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Super Devouring System/C67 Blackwater Mountain
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C67 Blackwater Mountain

"Lu Senior Brother, this brat is very strong, why don't we ?" Ning Chuan, who was walking in front, asked softly.

"No need, the three of us can handle that. Why is there a need for one more person?" Lu Buping shook his head slightly.

Ning Chuan was still worried, and said: "But, that is a spirit beast after all, and his strength is comparable to Senior Brother Zhong. With him at the front, we are also safe."

"We'll talk about it later." Lu Buping still shook his head, and then turned around and asked: "Junior brother, what are you doing behind us?"

"Oh, I'll be right there." Ye Xuan shouted out anxiously in shock, and immediately stopped his devouring. If they were to discover his devouring ability, they would definitely mistake him for a Heaven & Earth Ring, and at that time, it might cause some unnecessary trouble.

However, when Ye Xuan saw Lu Buping's attitude towards them, he was even more sure that these three had some sort of plan.

"When I beat them up to such a state, they still followed up brazenly, acting as if nothing had happened. It's too fake, tsk tsk tsk, there shouldn't be treasures in this Black Water Mountain, right?"

Ye Xuan imagined that if he could find an ancient ruin, then he would be rich.

There were quite a few Blackwater Mountain Bandits as well. Along the way, they had already killed dozens of them, and the majority of them had died under Guan Lan's hands.

As for Ye Xuan, he was the one walking at the back, from time to time ridiculing these Mountain Thieves as paupers.

"An outsider is coming up the mountain!"

When the four of them had reached the hillside, an explosive shout suddenly rang out from the forest. Immediately following that, dozens of people rushed out at once.

"Finally, some strong ones have arrived." Ye Xuan's eyes revealed killing intent.

Just now, Guan Lan and the other two had killed noobs and dogs, and hadn't even reached the sixth stage of the Martial Dao. However, right now, quite a few people had already arrived at the sixth and even seventh stages of Martial Dao.

"Who are you?" The leader was a large bald man who was carrying a bloody greatsword.

But before he could even finish speaking, Guan Lan had instantly rushed over and killed him. The other party did not even have time to react.

"This bitch killed Third Boss, kill him!"

The crowd immediately erupted, holding onto their weapons, they rushed towards Guan Lan.

"Junior brother, let's go!"

Lu Buping growled, and also charged forward together with Ning Chuan.

At this time, Ye Xuan also suddenly took out the Cloud Breaking Bow from the Devouring Space and shot it out with a raise of his hand.

"Star Arrows!"



Dozens of arrows were shot out, and in the blink of an eye, those bandits fell down.


Lu Buping and the other two were also shocked, who had launched this attack?

When they turned their heads, they saw Ye Xuan walking towards them with his bow in hand.


An arrow flew past Lu Buping's shoulder and pierced through the head of a bandit.

"Lu Senior Brother, you cannot be distracted in battle, or you will die miserably." Ye Xuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

Lu Buping broke out in cold sweat. As he killed the enemy, he asked: "Where did you get that bow?"

"I picked it up on the way." Ye Xuan replied slowly.

Fortunately, the Cloud Breaking Bow had a very ordinary appearance, and looked like it was only a low-grade common weapon, so Lu Buping did not mind it. What surprised him was that other than his shocking strength, Ye Xuan was actually good at bows and arrows.

The Star Arrows could kill at least four enemies in one shot, sometimes five or six. After a few rounds, these dozens of bandits would be more or less dead.

Guan Lan and the other two were also shocked. They had thought that Ye Xuan would not use her weapon, but they never thought that she could even use a bow. No wonder she dared to accept Blackwater Mountain's mission alone.

"Good strength, junior apprentice-brother." Lu Buping revealed a fake smile, his heart also hesitating a little.

On this trip, if they had Ye Xuan's help, their safety would increase by quite a bit.

However, one more person was equivalent to splitting up less than before. The most important thing was that Ye Xuan had beaten them up before.

"Thank you, Senior Brother, for your praise." Ye Xuan smiled and followed along.

There were quite a few bandits in Blackwater Mountain. When Ye Xuan and the other three arrived at the top of the mountain, they had already killed over a hundred bandits.

However, there were still two to three hundred bandits waiting for them at the top of the mountain.

Just now, when they were killing the bandits, the news had already spread to the top of the mountain. At this moment, the Great Master and Second Master of Black Water Mountain, two Warrior at the peak of the seventh stage of the Martial Dao, had already come out surrounded by a crowd of experts.

"The four of you should be Cloud Breaking Sect's disciples, right? My Blackwater Mountain and your Cloud Breaking Sect does not interfere in the river and have never entered your territory, why are you looking for trouble with my Blackwater Mountain?"

The one who spoke was a large bald man. He was the Great Master of Black Water Mountain, Cao Hu.

"Cao Hu, you have done all sorts of evil deeds. Today, we are here to enforce justice on behalf of the heavens." Lu Buping walked out.

"What arrogant words. If that's the case, then we have nothing else to say. Whoever kills him will be rewarded with a medium-grade mortal weapon!" Cao Hu gave the order directly.


Just as he finished speaking, a large group of Mountain Bandits charged forward. These bandits were all Warrior from the fourth to sixth stage of the Martial Dao, and only a few of them were at the seventh stage of the Martial Dao.

Although they were not powerful, they had the advantage in numbers. With so many people attacking, even a Warrior of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao would have to retreat three steps.

"Not good, retreat!" Lu Buping anxiously shouted, and brought the three of them to retreat.

However, at this moment, a figure shot out explosively and nimbly dodged the attacks, directly charging into the crowd.

Ye Xuan!


Ye Xuan bellowed, holding a long sword in his hand, he began to cut and kill anyone who saw him.

Even though the sword in his hand was only a low rank mortal weapon, he was at the eighth stage of the Martial Dao, and his spirit energy was extremely strong.

Hundred Beast Bloodline, Wind Chasing Bloodline, and the seventh stage of the, Netherworld Steps made it so that no one could match his speed, and no one could even catch a glimpse of his figure.

"Soul Chaser, die!"

Suddenly, Ye Xuan raised the long sword in his hand and slashed out with a huge slash.

This was one of the eight level Martial Arts's Soul Chasing Sword, Soul Chasing Chop!

Furthermore, Ye Xuan had condensed a lot of spirit energy.

"Ah, everyone be careful!"


Screams and screams unceasingly rang out. This Soul Chasing Chasing Chop was like a sharp knife that cut the crowd into two parts.

The huge slash tore through the air and crossed more than ten meters, beheading twenty to thirty bandits.

At this time, no one dared to approach Ye Xuan, as they could only watch from the sidelines.

Lu Buping and the other two were also staring in shock.

"I heard that this kid fought more than 50 people alone. I thought he was just exaggerating. I didn't expect him to be so strong!" Lu Buping could not help but ask.

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