Super Devouring System/C75 Return to the Cloud Breaking Sect!
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Super Devouring System/C75 Return to the Cloud Breaking Sect!
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C75 Return to the Cloud Breaking Sect!

But when Guan Lan thought back to the final scene just now, she couldn't help but wish that she could tear Ye Xuan into ten thousand pieces.

Ye Xuan possessed such a powerful strength, he could definitely suppress her, but Ye Xuan did not, as he was clearly taking advantage of her.

At this time, Ye Xuan suddenly said: "Hey, you seem to want to kill me. You're too heartless, aren't you? I saved you in the end without thanking you at all, if I knew earlier, I would have left you in the cave to die with Lu Buping."

At the mention of Lu Buping, killing intent surged in Guan Lan's eyes.

Lu Buping was the grandson of a Elder, and Guan Lan had also entered the Cloud Breaking Sect since a young age. Although their relationship wasn't really good, they had grown up together.

He never thought that Lu Buping would actually want to kill her, but that was also within reason. Even if it was a pair of blood brothers, they would probably become enemies because of a Demon Beast's Orb.

Guan Lan also sucked in a breath of cold air, and just as she was about to speak, her vital energy and blood suddenly churned, and she couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Although Lu Buping's slash earlier had been scattered by his, the force had still heavily injured her.

"Sigh, you cannot die. After death, others will think that I, Ye Xuan, have killed all of you."

Ye Xuan helplessly exchanged for a bottle of Hundred Flowers Dew and handed it over.

Guan Lan cautiously glanced at Ye Xuan. It was at this time that she suddenly remembered that her things had probably landed in the cave and she hadn't even brought her weapon out.

"Don't worry, it's not something like 'can't be moved.' Otherwise, with your injuries, I'm afraid you won't be able to last past Cloud Breaking Sect and will die soon."

Ye Xuan passed the Hundred Flowers Dew over. He also paid a huge price, because this bottle of Hundred Flowers Dew was worth a little Devouring Points. It was very precious.

However, the current him was a tycoon with five hundred Devouring Points in his body. He would not take such a insignificant amount of Devouring Points to heart.

Guan Lan did not refuse. Although she somewhat hated Ye Xuan, the latter's character was still okay.

After opening the bottle, a sweet fragrance immediately assaulted her nostrils. She opened her cherry lips and drank the bottle of Hundred Flowers Dew in one gulp. The Hundred Flowers Dew then turned into a warm breath that nourished and restored her internal organs.

Guan Lan was greatly shocked, because the effects of the Hundred Flowers Dew had far exceeded her imagination. In merely a few breaths of time, all the pain in her body disappeared without a trace, and her injuries were mostly healed.

"After drinking this, you'll probably recover completely after half a day." Ye Xuan said.

"What is this?" Guan Lan could not help but ask.

Ye Xuan replied: "Hundred Flowers Dew, this is a good item that not even money can buy."

Previously, he went through the entire Refining Pharmacy. The medicine inside was worth at most several hundred thousand taels of silver, and the effect was much less than the Hundred Flowers Dew.

"Where did you get it?" Guan Lan asked again.

Although she had been poisoned by the poison before, after she woke up, she discovered that there was nothing left on Ye Xuan's body.

However, he was suddenly able to take out such a precious bottle of healing medicine. How was this possible?

"Are you bored? If you continue asking, spit it out and return it to me." Ye Xuan rolled his eyes and also came back to his senses.

Guan Lan did not say anything, but silently stood up.

"You owe me several lives now. Once in the cave, once in the cave, once in the world to save you, once in the world to cure your wounds. From now on, remember to give it back to me." Ye Xuan casually said.

The adopted daughter of the Cloud Breaking Sect s held an extraordinary status. If the Cloud Breaking Sect s were to return in the future, they might even be able to give him a huge reward.


Guan Lan did not refute her. In truth, she was also quite resistant to Ye Xuan. Firstly, the first impression Ye Xuan gave her was very bad.

"What do we do now, go straight back to the Cloud Breaking Sect?" Ye Xuan suddenly asked.

"You still want to go down?" Guan Lan was startled.

"Of course not, there's still an even stronger Flood Dragon down there. Do I have to go down there to die?" Ye Xuan rolled his eyes, and said: "Right now, both Lu Buping and Ning Chuan are dead. It's fine Ning Chuan, but Lu Buping is the grandson of the Elder Lu.

"Then what do you want to do?" Guan Lan asked.

Ye Xuan immediately replied, "Of course it's to deceive the heavens and the sea. After we return, we will just say that we will part ways with Lu Buping after destroying the Black Water Stronghold."

Guan Lan thought about it carefully and realised that this method was feasible. After all, she was only invited by Lu Buping.

Furthermore, Lu Buping and Ning Chuan would definitely be devoured by the Flood Dragon, they wouldn't even be able to find their bodies.

Ye Xuan and Guan Lan had reached an agreement, they immediately left Blackwater Mountain and went to find an inn to stay.

The next day, Guan Lan's injuries had also completely recovered. Unexpectedly, she had even gotten lucky from her misfortune, and with the help of her injuries, she broke through the shackles and broke through to the eighth level of the Martial Dao.

Before they returned to the Cloud Breaking Sect, they had also decapitated the head of Cao Hu, the big boss of the Black Water Stronghold. Cao Hu's head was the item for the quest, when they returned, they had to hand it over to the Cloud Breaking Sect.

A few days later, they also returned to the Cloud Breaking Sect.

However, what surprised those disciples was that Ye Xuan went out together with the other four, why were there only two people who came back at the same time?

There was something fishy going on!

There was definitely something fishy going on!

However, Ye Xuan also did not care about the crowd's astonished gazes, and directly went with Guan Lan to the Practical Hall, completing the mission for the Black Water Mountain Camp.

"Eh? Weren't the four of you doing this mission together? Why are there only two of you?" The Deacon in the Practical Hall asked in surprise.

"Senior Brother Lu and Senior Brother Ning went to the Lianyun Eighteen Mountain Range to gain experience. We didn't go, so we came back first." Ye Xuan casually replied, he did not intend to say that Lu Buping and Ning Chuan had already died in the belly of Blackwater Mountain.

"Oh okay, but you took the rank 7 mission, so the reward for this mission is first for you."

The Deacon in the Practical Hall nodded his head. After comparing Cao Hu's head with the portrait, she took out six hundred point tokens.

Ye Xuan kept the six points medallions and returned to the bamboo forest with Guan Lan.

"Take it. It's only the two of us for now. Fifty cents." When someone asks, don't slip up. "

After returning to the bamboo forest, Ye Xuan threw three tokens over, and reminded him at the same time.

But, after Guan Lan received it, she threw the order badge back.

"What are you doing? Do you think you can just use these 300 points to repay those three favors?" Take it. "

Ye Xuan threw the order badge back, then directly returned to his own courtyard.

Guan Lan took the three tokens and looked deeply at Ye Xuan's back before he returned to his own hut.

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