Super Devouring System/C69 Breakthrough!
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Super Devouring System/C69 Breakthrough!
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C69 Breakthrough!


Even before Ye Xuan had finished speaking, Lu Buping had already objected.

If Ye Xuan took thirty percent of each of them, then the remaining seventy percent would be divided between them.

"Junior Brother Ye, you can't be too greedy, you are just giving your all. This information was obtained by the Senior Brother in the first place, and she also prepared a highly toxic poison. It's already not bad that you can take ten percent of it." Ning Chuan frowned.

Ye Xuan thought.

He felt that what Ning Chuan said made sense. He didn't drop anything, but 10% was already a lot.

However, he still pointed to the hole on the ground and said, "Alright, I'll take a step back then. I only want 20%. How about I add these in as well?"

Lu Buping also hesitated for a moment, now that he knew about it, if he did not agree, Ye Xuan could very well spread the news.

When the time came, they wouldn't even be able to drink the soup.

"Okay, twenty percent. Junior Brother, what do you think?" Lu Buping nodded.

They had originally wanted the three of them to act as they pleased, but with the addition of this freak Ye Xuan, their security would increase by quite a bit.

"Sure!" Ning Chuan also nodded.

As for the silent Guan Lan, she also agreed.

"Tsk tsk, 20%. It looks like I can make another breakthrough. As for the rest, just treat it as the medical fees from before." Ye Xuan secretly rejoiced in his heart, but the medical fees were a little expensive.

"If that's the case, then the three of us will go and search for the Black Water Lake. Junior Brother, you can arrange these things for yourself."

Lu Buping said, then took Ning Chuan and Guan Lan and left.

Ye Xuan was still thinking about how to let them go, but he did not expect them to leave on their own, which saved him a lot of time.

"Hehe, let's first break through to the middle of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao." Ye Xuan did not think too much. After Lu Buping and the other two left, he swallowed all these things that he had collected in the Black Water Stronghold.

"Ding! Host has broken through to the middle of the eighth stage of Martial Dao!"

He had broken through!

However, there were very little items worth more than a million, so there were not many Devouring Points, only eight. However, because of this, Ye Xuan's Devouring Points also broke through to 100 points.

"Let's keep up with them first. Otherwise, I'll have to act on my own." Ye Xuan thought, and immediately followed.

"Brother Ye, why have you come?" Lu Buping turned and said as he looked at Ye Xuan who had rushed over.

"Shoving some dirt into the cave. Since the bandits have already escaped, it doesn't matter." Ye Xuan casually replied.

At this time, he was purposely suppressing his spirit energy fluctuations, so Lu Buping and the other two could not feel anything.

"Brother Ye is so bold!" Lu Buping praised, but he was muttering in his heart: "Let's see how you cry if I lose it."

The four of them walked towards the back of Blackwater Mountain. According to the information Lu Buping had gathered, the Blackwater Flood Dragon was living in a lake behind the mountain.

Therefore, this target wasn't hard to find.

The four of them walked around the mountain for a while before finally finding the lake that was smaller than a basketball court.

"Senior Brother, that Black Water Flood Dragon lives here?" Ning Chuan stood by the lake and asked curiously.

"No, to be exact, it is in a cave at the bottom of the lake. Black Water Flood Dragon also come up occasionally to take a breather, which is why they were discovered." Lu Buping explained.

"So we're going into the water?" NingChuan frowned.

"That's right."

Lu Buping nodded and asked again: "Junior Brother Ye, how is your swimming ability?"


Ye Xuan frowned slightly. Although he could swim, he had never tried diving before. However, at this time, he suddenly remembered that there was something called the Water Repelling Pearl within the Devouring System. As long as it was in his mouth, he could move around underwater for an hour.

"No problem." Ye Xuan nodded.

"In that case, the three of us will go into the water to search for the cave. Sister Guan, stay on the shore." After Lu Buping finished speaking, he began to undress.

Guan Lan also silently turned around. Although she hated this kind of behavior, but it couldn't be helped, right?

Ye Xuan could only start taking off his clothes. Although he had the Water Repelling Pearl, he had to put on an act.




The three of them jumped into the lake before diving into the lake.

Ye Xuan had already spent a bit of contribution points on a Water Repelling Pearl, so he put it into his mouth and started diving.

This lake was quite deep, and he had only gone down for about ten meters. The sky was dark, so he had no choice but to use a single hand to slash out his spiritual energy to illuminate his surroundings.

The spiritual energy slashed out more than ten meters away before dissipating.

"Holy shit, my luck is too good. I found the cave in an instant." Ye Xuan sized up the cave and found that the cave had a radius of at least five meters. It should be the Black Water Flood Dragon's cave.

Immediately, he swam back up.

Guan Lan was standing guard by the lake, and when she saw Ye Xuan, she immediately revealed a look of disdain. It had only been a short while, and Ye Xuan had already come up.

Ye Xuan couldn't be bothered to pay attention to her either, as he quietly sat on the shore and waited.

Warrior's physique was much stronger than ordinary people, so after Lu Buping and Ning Chuan went down, they only swam up after two minutes.

"Brother Ye, do you have any on your side?" Lu Buping asked.

"Yes, about fifteen meters from the lake." Ye Xuan nodded, then asked: "Senior Brother Lu, if there is no land in the cave, what should I do?"

"No, that Blackwater Flood Dragon is actually a Single Horned Flood Dragon, and it isn't a deep-sea Flood Dragon. It can't breathe in the water, so it has to come up to change the air, and it has only appeared out of the lake twice, so there has to be a hole in it." Lu Buping explained.

"Oh, that's good." Ye Xuan nodded.

As for how to take the poison into the water, it was relatively easy. He just needed to wrap it in a special waterproof wax paper.

However, would this poison really be useful?

That was a Spiritual Beast!

However, since he had come, Ye Xuan naturally had to go down and take a look. After all, Lu Buping's grandfather had allowed him to come here, so this poison would definitely have an effect.





The four jumped back into the water. However, this time, they were wearing their clothes.

It was too dark underwater, so Lu Buping also used a Night Pearl to lead the way.

The four of them quickly dived down, found the large cave, and swam into it.

"This is just a cave, so don't let that Black Water Flood Dragon come out at the right time to take a stroll. Otherwise, we won't be able to swallow it whole!"

Ye Xuan was also very nervous, but his worries were unnecessary. After swimming for half a minute, they floated to the surface of the water.

Indeed, there was still land underwater. It seemed like the spirit beast was in the depths of Blackwater Mountain.

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