his hair and changed his clothes and shoes, but they could still recognize him.

"Oh, hello Senior Sister Senior Brother." Ye Xuan immediately cupped his fists, he too had some suspicions, what were the three of them doing in the bamboo forest, wasn't this the residence of the vice Sect Master?

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