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C73 escape

It was just that it did not seem to be worth it to use so many Devouring Points to deal with such a puny person.

However, this was the only solution for now.

However, just at this moment, Lu Buping's body in front of him started to turn red all of a sudden. His temperature was quickly raised and a small tent emerged from his lower body.


Ye Xuan's eyes lit up, and reacted in an instant. He laughed out loud in his heart: "The heavens are truly on my side, Lu Buping is definitely also infected by that 'Scoundrel can't be shifted', I have the Hundred Blossom Bloodline, this thing is useless to me!"

Lu Buping also came back to his senses, but this thing was used by high level Warrior, he was only at the ninth stage of Martial Dao, he could not hold on much longer, and immediately pounced on Ye Xuan like a hungry wolf.

"Holy shit, you're targeting me?" "F * ck off!"

Ye Xuan was so scared that he almost died, and anxiously used his bow to shoot a Star Explosion Arrow.


The Star Explosion Arrow struck Lu Buping's chest and instantly exploded, sending him flying.

"You're still wearing that armor huh? Hmph, watch me take your spiritual tool."

Ye Xuan strode forward and caught Lu Buping's dagger.

Now, the victor had been decided.

"You killed Ning Chuan, and I have a witness, so if I kill you, Cloud Breaking Sect will definitely not pursue the matter. Lu Buping, you should be a good person in your next life!"

This time, he wanted to blow apart Lu Buping's head.

However, at this moment, he suddenly heard a sound.

"What is that sound?"

Ye Xuan's heart congealed. He felt that something was amiss, but in the next moment, his smile suddenly stopped.

This, was clearly the roar of a single-horned Flood Dragon!

And it was coming from another exit.

"Could it be that there is another horned Flood Dragon? From the start, it was two, not just one? "

After such a thought flashed through his mind, Ye Xuan was completely shocked.

"F * ck, if there are two, then why are we still playing? Run!"

Ye Xuan's face darkened, he quickly turned around and prepared to leave.

But at the next moment, he paused in his steps as well. After pondering for a moment, he decided to bring Guan Lan along.

He quickly rushed to the side of the half-unconscious Guan Lan and picked her up horizontally. Then, he turned around and ran.

"Don't go!"

Lu Buping maintained his consciousness and shouted towards Ye Xuan.

However, Ye Xuan completely ignored him and left immediately.

As for Lu Buping, due to the 'lecherous not moving' effect of his body, his fighting strength was not even at half of his, but he could still hear the roars coming from the other side of the tunnel, which made him crawl in the direction that Ye Xuan had left in, and he even used his hands to crawl, preparing to leave.

But just at that moment, a gale suddenly blew up, sending him flying towards the stone wall. It was actually the breath of the Single Horned Flood Dragon.

Lu Buping wanted to continue running, but he felt a chill down his spine, and immediately after, he saw a big, bloody mouth appear above his head.

"It's over!"

Lu Buping thought in that moment.

Ye Xuan, who was about to leave quickly, also touched his black pathway and ran back. He had already heard the return of another Flood Dragon and immediately used his remaining spirit energy to execute his ninth stage of the Martial Arts, Heavenly Illusion Movement Technique.

Although he was still carrying a burden, the Hundred Beast Bloodline was not a burden. Guan Lan's weight did not affect him at all.

"Oh my god, it seems to be catching up!"

After hearing the voice behind him, Ye Xuan's face also paled, because the voice behind him was quickly approaching.

It was at this moment that he suddenly recalled that he was still holding a spirit artifact in his hand.


After that, Ye Xuan quickly swallowed the dagger.

"Ding! The host has consumed the lower grade Totem Dagger of Cold Light. The reward is 430 Devouring Points s!"

"Ding! Host has broken through to the peak of the eighth stage of Martial Dao!"

Although the inner core was a hopeless cause, it was still a good thing to get a Spirit Treasure Dagger.

"Godly horse? More than four hundred million Spirit Treasures, unable to even advance two levels? "

Ye Xuan was shocked, how difficult was it to level up?

He quickly scolded the 18 generations of ancestors of the System in his mind and tried to feel them carefully.

He was originally at the middle of the eighth stage and was now at the peak of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao.

However, there was a heavyweight monster chasing after him from behind. If they caught up to him, they would definitely be eaten in his stomach.

"Dammit, let's have another bloodline!"

Ye Xuan quickly made a decision, then spent fifty points of his bloodline to exchange for a bloodline called Sharp Bladed Fish.

The Wind Chaser Leopard was one of the most agile primary bloodlines on the land, and the Sharp Bladed Fish was the same as the Wind Chaser Leopard. However, its home was underwater.

After fusing with the bloodline of this Sharp Bladed Fish, Ye Xuan coincidentally ran to the place where they landed.


Ye Xuan carried Guan Lan and fell head first into the water. Soon after, a Sharp Bladed Fish silhouette condensed from spirit energy appeared around him.

"Charge, charge!"

Ye Xuan was so scared that he almost broke down, because he was being chased by a Flood Dragon. Moreover, it was an amphibian with a single horn.

After exchanging for the Sharp Bladed Fish bloodline, Ye Xuan did not need to hide in the water anymore. However, at this time, he realised that when he fell into the water, he did not even make any statements, which caused Guan Lan to not hold his breath.

"I'll go!"

Ye Xuan cursed silently in his heart, then lowered his head and directly kissed Guan Lan's cherry lips, then he passed the Water Repelling Pearl that had always been in his mouth to Guan Lan.

"I'm so pitiful. My first kiss actually ended here. But luckily, the target is a beauty. It wasn't too bad."

Ye Xuan was helpless, but he did not think too much into it.

However, the Guan Lan right now was not completely unconscious, she was still conscious. Ye Xuan's action also frightened her quite a bit. However, after the little pearl appeared at her mouth, she felt that she could actually breathe underwater.

How magical!

The current Ye Xuan did not know what she was thinking, and only knew how to escape.

After fusing with the Sharp Bladed Fish's bloodline, his speed was extremely fast. With a leap, he shot out of the cave like a rocket and arrived at the bottom of Blackwater Lake in the blink of an eye.

As long as I get ashore, I will be safe. I don't believe that you will abandon that injured Flood Dragon.

Ye Xuan kept praying in his heart, hoping that he wouldn't swim halfway before being swallowed into the pit of his stomach.

Fortunately, his speed was quite fast. He had only used less than a second to cover a distance of ten meters.

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