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C71 Poison?


Hearing this, Ye Xuan and the others turned to look at the horned Flood Dragon again. It seemed like it was rubbing itself on the ground.

, who was still Huang Hua's daughter, immediately blushed. She glared at Lu Buping fiercely.

"Haha, don't worry, as long as we stand far away and attack, nothing will happen." Lu Buping laughed, then directly walked out and said: "It's about time, Junior Brothers and Sister, let's go."


Ning Chuan also took out a long sword.

The horned Flood Dragon was laying eggs, and it had been poisoned, so it was very weak. It probably did not have much fighting power. This was the best time for them to go on stage.

Guan Lan looked at the Flood Dragon and could not bear it anymore, but after hesitating for a few seconds, she too made her move.

wuaoo *

This Flood Dragon could not dodge, and could only endure Ye Xuan and the other three's attacks. However, its hard and solid scales directly blocked the attacks of the four people.

"Not good, I underestimated its Defensive Power and attacked its abdomen!"

Lu Buping was not an idiot, he had long anticipated that their attacks wouldn't have much effect on the Flood Dragon, but this time, even the Heavens were helping them, and this Flood Dragon was coincidentally laying an egg.

Although the scales of a Horned Flood Dragon were hard, there were no scales on its abdomen. Moreover, the egg was only half-way out. If it were to attack its abdomen, it would definitely be heavily injured.



When these attacks landed on the belly of the horned Flood Dragon, there was indeed some effect, but it was not ideal as the damage done was not strong.

This was, after all, a spirit beast. Even though it was very weak at the moment, its physical strength had exceeded that of a stage ten Demon Beast. With such a difference in level, it was difficult for Ye Xuan's group of four to break its defense.

However, these attacks still caused considerable pain to the horned Flood Dragon.

"Damn, your skin is pretty tough, watch me kill your son!" Ning Chuan suddenly ran to the side with no care for his life, then chopped out a slash.

This time, it was not aiming for the horned Flood Dragon, but the unborn Flood Dragon egg.

"This is bad!"

Ye Xuan's face sank, Lu Buping was the same, but their shouts could not stop Ning Chuan.


When the attack landed on the Flood Dragon egg, the shell broke and thick liquid started to flow out, showing what was inside.

"It's over!"

Ye Xuan was overwhelmed with shock, Ning Chuan really had a lot of guts, he actually dared to attack his egg in front of the horned Flood Dragon, wasn't this equivalent to courting death?

Sure enough, the moment the egg shell shattered, the horned Flood Dragon was also startled, and immediately after, it roared towards the sky, its roar reverberating throughout the entire cave, causing the four people to almost go deaf from the vibrations.

The horned Flood Dragon that was squirming suddenly stood up and stretched its claws towards Ning Chuan. However, it was extremely weak and moved very slowly, so it did not manage to catch Ning Chuan.

"Since it has already been beaten, let's attack the place where it laid its eggs."

Lu Buping had long scolded Ning Chuan in his heart. This horned beast was already so weak, and yet he still wanted to provoke it. What if the horned beast went crazy?

Just as he finished speaking, the four of them started attacking the huge egg frantically. Ye Xuan mustered his strength and continued to shoot the most powerful Star Explosion Arrow.



These attacks had already beaten up the unborn dragon egg beyond recognition. At the same time, fresh blood also flowed out from the abdomen of the horned Flood Dragon, making it look extremely miserable.


The horned Flood Dragon roared towards the sky again and extended its claws to attack, but it still could not grab anyone.

However, its current speed was even faster than before.

"Not good, it's starting to recover!" Ye Xuan shouted.


Lu Buping also reacted.

It seemed that they had still underestimated the ability of a Spirit Beast. In less than half a minute, this horned Flood Dragon had already overcome Lu Buping's poison, and if they let it recover, Ye Xuan and the rest would die here.

"You guys attack its stomach, I'll go blind it!"

Ye Xuan bellowed once again, and immediately began to move, the Cloud Breaking Bow was pulled, and a Star Explosion Arrow was shot out.


The Star Explosion Arrow exploded in the eye socket of the horned beast, but the horned beast had already closed its eyes, so it was unharmed.

"Damn, that stupid pig Ning Chuan." Lu Buping cursed in rage, then suddenly took out an exquisite dagger from his bosom and attacked again.

However, his attacks had also become stronger because of the difference in weapons.

"Horned Flood Dragon, die!"

Lu Buping's attacks suddenly became a lot stronger, and every time, it would make the horned Flood Dragon cry out in pain.

"That's ?"

Ye Xuan had also noticed this, but he didn't think too much about it. Taking this opportunity, he instantly shot a few more Star Explosion Arrows.




After the horned beast withstood the last Star Explosion Arrow, its huge body suddenly trembled. Ye Xuan looked closer and saw that blood was flowing out of the eye sockets of the horned beast.

It hit!

"If one of its eyes is blinded, the threat it will pose would be greatly reduced!"

Ye Xuan thought for a while, then took out a Spirit Recovery Pill and continued to attack.

As for Guan Lan and the other two, they were still chasing after the horned Flood Dragon's abdomen. Due to the production of the beast, a hole had already been made there, and after being attacked by them for a while just now, it had become a bloody mess.

"Soul Chaser, die!"

Lu Buping's entire being seemed to have gone insane, as he began to frantically attack. The dagger in his hand caused his attack to increase multiple times.

"Senior Brother Lu actually has a Spirit Treasure?" Ning Chuan also guessed it right away.

At this moment, he finally understood why the Elder Lu was so confident about Lu Buping killing the Spirit Beast.

A spirit artifact could greatly amplify the Warrior's attacks. It was likely that even the tenth level of the Martial Dao did not have one. Now that Lu Buping possessed this Spirit Weapon Dagger, his attack was probably comparable to the Warrior in the ninth stage of the Martial Dao.


Lu Buping was also muddled, he crazily attacked the Single Horned Flood Dragon, because as long as this Flood Dragon died, he would be able to buy a Spirit Treasure for all he got.

There were even two of them!


At this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly let out a cry of alarm, because he had successfully blinded the two eyes of the horned Flood Dragon.

Fortunately, his speed was fast enough to travel along the stone wall for a short period of time. Otherwise, it would have been quite difficult to accomplish.

"Brother Ye, come and help us kill this Flood Dragon!" Lu Buping shouted.

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