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Spring's dusk always came in a hurry, so Mu Rousang thought about going to the market tomorrow, so she gave her more cornmeal. She planned to bring her out to eat on the road tomorrow. "Rou Sang, come out quickly. Let's see what we brought you!" dicotyls's cheerful voice sounded again, "Brother, Brother dicotyls, Brother Lefty Dog, why did you go all day?" When Mu Rousang came out from the kitchen, she saw a few people carrying large bundles of green bamboo.

Mu Jinzhi threw the bamboo into the courtyard and called for the other two guys, "Those that want to drink water, scoop up the water yourself. My sister must be bored at home, it's all my fault, I had to chop some green bamboo for my dicotyls and dog leftovers. "Why did you give me the steamed buns in the morning? What did you eat yourself?" Mu Jinzhi resented that she did not give him all his food. "Bro, I'm afraid I don't have anything to eat at home. Besides, I have some cornmeal at home."

Mu Jinzhi unhappily rolled his eyes at her, "So, I saw a lot of steamed buns, so I gave some to dicotyls and the dog leftovers." He then took out a small piece of lotus leaf packet s' items and gave it to her, "This is dicotyls's pork mince that is brought by the dicotyls at noon. We have picked out the meat pieces inside to keep for you." Mu Rousang took it and opened it. There were only two pieces of lean meat and a few pieces of pig lungs, she did not believe that they had eaten, "Brother, you all didn't eat it, right?"

Mu Jinzhi stroked her head, "My family's Rou Sang needs to be nourished so that she can grow taller!" It turned out that yesterday, when Qin Taohua came over, she discovered that Mu Rousang was even shorter than an ordinary girl by a head. She had brought meat with him today, so she had wanted to use her own rations to exchange with dicotyls. In the end, she discovered that Mu Rousang had left all of the steamed buns at home for him. His own sister was only five years old, while the other people's girl was acting like a spoiled child in her mother's arms, but his sister was actually staying at home to take care of housework.

Mu Rousang smiled and held his arm, "Brother, don't be sad, I have a secret to tell brother tonight." "Not now, the dicotyls and the dog remains are still in her kitchen." Hibiscus, your family's water is so sweet! " Leftover Dog and dicotyls came out of the kitchen. Mu Jinzhi chuckled, "It must be because you guys are so thirsty that you think the water in my house is so sweet." The two felt that his words made a lot of sense. "Jin'zhi, let's divide the items." The oldest of the dog remains, he went up to the basket and poured out the mushrooms, the black fungus. She split the items evenly into three parts. Apparently, everyone was quite skilled at this kind of work.

"Jin Zhi, I'll trade my Black Wood Ear for some straw mushrooms. My aunt's family is coming over to help tomorrow, my mother said she wants to kill a chicken." Leftover pulled out a pile of black fungus and looked at him again, "Do you have enough? Why don't you take these mushrooms and wooden ear back first. It'll be the same with me next time you pick them." Mu Rousang was satisfied with his explanation. His family didn't even have any friends with the leftovers of dogs, and his mother and father were even complaining that Mu Rousang was poor!

Leftover Dog knew about Mu Jinzhi's family's situation and shook his head, "No, I will use Black Wood Ear to exchange for this part of the mushroom." Seeing that he agreed, Lefty pulled over half of the mushrooms and said, "My aunt doesn't like black fungus. She only likes to eat mushrooms, hehe!" After splitting the food, the two of them went back. dicotyls even said to Mu Rousang before she left, "If you want to eat meat, remember to look for brother!"

Mu Rousang swallowed her saliva, and happily waved the lotus leaf packet in his hand: "Brother, let's take the Black Wood Ear, grass and mushrooms, cook some meat soup, I just happened to send some corn noodles to prepare to steam the steamed buns." Mu Jinzhi opened her mouth and sighed. His sister had not eaten a full meal since her mother became ill. Just save up and give her more to eat.

Brother and sister finished their meal. After everything was done, Mu Jinzhi prepared to take Mu Rousang to bed. When they were walking past the living room, Mu Rousang grabbed onto his sleeves and said, "Brother, I haven't told you the secret yet!" Only now did Mu Jinzhi remember that Mu Rousang had told him before that there was some secret behind it.

