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C9 lose all face

"Your maid wants to strip Liu'er naked. Today, I will strip you naked and throw you on the street!"

Just as Ye Xuan had finished speaking, he grabbed onto Chen Song's leg with one hand and dragged Chen Song to the side of the window in front of Ye Kai's eyes.

"Ye Xuan, don't act recklessly. Do you want our Ye Family to fight with you?" Ye Kai also anxiously shouted out.

If Ye Xuan really threw the naked Chen Song onto the street, then Ye Family and Chen Family would get into a dispute. After all, this was related to their reputation.

If such a thing really happened, how would Chen Song be able to establish himself in the Lianyun City in the future?

The latter had just been beaten up a few times by Ye Xuan, and was also in a daze, so he didn't have the slightest ability to resist. At this moment, he could only threaten Chen Song: "Don't do anything stupid, if you dare throw me down, my father will definitely kill you, definitely!"

Chen Song also had some status in the Chen Family, his father was the younger brother of the Chen Family's Patriarch, and his strength was at the sixth level of the Martial Dao.

However, Ye Xuan was still not afraid!

At this moment, he had already lifted Chen Song's upper body out of the window. As long as he loosened his grip, Chen Song would fall down. The latter's body was also trembling nonstop. He could no longer be bothered to cover up his embarrassment as he tightly grabbed onto Ye Xuan's arm with one hand.

On the main street, there were many people walking around. Some people had also noticed the commotion on the second floor of Zuixian House and immediately gathered together.

"Look, look! Someone's been suggested in his birthday suit!"

"Two young men. Eh, why do I feel like I've seen that naked young man before?"

"Isn't that Chen Song from Chen Family? He often comes to Zuixian House to eat."

"What, Chen Song? Who was it that had the guts to take off all his clothes and hang him outside the window? "

The streets were already boiling, there were at least a hundred people who stopped to watch, and now, regardless of whether Chen Song dropped it or not, he was already famous.

"Don't let go, don't let go, it's still too late to pull me back." Chen Song also glanced down below him. He wasn't afraid of falling, after all, he was still a Warrior at the fourth stage of the Martial Dao. If he were to fall from four to five meters away, he would at most be slightly injured.

What he was afraid of was humiliation.

"Hehe, it's too late!" Ye Xuan suddenly revealed a smile, then retracted his left hand, pulling Chen Song back.

Chen Song was overjoyed, but in the next moment, he opened his eyes wide, because Ye Xuan's big foot had accurately kicked his chest.


Chen Song's jaw dropped. He thought Ye Xuan was trying to pull him back, but didn't expect that he would be kicked out.

"Ye Xuan, you're dead for sure!" Chen Song was kicked flying, and even while he was in the air, he did not forget to shout loudly.


Not long after he fell, Chen Song's smooth body fiercely smashed onto the ground. The huge impact caused him to be unable to resist spitting out a mouthful of blood.

However, what was a physical injury compared to a mental one?

The current Chen Song, just so happened to smash into the ground in front of the crowd.

After falling, his consciousness had become blurry. In addition to the injuries on his body, he no longer had the ability to cover his vital points. Thus, he was clearly seen by the people around him.


A few girls were also observing from the sidelines. When they saw Chen Song's body that was as white as a woman's, they also let out a sharp scream.

This time, Chen Song's name would spread throughout the entire Lianyun City, but it shouldn't be as famous as Ye Xuan's. After all, just now, when he fell down, he shouted out Ye Xuan's name.

"It's over, it's all over, Ye Family and Chen Family are really going to war, Ye Xuan had stripped Chen Song naked and threw him down, the two families are definitely going to fight this time."

"What the hell is going on? Isn't it said that Ye Xuan did some heaven angering thing that caused his dantian to shatter for no reason and then become a cripple?"

"That is obviously fake, how can a cripple lift Chen Song up and kick him down?"

"That's not right, I heard that this Chen Song is in the middle of the fourth stage of the Martial Dao and he was only in the early stage of the fourth stage when he was at his peak stage.

"Impossible, this Chen Song is one of the Four Great Heroes of the Chen Family, how could he be a paper tiger made from Dan?"

As the onlookers discussed in hushed tones, another voice of participation sounded out from the sky above. Soon, another person descended from the skies.

However, this time, it was a fully clothed person.


This person smashed onto the side of Chen Song who was in a daze.

"Yi, isn't this Ye Family's Ye Kai?"

"Good heavens! What's going on with Ye Xuan? Not only did he beat up the Chen Family's Chen Song, he even beat up his own Ye Kai!"

"Weird, didn't Ye Family and Chen Family not interfere with each other? How come this Ye Kai was mixed in with Chen Song?"

The surrounding people could no longer understand, they could only surround them.

However, things weren't over yet. After Chen Song and his fall, another person rushed out from the second floor of Zuixian House. However, this person didn't fall flat on the ground, but instead landed on both his feet.

This person was precisely Ye Xuan, who had thrown Chen Song and Ye Kai down the stairs.

"Humph, if you do something wrong, you will commit suicide!" Ye Xuan snorted, then turned and left without looking back.

Someone in the surroundings recognized him and exclaimed, "It really is Ye Xuan!"

After leaving the Zuixian House, Ye Xuan also went straight home. He knew that this time, things would get out of control, he knew what the result would be, but he had never regretted it.

Liu'er was not only his maid, but also his sister. How could he bear to have his sister bullied?

However, this time he had gained some benefits, Chen Song was the person whom the Chen Family focused on cultivating and he had a lot of good stuff on him. After Chen Song and Ye Kai had been kicked downstairs just now, Ye Xuan casually took away Chen Song and his things, two swords and three bottles of Dan.

Immediately, Ye Xuan found a small alley and carefully sized up the two treasured swords.

"Not bad, not bad. These two swords seem to be low-grade mortal weapons. I wonder how much my spiritual energy will increase after devouring them."

Ye Xuan thought about it, then swallowed Ye Kai's treasured sword along with his sword sheath.

This treasure sword was also a good item, it was at least worth a hundred thousand silvers, which increased Ye Xuan's spirit energy by a lot.

"I never thought that I would be able to swallow a sword in one try. It's not right for me to not perform tricks."

Ye Xuan shook his head helplessly. He suddenly had an idea. From today onwards, he could perhaps devour other people's weapons while they were fighting.

"Don't provoke me, or else I'll devour your divine sword!"

This was an overbearing line that Ye Xuan had thought of for himself!

After swallowing the sword, Ye Xuan's attention shifted onto the three bottles of Dan s. These three bottles of Dan s were extremely valuable, around two hundred thousand silver.

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