Super Devouring System/C72 Inner Core of Spirit Beast
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Super Devouring System/C72 Inner Core of Spirit Beast
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C72 Inner Core of Spirit Beast

As long as the Single Horned Flood Dragon was split into two, then the One-horned Flood Dragon would definitely die. Although it would not die immediately, it would definitely die from excessive blood loss. It was only a matter of time.

Ye Xuan also nodded immediately as he raised his hand to shoot a few Star Explosion Arrows.

Right now, he understood that the dagger in Lu Buping's hand was a precious Spirit Treasure. If he had this Spirit Treasure, he would probably slice this Flood Dragon into two in just a few minutes.

But unfortunately, Lu Buping would never lend out such a precious thing.


The body of the horned Flood Dragon started to recover, and the wrapped spring medicine was about to lose its effectiveness, but with the large area of injuries and the two eyes that had gone blind, it still posed a small threat.

It never thought that at its weakest moment, it would actually kill four humans. However, at this moment, it was doing nothing. Blind as it was, it could not catch even a single human.


The wounds on the belly of the horned Flood Dragon continued to expand. After Lu Buping took out the Spirit Treasure, their injuries were caused to increase by a ton.

"Haha, Spirit Beast Core, Spirit Beast Core, hahahahaha" After Lu Buping took out his Spirit Weapon, his entire person changed. From time to time, he would laugh out loud, making Ye Xuan think that he was crazy.

However, when Lu Buping looked at the wounds of the horned Flood Dragon, the greed in his eyes became more and more. He glanced at the three people around him and suddenly an idea popped out from the depths of his heart.

"Junior brother, don't blame me for being heartless!"

Lu Buping's eyes flashed. He, who was wielding a spirit weapon dagger, suddenly charged towards the closest Ning Chuan. It was shockingly a seventh grade Martial Arts Soul Chasing Slash.

His cultivation realm was already one level higher than Ning Chuan. Now that he had this spiritual equipment, his attack power and speed had absolutely surpassed Ning Chuan's imagination.

Ning Chuan felt that something was not right, and when he turned around, a slash cut across his body.


Ning Chuan opened his eyes wide, revealing a look of disbelief.

The two of them were around the same age, and they had grown up together. Ning Chuan would never have thought that Lu Buping would actually attack him.

Ning Chuan's body split apart and fell on the floor. His body couldn't withstand such a high-intensity slash.


Guan Lan and Ye Xuan who were at the side were also shocked.

By the time Guan Lan had reacted, she had already raised her hand and sent out another Soul Chasing Slash.

"Junior sister, don't blame Senior Brother. As long as I have this pellet, I can directly break through to the ninth or even tenth stage of the Martial Dao and become the number one genius of the Southern Cyanwood Country!"

This was the thought that appeared in Lu Buping's mind before he made his move.

The Soul Chasing Slash that was enhanced by the Spirit Treasure was shockingly fast, in the blink of an eye, it was already in front of Guan Lan.

Guan Lan also gave up resisting. She knew that she could not dodge this attack, she could not avoid it, so she ended up like Ning Chuan, becoming an ice-cold corpse.

However, in this crucial moment, another wave of energy collided with this Soul Chasing Slash.


The two spirit energies clashed, creating a powerful shockwave that sent Guan Lan flying.

Without question, this sudden attack was Ye Xuan's Star Explosion Arrow.

"Damn it!"

Seeing that, Lu Buping secretly cursed, how did he forget about that?

At the same time, he was also extremely shocked, because he had a spirit artifact in his hand with the same offensive power as the ninth stage of the Martial Dao.

However, such an attack was actually defeated by Ye Xuan, how was this possible?

"Senior Brother Lu, you have harmed a fellow Senior Brother disciple." Ye Xuan looked at Lu Buping with a smile that was not a smile. From the very beginning, he had already guessed that such a situation might happen.

Unexpectedly, it really happened.

"A single inner pellet is worth billions of dollars. I can give it to you guys, but don't even think about it. Junior brother, I know you're powerful, but can you block this Spirit Treasure in my hands?" Lu Buping stopped his attack and just stared coldly at Ye Xuan.

"Didn't I just block it?" Ye Xuan smiled slightly.

"Then let's see if you can continue blocking them!" Lu Buping suddenly took out a Dan from his bosom. This was precisely the Explode Spirit Pill that Ye Xuan was incomparably familiar with.

Lu Buping was already at the peak of the seventh stage of the Martial Dao, so it was the realm where the Explode Spirit Pill reaped the greatest benefits. After consuming the Explode Spirit Pill, he would break through to the eighth stage of the Martial Dao.

"Damn, I actually forgot there is such a Dan." Ye Xuan cursed in his heart, but he was not an idiot either.

The Hundred Beast Bloodline, Wind Chasing Leopard bloodline, and the Grade Nine Movement Martial Arts were sufficient to allow him to dodge Lu Buping's attacks.


Ye Xuan dodged to the side and used the Soul Chasing Chasing Chop to shatter his afterimage. It directly entered into the stone wall and left a two meter long mark on the stone wall.

Ye Xuan did not dare to be careless, this Soul Chasing Slash was probably enough to split his body into two halves.

"Hmph, I've still underestimated you, but can you block it?" Lu Buping's eyes flashed with a fierce light, and landed on Guan Lan's body.

Guan Lan had just been saved by Ye Xuan, but the impact had heavily injured her. At this moment, she was the same as the horned Flood Dragon, she was extremely weak.

"This is bad!"

Ye Xuan's face darkened, he anxiously shot out a few Star Explosion Arrows, he had to interrupt Lu Buping's attack, if not Guan Lan would be in danger.

Although Guan Lan had only said one sentence to him, she still lived in the bamboo forest. If she could save him, Ye Xuan wouldn't mind saving him.




The three Star Explosion Arrows only blocked one Soul Chasing Slash from Lu Buping. This was the difference between a high grade common weapon and a spirit weapon.

"Let me see how many times you can block!" Lu Buping's anger soared, he had been beaten up by Ye Xuan twice before, but this time, he had to take revenge!




The sound of the collision of spiritual energy reverberated through the entire cave like thunder, as if it was going to collapse the entire cave.

The cave was filled with flying rocks and sand. Sand and dust filled every corner, as if a sandstorm had swept through.

In just five seconds, Ye Xuan had already shot out more than ten Starburst Arrows, the spirit energy in his body was quickly consumed, and he estimated that he would not be able to hold on for long.

"Not good, I can probably only shoot five more Star Explosion Arrows. If I use up all of the Spiritual Energy in my body, I will definitely die here."

Ye Xuan was also hesitating in his heart because he had the Devouring Points, which was not good for him. If he used it, he would definitely be able to turn the tide.

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