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C68 spirit beast

"Then are we going to go in or not?" Ning Chuan asked timidly.

"Why are we going in to get his attention? We don't have enough strength. If we go in, we might be injured or even die in the midst of so many attacks." Lu Buping said, and also released a slash, killing the bandits outside.

Although there were only four of them and hundreds of bandits, there weren't many who could approach them.

In a situation where the difference between their realms was too great, a human sea tactic was useless.

And while these bandits were overwhelmed with shock, Ye Xuan suddenly slashed out a few times, horizontally this time.

The speed of these slashes was so fast that the bandits didn't even have time to react before they were cut in half from the waist up.

When he saw his own brothers instantly die tragically, Cao Hu's face became extremely gloomy.

The three slashes had actually killed nearly a hundred bandits. If they were to make it a few more times, wouldn't they all die out?

"Second brother, follow me in killing him!" Cao Hu picked up the two round hammers beside him and walked out.

"Yes, Big Brother!" The Second Leader of the Blackwater Mountain could no longer sit still. He carried a large axe and followed after them.

"The main character is finally coming?"

Ye Xuan glanced at the two from the corner of his eyes and watched as they slowly walked out.

Cao Hu raised his twin hammers and said coldly, "Brat, your purpose in coming to my Blackwater Mountain this time shouldn't be that simple right? "I'm guessing that you guys are here for that spirit beast.

"This is bad!"

Just as Cao Hu finished speaking, Lu Buping's expression changed.

However, with so many bandits surrounding him, he couldn't even get in, much less kill Cao Hu.

Ye Xuan who was inside, after hearing Cao Hu's words, revealed a face of joy, it seemed that the leader of Heishui knew something.

"Boss, what are you talking about? Why can't I understand you?" Ye Xuan asked pretentiously, but his heart had already exploded.

Holy shit, spirit beast?

"Stop pretending, I know that you are here for that Black Water Flood Dragon." Cao Hu coldly snorted.

Dark Water Flood Dragon!

After hearing this name, Ye Xuan also trembled slightly. Just now, Cao Hu had said that there was a Spirit Beast in his Black Water Mountain.

"Boss, are you sure you're right? You have a Black Water Flood Dragon in this Black Water Mountain? "

Ye Xuan asked in disbelief.

"Brat, you don't need to pretend. However, even if this Black Water Flood Dragon is weak, it is not something that you few can handle. If you know what's good for you, then leave. I won't hold it against you for killing so many of my brothers. " Cao Hu slowly said.

He had known about it for a long time, and it was his men who had accidentally spread the news.

Black Water Mountain was only a small force, it would not be able to resist when facing a huge being like the Cloud Breaking Sect. Therefore, Cao Hu wanted to send Ye Xuan and the others away and then move the entire village to another place.

"Haha, Head, are you joking? I've killed over a hundred of your brothers, how can you let us go?" Ye Xuan suddenly laughed out loud.

"In that case, go die!" Cao Hu didn't say anything else and directly smashed his hammer forward.

Cao Hu was a Warrior at the peak of the seventh stage of the Martial Dao. With his full strength, if a strike were to hit a Warrior of the seventh stage of the Martial Dao, he would definitely be able to insta-kill him.

However, his opponent was Ye Xuan.

"Hu hu!"

The large sledgehammer smashed onto Ye Xuan's body. Without waiting for Cao Hu's expression to change, Ye Xuan's entire being floated into the air.

An afterimage!

"What?" Cao Hu was shocked, even with his eyesight, he was not able to see where Ye Xuan was heading to.


Suddenly, the sound of something tearing through the air sounded out in front of him.


Cao Hu's head flew up as his massive body fell backwards onto the floor.


Instant kill!

The entire hall was silent.

The boss that they were most proud of was actually killed by this brat in an instant!

"I will kill you!" The Second Leader immediately reacted, after glancing at the Great Master's corpse, he brandished his axe and hacked it towards Ye Xuan.


