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C74 man of honor


Ye Xuan quickly rushed out of Black Water Lake and rushed towards the forest without looking back. In the third second after he left the water, a colossal creature emerged from the water.

Single horned Flood Dragon!

"He's here!"

Ye Xuan listened to the waterfalls behind him, his nerves stretched to the limit, he increased his speed to his maximum, and quickly rushed into the forest.

Fortunately, this Single Horned Flood Dragon had some intelligence, and did not chase relentlessly. When it saw Ye Xuan diving into the forest, it immediately dove back into the water.

At this time, in a certain corner of the forest, Ye Xuan hid behind a tree and peeked at the tree.

The hell, it was even bigger than the injured Horned Flood Dragon. It could definitely swallow a tank in one bite.


Ye Xuan could not help but swallow his saliva, he also had a lingering fear in his heart, if this Flood Dragon continued to chase after him, he would not be able to escape death.

"You scared me to death, what kind of terrible news did Lu Buping get, there were actually two Flood Dragon, and they almost made me explain it to them here."

Ye Xuan stared at the lake for a while, and then he relaxed. It seemed that the horned Flood Dragon went to find the injured Flood Dragon, and Lu Buping was also probably dead. After all, the Flood Dragon came in from another cave.

Fortunately, this time it was just a shock, nothing dangerous. He had four bloodlines in his body. Otherwise, he might really have ended up here.

Ning Chuan died, and Lu Buping was also swallowed by the Flood Dragon, leaving only Ye Xuan and Guan Lan.

When they left the sect, there must have been many people who had witnessed it. If Lu Buping and the others went missing, then the Cloud Breaking Sect would suspect him.

But with a witness, it wasn't so bad.

"Hey, Guan Lan, are you alright?"

Ye Xuan heaved a sigh of relief, then he squatted down and asked, but in the next moment, his expression suddenly stopped.

He just saw Guan Lan's entire body was burning red, obviously she had been hit by that 'lecherous not moving' thing.

"Damn, I must have gotten involved in the fight with Lu Buping just now. I have the Hundred Blossom Bloodline, so this thing is useless against me!"

Ye Xuan hurriedly searched through the Devouring System to see if there was anything that could solve this' untouchable 'thing.

But at this moment, the heavily injured Guan Lan suddenly let out a groan, and then, her entire body moved towards Ye Xuan, those two wet red lips directly imprinting themselves on Ye Xuan's mouth.


Ye Xuan was still deep in his thoughts when he was suddenly ambushed.

"Oh my god, this girl is still randomly touching." Ye Xuan felt that something was amiss with his crotch, and his heart immediately skipped a beat.

At this moment, he was hesitating. There were two paths ahead of him.

One, go with the flow and deal with this Guan Lan. After finishing her many years of virginity, she could even use the reason that she herself had also been infected with this slut, 'unable to move'.

Second, persevere a bit, and cure.

"Damn, I'm really angry."

Ye Xuan quickly thought about it and made a decision. He was a 'righteous' man at the very least, how could he take advantage of others?

"If the Hundred Blossom Bloodline is able to prevent me from being affected, then my blood might also have an effect."

As he thought of this, Ye Xuan slashed open his own wrist, and then pushed Guan Lan, who had already lost control, away once again.

But just as he pushed her away, Guan Lan pounced again.

"F * ck!"

Ye Xuan cursed angrily in his heart as he pointed his wrist towards his mouth and took a deep breath.

Just as expected, Guan Lan pounced again.

This time, Ye Xuan directly passed through his mouth to pass his own blood to Guan Lan's mouth, and then was swallowed by Guan Lan.

Ye Xuan's body had the Hundred Blossom Blood in it, it could protect him from all kinds of poisons, and after Guan Lan swallowed his blood, it immediately had an effect.

Ye Xuan could clearly feel that Guan Lan's body temperature was decreasing, and starting to recover.

"Fuck you."

Seeing that, Ye Xuan also pushed Guan Lan away, causing the latter to hit a tree behind him and slowly recover her consciousness.

However, Ye Xuan did not expect that after the medicinal power in his body was removed, the first thing he did was to extend his hand and strike towards Ye Xuan's head.

"Scoundrel, go to hell!"

"Holy shit, it's really the poisonous woman's heart. I've saved quite a few of you, yet you want to kill me the moment you wake up?"

Ye Xuan reached out his hand, grabbed Guan Lan's hand, and berated him. "You venomous woman, is this how you treat your savior?"


Guan Lan's face flushed red, she raised her leg and kicked again, but she was heavily injured so even if she was at her peak state, she would not be able to do anything to Ye Xuan at such a close distance.

Thus, she was easily captured by Ye Xuan.

"Pervert, let go of me!" Guan Lan shouted.

"Are you sure you're not mistaken? Or are you not aware at all after being hit by a 'lecherous thing that can't be moved'?" Ye Xuan asked.

"Pervert, let me go!" Being pressed down by Ye Xuan, Guan Lan's aura was a little unstable. She was already severely injured, and now her injuries were even more severe.

Ye Xuan frowned: "Looks like you don't remember it at all. After you were ambushed by that Lu Buping, I helped you block that fatal attack, and then I carried you out, but you were already infected by Lu Buping's' can't move, 'which is why I helped you cure it. If I really wanted to do something to you, I would have done it in accordance to the circumstances, and not to help you cure the poison!"

Hearing Ye Xuan say that, Guan Lan was also startled. Actually, she had some awareness just now, at least before she came out of the water, but the events that happened afterwards were a bit blurry. When she woke up, she discovered that she was in close contact with Ye Xuan.

"Let me go first!"

Guan Lan said again, but her tone was clearly not as tough as before.

"Okay, if you dare make a move against me again, I will throw you back into Black Water Lake and let that Flood Dragon swallow you!" Ye Xuan snorted, and then slowly stood up.

At such a close distance, he had a hundred ways to capture Guan Lan, so he could say that Guan Lan posed no threat at all.

Seeing Ye Xuan take a few steps back, Guan Lan also quickly crawled up from the ground and then tidied up his wet clothes.

Although the current her was fine, Ye Xuan had pressed her down. Their clothes were also wet, allowing her to feel the masculine scent once more, thus her face was still flushed red.

"Why aren't you poisoned?" Guan Lan asked in surprise.

Ye Xuan used his spirit energy to shake off his clothes, then raised his left wrist and said: "I've eaten a type of Treasures, so it's immune to poisons. It's precisely because you drank my blood that you were able to cure me of the poison."


Guan Lan was startled once again, when she suddenly discovered that there was indeed a fishy taste in her mouth.

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