Super Devouring System/C7 Liu'er's accident
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Super Devouring System/C7 Liu'er's accident
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C7 Liu'er's accident

However, there was one good thing about this method. As long as there was a good thing to devour, he would be able to level up without having to fear going berserk too quickly.

Speaking of which, there was another new term for it, Devouring Points.

"Devouring Points, what is Devouring Points?" Ye Xuan asked in surprise in his mind.

The Spirit Gathering Pill he had just consumed was worth one million silver taels and was extremely precious. However, he had only obtained a little bit of points like this, so what was the use of these points?

"Devouring Points can exchange for Martial Arts, bloodlines, divine weapons, treasures, etc."

Without waiting for Ye Xuan to speak, a list appeared in his mind. After carefully looking it over, he realized that the fifth stage Martial Arts only required a little Devouring Points.

"Tiger Roar Fist, Falling Goose Leg, Thunderbolt Sword Technique!"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but mutter. What he was seeing right now were all fifth grade Martial Arts, each of them were all fifth grade Martial Arts that were worth millions of silver.

"System, where did the Devouring Points come from?" Ye Xuan asked.

"When the host consumes some precious things, the host will be able to obtain the Devouring Points."

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's eyes also lit up. Just now, he swallowed a Spirit Gathering Pill that was worth a million silver, and obtained a Devouring Points.

If he were to exchange this bit of Devouring Points for a success rate and teach it to others, making a huge profit and then buy Spirit Gathering Pills to level up, wouldn't he be invincible?

However, in the next moment, he remembered something.

Although a fifth rank cultivation technique was precious, there had to be someone who could afford it. In the Lianyun City, other than the Four Large Families, who could afford to spend several hundred thousand taels of silver in one go?

"Sigh ?"

Ye Xuan shook his head in disappointment. However, at this time, his eyes suddenly lit up again, because other than the cultivation skills that the Devouring Points could exchange for, there were also Dan s, divine weapons and treasures.

Amongst them, there was a program called Bloodline that attracted Ye Xuan's attention.

"A beast king bloodline, a superior bloodline, can make all beasts submit, greatly increasing the toughness of the body!"

Blood Clone Bloodline. Superior Bloodline. It can absorb the fresh blood of others to grow. It can transform into a bat.

"The Night Wolf Bloodline, a top-grade bloodline, will greatly increase the toughness of the body. It will transform into a werewolf and increase its power when bathed in moonlight."

"Deep Sea Flood Dragon's bloodline, top tier bloodline, can greatly enhance the strength of the body, allowing one to transform into a Flood Dragon."

"Golden Titan bloodline, top tier bloodline, can strengthen the physical body greatly and transform into a Titan."

Looking at these bloodlines, Ye Xuan was so shocked that he couldn't think of anything to say. However, above these top-notch bloodlines, there were even more Divine Level bloodlines, such as the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and the Qilin.

In addition, he also saw the blood of the War God, the blood of the Demon King, the blood of the Da Luo Golden Immortal, etc. But when Ye Xuan saw the price of these bloodlines, his eyes went blurry. He could only see a lot of zeros.

He did not dare to look anymore and quickly pressed on to where his primary bloodline was.

"Chasing Wind Leopard bloodline, increase running speed, low level bloodline!"

"Hundred Beast Bloodline, strengthen your body, possess the power of a hundred beasts, low rank bloodline."

"Hundred Blossom Bloodline, increase recovery ability, immune to poisons, low rank Bloodline!"

There were also a lot of low-levelled blood vessels, but Ye Xuan couldn't even afford one, because he only had a little Devouring Points.

"It seems like the Swallow Point is a better item."

Ye Xuan felt that it was a pity, these bloodlines were not bad, if he had this Hundred Beast Bloodline now, one punch from it would probably be able to break through a wall.

The Hundred Blossom Bloodline was also good. It was immune to poisons, so he was not afraid of anyone poisoning him from now on.

Just as Ye Xuan was thinking about how to level up, a figure suddenly pushed open the courtyard door and walked in.

Logically speaking, Liu'er shouldn't have returned so quickly, but it was indeed Liu'er who had returned. However, there was something wrong with Liu'er.

"Young Master!"

After Liu'er entered, she intentionally tightened her clothes and softly called out.

Although Ye Xuan hadn't known Liu'er for very long, he could still make out some clues.

Liu'er seemed to have just cried.

Furthermore, Liu'er's body was still dirty, and there were also some light wounds on her body. It was obvious that she had been beaten up.

Immediately, Ye Xuan strode forward, grabbed Liu'er, and asked: "Liu'er, what's going on, who bullied you?"

"No no, it was Liu'er who accidentally fell when she just entered the door." Liu'er hurriedly shook her head.

"Nonsense, tell me, who hurt you?" Ye Xuan's eyes widened, and immediately pulled open Liu'er's collar, and sure enough, there were some scratches on her shoulders, which seemed to be from a woman's fingernails.

How could he believe Liu'er's nonsense? The latter's body was obviously scratched, it couldn't have been a stone that was scratched, right?

He was also very angry because he saw Liu'er as his younger sister. How could he be calm when his younger sister was bullied?

"Liu'er, tell me!" Ye Xuan's expression was cold.

Liu'er who had just been crying also felt Ye Xuan's angry roar, but when she thought back to what happened just now, her tears immediately flowed out and threw herself into Ye Xuan's embrace.

"Liu'er just went out to find a piece of cloth for Young Master to make for her clothes. Who knew that on the way, they met Chen Mei, she said that Young Master was trash, Liu'er could not hold in her anger, so she said that.

"And then?" Ye Xuan's expression grew colder and colder.

"And then, and then she hit me, and tore my cloth, and threw my clothes on the street," stammered Willow.


Hearing that, Ye Xuan's face sank, and immediately asked: "This Chen Mei has guts, who is she?"

Liu'er wiped her tears, "She is the maid to Chen Family Chen Song."

Chen Song?

had some impression of this person. This Chen Song was two years older than him, and her cultivation was at the middle of the fourth stage of the Martial Dao, so she could be considered a top figure.

"This Chen Song was also present at that time?" Ye Xuan asked again.

Liu'er nodded slightly: "When Chen Mei beat me up, he was having his meal upstairs in Zuixian House. Luckily, the city guards were already passing by, otherwise ?"

"Alright, I understand." Ye Xuan resisted the anger in his heart and gently caressed Liu'er's hair.

There were a total of four top families in Lianyun City. Other than Ye Family and Lin Family, there were also Chen Family and Wu Family.

The strength of the Chen Family was not to be underestimated, but even so, Ye Xuan had to take revenge.

"Young Master, you don't need to go.

Liu'er was a little worried, but before he could finish, Ye Xuan had already caressed her hair and said: "It's fine, Young Master has already recovered my strength, and my cultivation is even deeper now."

"Ah?" "Young Master, your Dantian ?" Liu'er opened his eyes wide in shock.

"Yes, it has already been repaired. Liu'er, stay at home. Young Master will be back soon." Ye Xuan said, and then left.

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