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C76 Elder Lu

This trip to Blackwater Mountain could be considered as a thrilling but not dangerous trip, and the harvest from it was not small either.

The first was Guan Lan. She had gotten lucky from her misfortune and broke through to the eighth level of the Martial Dao.

The one who reaped the most rewards was naturally Ye Xuan. He swallowed a low grade spirit artifact, and directly broke through to the peak of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao, as well as obtaining more than four hundred Devouring Points.

At this time, his Devouring Points still had five hundred left.

"Oh, what a black-hearted man. Even the cheapest intermediate level bloodline costs 1000 points. This is 500 million silver taels, 5 million gold taels ah."

Inside the house, Ye Xuan's heart was bleeding. The cheapest Intermediate Bloodline was in fact the second bloodline of the Wind Chaser Leopard, which was worth a thousand Devouring Points.

It looked like he wouldn't be able to exchange it in a short period of time.

However, all in all, he was quite satisfied because he was still a bit away from breaking through again. After all, what he had devoured was a Spirit Treasure.

"I wonder if master is back yet. Go and give him a surprise. Maybe he'll be happy and give me a hundred million." Ye Xuan secretly laughed in his heart.

The head disciple of the Cloud Breaking Sect, Zhong Yang, broke through to the middle of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao at the age of eighteen, while Ye Xuan, who was only fifteen, was already at the peak of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao.

If this were to spread out, it would definitely give Cloud Breaking Sect face!

Ye Xuan left his room, and then he walked towards Zhou Cang's courtyard. Before he even reached the door, an aged voice came from inside.

"Come in."

Ye Xuan was shocked. He was truly worthy of being the most powerful Strongman in the Cloud Breaking Sect, to be able to hear such words. He walked in and saw Zhou Cang sitting in the courtyard drinking tea.

"Ye Xuan, I heard that you went out to do an experiential learning mission with Lu Buping and the others. How was it?"

Zhou Cang looked at Ye Xuan and said slowly.

"It was successfully completed. At the same time, disciple stumbled upon an unknown Dan and it has now broken through to the peak of the eighth stage of Martial Dao!"

Ye Xuan cupped his fists and said respectfully.


Before he finished speaking, Zhou Cang instantly stood up and exclaimed: "Peak of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao?"

"Yes, I have broken through." Ye Xuan nodded, and then released the deliberately suppressed spirit energy.

Zhou Cang felt it. Indeed, he was at the peak of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao.

"Genius! What a genius! In just a few short days, you actually reached the peak of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao. Your aptitude has already far surpassed Zhong Yang's! The heavens are truly helping me!" Zhou Cang was extremely agitated.

"The heavens are helping me?!" It's a bit inappropriate to use words like that. " Ye Xuan was a little astonished in his heart, but when he thought about how he was Zhou Cang's disciple, he did not give it much thought.

"Haha, the current you is the head disciple of my Cloud Breaking Sect, and in another half a month, you will be competing with my Cloud Breaking Sect. At that time, you will definitely be able to vent my Cloud Breaking Sect's anger, and if you can win, Master will give you 30,000 points."

Seeing that he had blurted it out, Zhou Cang immediately shifted Ye Xuan's attention. The help he had said just now, was not referring to this matter.

30,000 points!

Ye Xuan's eyes lit up, this was not a small matter. At this time, he suddenly thought of another question, and asked: "Master, the number one genius in the inner sect, Senior Brother Zhongyang, has yet to return.

"That's true. I wonder when Zhong Yang will return from his training." Zhou Cang nodded anxiously, but he added on in his heart: Zhong Yang is already not coming back!

Regarding the position of number one in the inner sect, Ye Xuan did not care about it at all. He only needed to let everyone know that he was the strongest person among all the Cloud Breaking Sect disciples.

"Oh right, Master, what will the two Sects be competing in?" Ye Xuan asked curiously, because he suddenly remembered that the Young City Lord of the Thousand Gold City, Zhang Xiang, had said before that he would take revenge in the competition between the two sects.

Zhou Cang explained: "The competition between the two sects is something my Cloud Breaking Sect and my Sky Breaking Sect will select to compete with each other every two years. At the same time, we will also have some bets. As long as we win, we can obtain the bets of another sect.

"Bet?" Hearing that, Ye Xuan's eyes lit up again, what he lacked the most now was money.

"The Sky Breaking Sect is much stronger than my Cloud Breaking Sect. They also have many talents on their side, and it is said that one of them is already at the peak of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao at the age of eighteen. I wonder if he has recently broken through to the ninth stage of the Martial Dao." Zhou Cang slowly said.

"The peak of the eighth stage of the Martial Dao. Tsk, in my eyes, it should only take three rounds to defeat it." Ye Xuan felt disdain in his heart. Right now, his strength was strong, so he thought that he would not be able to fight anyone of the same level.

"Ye Xuan, don't embarrass me in the competition between the two sects this time." Zhou Cang looked at Ye Xuan with satisfaction, his eyes flashing with a strange light.

"It's Master!" Ye Xuan solemnly nodded his head, and then said: "Master, your disciple is almost about to break through, are you?"

"Haha, I understand what you mean, but you just made a breakthrough so you should go consolidate your cultivation." Haha, I understand what you mean, but you just broke through, so you should go consolidate your cultivation. Zhou Cang stroked his beard and laughed.

"Damn, it seems like I won't make it in time." Ye Xuan was extremely puzzled. He was hesitating on whether or not he should tell Zhou Cang the secret. If that was the case, Zhou Cang would definitely give his all to help and then pressure Sky Breaking Sect once more.

But Ye Xuan thought about it and decided to forget about it. He had only met this Zhou Cang twice, even though the latter was his master.

"Master, your disciple will take his leave first." Ye Xuan cupped his fists and walked out.

After he left, Zhou Cang looked at the entrance of the courtyard and muttered: "I never thought that this brat's talent was higher than Zhong Yang's. Tsk tsk, Zhong Yang, don't blame me for being ruthless, if you want to blame, blame Ye Xuan. It was his appearance that made you worthless. "

After he finished speaking, he started laughing as well.

Logically speaking, Zhou Cang should be Ye Xuan's master, if Ye Xuan were to tell him the secret, it shouldn't be a big deal.

However, Ye Xuan felt that it was better to forget about it. Every time he stood in front of Zhou Cang, he would feel a sense of fear.

After leaving Zhou Cang's house, Ye Xuan prepared to leave the bamboo forest to take a look.

However, at this moment, a figure slowly walked towards him.

"Eh, is it a Elder?" Ye Xuan was a little surprised, and went forward to welcome him.

Just as he was about to speak, this Elder said: "You are Ye Xuan?"

"Really, can I ask what's the matter with Elder?" Ye Xuan cupped his fists respectfully.

"This old man's road pool, I heard that Lu Buping went to do an experiential learning mission with you a few days ago, but why is it that only you and Guan Lan have returned today?" He had some understanding of Ye Xuan, after all, he had heard that Ye Xuan had beaten him up.

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