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C64 Shocking the whole audience

"I heard that half a year ago, Senior Brother Zhongyang charged into the fifth stage, but he was unable to persevere any longer."

"This Ye Xuan's physique is out of the ordinary. I wonder how far he can go."

"At least the fourth stage, and the Wooden Puppet Formation mainly looks at physique, this Ye Xuan will definitely be able to pass the fourth stage easily!"

"He's just a boorish fellow. I don't think he'll even make it into the fourth stage."

The surrounding people all gathered around.

At this time, Ye Xuan had also completed his registration and walked into the Wooden Puppet Formation.

The wooden figure was actually made of special wood. After being controlled by an array master, it would move according to a certain pattern.

The wooden figure had no feet and relied on spinning to move around, but these wooden figures were tall and short, fat and thin, and as they moved at the same time, they would not encounter any other wooden figure.

Ye Xuan walked into the Wooden Puppet Formation, and immediately, the wooden figures started spinning, their speed wasn't fast, even a Sixth Warrior of the Martial Dao was able to handle them.

The speed was the slowest in the first stage of the wooden puppet formation. As long as it stayed for five minutes, it would be considered as a pass.

The speed of the Wooden Puppet was not fast in the first few stages, and the power of its two wooden arms was not strong either.

Soon, it was time for the fourth trial.

"Hu hu!"

As time passed, a strong gust of wind rose up in the Wood Puppet Formation, formed by the wooden figure operating at high speeds.

"His speed is quite fast. This power, is probably not inferior to the seventh stage of the Martial Dao's Warrior's Martial Arts."

Ye Xuan's expression also became grave. He could still handle this stage, it was just that he would occasionally use the Netherworld Step.

The Wood Elementals could not attack the Wood Elementals, otherwise, they would lose their qualifications to do so.

A minute passed quickly.

Then two minutes, three minutes, four minutes.

"This Ye Xuan is so powerful, I remember that when Senior Brother Zhong Yang passed the fourth stage, it was extremely difficult, but he was actually able to pass it so easily."

The inner disciples that were spectating outside looked at each other in dismay.

While they were discussing, Ye Xuan had already passed the fourth round.

"Junior brother, do you want to proceed with the fifth trial?"

The fifth trial of the Wood Puppet Formation was not something an ordinary person could handle. If struck by a wooden person, even a Warrior of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao would be severely injured.

Those who passed the fifth stage of the Wood Human Formation were generally the instructors in the Cloud Breaking Sect, which was the ninth stage of the Martial Dao.

"Senior Brother, come!"

Ye Xuan shouted.

When he finished speaking, the maniacs in the wooden puppet formation began to scratch even harder.

"Hu hu!"

These hundreds of wooden puppets began to madly spin, their speed was not slower than an electric fan.

Those sturdy wooden arms were waving about crazily, and Ye Xuan's expression was also extremely solemn. Now, he had no choice but to use the eighth stage of the, the Explosive Lightning Steps.




Ye Xuan's figure quickly moved inside the Wooden Puppet Formation, and kept on producing muffled sounds.

"Heavens, what did I see? Thunderbolt Steps, this is an eighth grade profound movement skill, Thunderbolt Steps! Why did he learn it?"

"Impossible, he just entered the Cloud Breaking Sect today, how could he have learned the Thunderstorm Steps within a day? I remember that Huo Yuan and the other Senior Brother also took more than a month to reach Minor Accomplishment."

"Impossible, he must have learned it long ago."

"But, I heard that he comes from a small city. Is there any eighth level Martial Arts in a small city?"

The crowd outside was already in an uproar.

After a minute, Ye Xuan dodged quite easily.

Two minutes passed.

This time, Ye Xuan was finally exhausted.

After the third minute, Ye Xuan was finally beaten to the first level by the wood person.


The wood person activated its speed, and just as Ye Xuan was about to take the first attack, two more arms struck him.



Three attacks that were equivalent to the eighth stage of the Martial Dao caused Ye Xuan's vital energy and blood to boil. Helpless, he could only use the movement Martial Arts he had just learned.

Heavenly Illusion Movement Technique!

For him right now, the consumption of his [Martial Dao] s was enormous.

However, it was not a problem to hold on until the Woodman Array was over.

Looking at Ye Xuan who was dragging an afterimage behind, the crowd started to boil once again.

"Oh my god, what do I see? Isn't that a ninth grade Martial Arts, Heavenly Illusion Movement Technique?"

"An afterimage, dragging an afterimage three meters away. This is the Mastery Stage of the Heavenly Illusion Movement Technique."

"Who exactly is he? How can he even know the Heaven's Illusion Movement Technique created by the Vice Sect Master? is it really his first time entering Cloud Breaking Sect? "

"Could he be the bastard child of the Sect Master?"

"Shh, be careful. If this gets out, you're done for!"

Ye Xuan had already completely intimidated this group of inner sect disciples. Not to mention learning the Thunderstorm Steps in one day, he even learned the Heaven's Illusion Movement Technique for the ninth stage of Martial Arts.

At this moment, there were a few other figures on the other side of the stands.

"Too terrifying, too terrifying. If I knew that this kid had such high aptitude, I would definitely fight with the vice Sect Master for it!"

"Tch, if I had known about this earlier, I would have bet all my wealth. This brat's talent is probably above Sect Master's."

"That's right, this will be another True Spirit Realm Strongman from now on. With the potential seed of the True Spirit Realm, even if I don't want those disciples, I will accept it!"

The one who spoke was the first Elder that appeared at that time, Bai Lie.

They watched in silence.

Five minutes passed quickly.

Ye Xuan successfully passed the fifth trial.

"Junior, junior brother, do you still want to pass the sixth trial?" The Cloud Breaking Sect that was in control of the Wood Human Array said timidly.

"No, Senior Brother, open the door and let me out."

Ye Xuan, who was drenched in sweat, shook his head.

He still felt a lingering fear in his heart. If he did not have this technique, he probably would not have been able to pass the Wood Human Formation of the fifth stage, even with the Hundred Beast Bloodline and the Wind Chaser Leopard's bloodline.

"Junior brother, you have passed the fifth trial and have a total of 5,556 points. Here are your points." The Deacon took out some contribution points tablets and handed them over to Ye Xuan.

The Cloud Breaking Sect implemented a point system, but without a real name system, points could be given to other people to use.

"Thank you, Senior Brother!"

Ye Xuan wiped off his cold sweat, looks like he did not receive those three blows for nothing. Fortunately he had Hundred Beast Bloodline and had an astonishing physique, otherwise, he would have been severely injured by those three strikes.

After that, Ye Xuan quickly left, and now that he had earned another 5000 points, he could go exchange for more to level up.

"So terrifying, he was hit by the wooden person in the fifth trial three times, and he can still walk out full of energy. Is this person's body made of iron?"

"What is it made of? Even if it's an iron man who has reached the fifth stage of Wood Human Array, he will still be beaten into an iron cake!"

"He broke Senior Brother Zhongyang's record. I wonder what kind of expression he will have when he returns."

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