Super Devouring System/C70 Horned Flood Dragon
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Super Devouring System/C70 Horned Flood Dragon
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C70 Horned Flood Dragon

"Shh, keep your voices down."

Lu Buping went ashore first and reminded his in a small voice.

Ye Xuan and the other two went up, but they did not dare to use their spirit energy to dry the water on their clothes, as they were afraid of disturbing the Black Water Flood Dragon inside.

Guan Lan came ashore first, so Ye Xuan followed behind her. Borrowing the light from the Night Pearl, Ye Xuan also saw a beautiful body.

"Nice figure." Ye Xuan muttered in his heart.

However, before he could continue appreciating it, a burst of spirit force surged out from Guan Lan's body, shaking off the water on her clothes.


Hearing this voice, Lu Buping, who was in front of him, also shook violently. He turned his head and said in a soft voice, "Junior Sister Guan, you ?"

Ye Xuan was helpless, even though he risked the danger of alerting the snake, he still had to dry his clothes, this mentality was not good.

Guan Lan did not speak.

"Junior Sister Guan, what are you doing? Why are you putting on airs? If I knew earlier, I would have invited others." Lu Buping was also furious in his heart, what if the horned Flood Dragon inside was disturbed, then things would become troublesome.

However, he did not dare say these words out loud, and could only masturbate in his mind. After all, Guan Lan was the adopted daughter of the Sect Master.

"Everyone be careful, don't cause any more trouble." Lu Buping reminded again, and carefully stuck close to the cave wall as he moved forward.

This cave was very dark, and with the help of a Night Pearl, they could barely move forward.

"Drip! Drip!"

Water dripped from the ceiling of the cave from time to time.

After advancing for about five minutes, they could hear something unusual. It sounded like a volcano erupting.

"That exclusive Flood Dragon is probably in production, hurry up!" Lu Buping revealed a happy expression. If this Flood Dragon was laying an egg, then she might not need to use poison anymore.

After walking for another stretch, they were shocked to discover that there was light in front of them.

"This should be the cliff behind Blackwater Mountain. Perhaps there is another exit." Lu Buping said as he walked to the corner and peeked his head out.

As expected, there was a huge beast coiled in the corner of the cave, it was a Flood Dragon with horns, its body was very long, and it looked to be at least twenty meters long.

Ye Xuan also stole a glance at the Flood Dragon. The first impression this Flood Dragon gave him was that it was terrifying.

Wait, are they going to fight with this thing?

"Ro-Roar Senior Brother, we really want it later!" Ning Chuan was also shocked. This horned Flood Dragon was the largest creature he had ever seen in his life.

"Since they're already here, is there any reason to back out?" Although Lu Buping said that, he was also extremely afraid in his heart. After all, this was a spirit beast.

At this time, Guan Lan, who had been silent all this while, suddenly said: "Look over there."

Everyone followed her gaze and saw that there was an egg that was bigger than a human in the cave.

Flood Dragon egg!

"This Flood Dragon is a spirit beast. If you sell it, it would be worth over a hundred million. If it is successfully nurtured, it might become another spirit beast in the future!"

's eyes revealed a greedy look. To have a pet as a Spirit Beast, how mighty would that be?

Just that, Flood Dragon's lifespan was long, so humans definitely could not compare to it, so most probably no one wanted this Flood Dragon egg, because the time it had to be nurtured was simply too long.

But now, he had to first kill the horned Flood Dragon in front of him.

"Senior Brother, that Flood Dragon seems to be laying an egg, what should we do?" Ning Chuan looked at the Flood Dragon in the corner and said slowly.

At this time, Ye Xuan had already noticed that there was a hole in the Flood Dragon's abdomen, and half of the egg had already been revealed.

"Just in case, let's poison him first." Lu Buping took out the cloth bundle, and then said to Ye Xuan: "Inhaling this poison has an effect, but if it was swallowed by a Flood Dragon, the effect would be even greater. Can you send this over with a bow and arrow?"

"To put the poison in the Flood Dragon's mouth, that is unrealistic. However, I can make it explode in front of the Flood Dragon." Ye Xuan took the cloth and said slowly.

"It's alright, right now the Flood Dragon is laying an egg, adding the poison, its strength will be greatly reduced, I'm afraid it's not even at the tenth of its original strength." Lu Buping nodded.

Ye Xuan took down the Cloud Breaking Bow. He had forgotten to put it away just now, but he didn't expect it to actually be of use now.

He glanced at the horned Flood Dragon laying the eggs, then suddenly threw the cloth bag in his hand over.

The horned Flood Dragon also heard a sound, and when it raised its head, it saw something flying towards it.

No, two!



A Star Burst Arrow accurately hit the cloth bag and blew it up into pieces. The poison powder wrapped inside the cloth bag also scattered in an instant, and the Single Horned Flood Dragon ate it all.

"Haha, it's done! Good archery skill, Brother Ye!" Lu Buping was so happy that he immediately took out his sword.

The Single Horned Flood Dragon ate a mouthful of ashes, and also inhaled a lot of poison powder. Most of it was absorbed by its skin, and in that instant, the One-Horned Flood Dragon let out a howl.

However, it was currently in production, so it could not move. Otherwise, it might rush over to tear Ye Xuan and the other three apart.

"Senior Brother, are we going to go up now?" Ning Chuan turned around and asked.

"No rush, wait for the medicine to take effect first. This time, the heavens are really helping me! It's actually laying an egg!" Lu Buping couldn't hide his joy.

This time, they had already agreed on it long ago. Excluding Ye Xuan's twenty percent, the remaining eighty percent would be divided into fifty percent, Lu Buping fifty percent, Guan Lan thirty percent, and Ning Chuan twenty percent.

Of course, Lu Buping had another plan in his mind, which was to obtain 100% of the loot. Of course, he would have to take a huge risk.

"Ah, Senior Brother, it's working." Ning Chuan suddenly said.

Everyone looked carefully, only to see that the horned Flood Dragon's scales had started to turn red, and its entire body was wiggling, at the same time releasing some strange sounds.

wuaoo *

The horned Flood Dragon's body started to squirm on the ground like a snake, its claws also started to ruthlessly scratch the ground, as though it was in great pain.

"Senior Brother, what kind of poison is this? How can the medicinal effect be so fast?" Ning Chuan asked in disbelief.

From the time the cloth bag exploded till now, not even ten seconds had passed, and the object was a Spirit Beast Flood Dragon, isn't this poison a bit too strong?

Lu Buping smiled from the bottom of his heart, and said: "This is actually not poison, but a type of sacred medicine called 'Lust cannot be shifted'. That bag is enough to let a hundred men continuously use it for a year!"


Ye Xuan and the other two were also shocked, it was actually not a poison, but spring?

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