Another crisp sound rang out as the axe flew out of his hand and fell to the ground.

The Second Leader's head flew up as well as blood splattered.

Now, the three leaders of the Blackwater Mountains were all dead. The entire Blackwater Mountain Village had no leader, and those bandits who had fast reactions immediately turned and ran.

What a joke, even their boss was dead, what was the point of their subordinates staying here and waiting for them to die?

"You want to leave? All of you evil bandits, go to hell!" Ye Xuan's aura suddenly rose dramatically, as he instantly slashed out a few Soul Chaser attacks.

The number of deaths instantly soared. Corpses were strewn all over the mountain peak, and the smell of blood was extremely pungent.

When accepting this mission, the Cloud Breaking Sect gave Ye Xuan a piece of information, which said that the bandits of Blackwater Mountain had committed all sorts of crimes, and they had exterminated several towns before. There weren't many merchants who survived the robbery, and the ones who survived were usually women.

Therefore, these people's deaths were not worth lamenting about!

"We'll kill as well!"

Lu Buping reacted and began to kill crazily.

In less than half a minute, hundreds of corpses littered the ground. Aside from a few bandits who escaped, the majority of them died here.

The battle had ended, and only Ye Xuan and the other two people remained.

"Junior brother Ning, go and release the bandits." Lu Buping said to Ning Chuan.

"Alright." Ning Chuan quickly left.

Very quickly, dozens of girls ran out. Most of them were under the age of thirty, and Ye Xuan even saw a few girls that were younger than Liu'er.

The four of them first arranged these women together before they started searching for the head's treasure. They buried all the precious items in one place before escorting these women down the mountain.

When they returned to the summit of Blackwater Mountain and were about to distribute the spoils of the battle, Ye Xuan finally spoke out, "Senior Brother, now, are you going to explain to me what happened to the spirit beast?"

Hearing this, Lu Buping and Ning Chuan's face also changed.

"I imagine that you have guessed as well, junior apprentice-brother. The reason we came to Blackwater Mountain this time wasn't solely for the sake of training."

Lu Buping knew that he could no longer hide this matter, so he began to explain. "I received news earlier that a spirit beast was found in Blackwater Mountain, and it was a spirit beast waiting to be produced."

Spirit beasts were beings that were even more powerful than Demon Beast, equivalent to human True Spirit Realm s.

"Senior Brother, even if it's a spirit beast waiting to be produced, it's not something we can handle." Ye Xuan asked.

Spirit beasts were even more terrifying than tenth stage Demon Beast. Even if they were ready to be produced, it was likely that no ordinary person would be able to deal with them.

"That's right, that's why I brought the deadly poison this time." Suddenly, Senior Brother Lu took out a palm-sized cloth bag from his chest.

This amount was a bit too much.

"What kind of poison could poison a spirit beast?" Ye Xuan asked in disbelief.

"Don't worry Junior Brother, this will definitely cause the Dark Water Flood Dragon to lose most of its battle power." Lu Senior Brother suddenly gave a sly smile and said: "Junior Brother Ye, if you're interested, we can make a deal. We don't need these Black Water Stronghold items, as long as you help us, how about it?"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan wanted to spray him to death.

Although the Blackwater Stronghold had quite a few good things, they were only worth around twenty million.

And the value of a Spiritual Beast far exceeded these.

"Senior Brother, do you take me for a fool? A Spirit Beast has an inner core! A single inner core of a Spirit Beast is worth at least 10 million gold taels. Ye Mo sneered.

10 million gold, that was 1 billion silver. As long as it was a person, they would be moved by it.

Lu Buping's expression changed once again, and said: "Alright, as long as you can take this pellet, you can get ten percent of what you earn."

"What a joke, with my strength, I'm only worth 10%?" Ye Xuan was a little disdainful, he went straight to the point: "I want 30%!"

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