Mu Rousang did not explain either, taking advantage of the afterglow of the setting sun to pull him to the back of the house. "Brother, look quickly, I found this in a depression today." She lifted the cover of the bamboo basket, Mu Jinzhi looked at the basket of vegetables and was stunned, she rubbed her eyes and confirmed that he was not seeing things. He asked Mu Rousang sullenly, "Where did you get this from, did you steal this from the village?" Her family was poor, but he didn't want Mu Rousang to steal other people's things. The old saying goes, "when you steal needles when you're young, you steal tendons when you're older." This meant that when you grow up, you would become a delinquent who liked to touch things in other people's homes.

Mu Rousang saw that he was unhappy, "Aiya, brother ~ ~ ~ Your sister, you still have no prospects? Why don't you believe me! I really pulled it out of a depression at the foot of the mountain. " Mu Jinzhi still couldn't believe it, "In the depression, why didn't I see it?" Mu Rousang carelessly pointed, and didn't care which direction it was, "Today, I was carrying a bamboo basket with me. Originally, I wanted to go to the place I discovered earlier to find some wild vegetables and in the end, I met such a bunch of vegetables. "Bro ~ ~ I've seen it before, it really wasn't planted by someone else."

Mu Jinzhi thought that his sister had always been timid and would never try to steal other people's things. If she lost something in the village, it would cause a huge commotion. Next time, you can't go to the foot of the mountain by yourself. He thought that maybe it was because of the big snake that no one went over to pick vegetables, allowing Mu Rousang to get lucky.

Mu Rousang stuck out her tongue. Fortunately, Mu Jinzhi did not continue asking, or else she would definitely be exposed. " Brother, help me move this basket into the living room. You see, I've spent a lot of effort today to move this basket back. My arm is hurting now. " Mu Rousang deliberately swung her two thin arms as she asked Mu Jinzhi for comfort.

Mu Jinzhi carried his, the basket of vegetables was heavy, he did not know how his sister managed to get it back. Nonsense, how could it not sink? Mu Rousang had directly moved himself out of the space.

After placing the vegetable basket in the living room, Mu Jinzhi thought for a moment, "Little sister, tomorrow, big brother will go to town and sell this dish to you. I'll buy some meat buns for you." Mu Rousang didn't want to do it, she had wanted to go to the town to roam around since a long time ago. He wanted to see if he could casually pick up a top quality thug or a devilish husband like what was written in the novels of Transmigration. Wasn't that how it was in novels? If one didn't go out to meet a noble, then they would just pick up some good stuff.

Mu Rousang immediately ran over to hug Mu Jinzhi, blinking her starry eyes, "Bro "Mu Rousang rubbed her hands together with Mu Jinzhi.

He looked at his sister with a headache. It was not as if he was only two or three feet away from the village. He decided to explain things to Mu Rousang clearly, "Little sister, the town is more than ten miles away from our home. I guess we need to leave before Yin hour, then we can rush to the restaurant Chinese toon is staying in in in the morning. Have you never been that far away? " Mu Rousang wasn't really only five years old, "Big bro, don't worry, I'll definitely be able to walk there tomorrow." Mu Jinzhi carried a fifty kilogram basket on her back. "Brother, I see that there are a lot of dishes in the basket, can you carry that much? How about we sell less tomorrow and go back the day after tomorrow? "

Mu Jinzhi did not know that Mu Rousang had spare time, she could even keep the food fresh, "If it's the day after tomorrow, these vegetables will be worthless, tomorrow, we will head out early, walk slower, we will definitely reach there. I'm pretty strong. " Mu Rousang thought for a while, "Brother, let's bring some water and rations to eat on the road!"

Previously, when Mu Rousang saw that the small pond was also emitting hot steam, she thought that it was also hot. But who would have known that it was an ice spring, and only after she supported a wooden basin closer, did she realize that the overflowing water had turned into a hot spring.

The two siblings started to busy themselves again. Mu Rousang took the opportunity of him entering the kitchen to look for something. She remembered that it was good for her body. After tasting it, she felt that it was even sweeter than the river. A refreshing fragrance wafted around her tongue. After packing their things, the two of them went to bed. After a long while, Mu Rousang heard Mu Jinzhi tossing and turning, "Brother, if you don't go to sleep now, the sky will turn bright. We still have to get up early to travel!" It was probably because Mu Jinzhi thought that there was a pen in his family account, and was so happy that he couldn't fall asleep. His thoughts were good, but he never thought about Mu Rousang's ability to buy anything.

On the second day, at Yin He, which was equivalent to the current four o'clock in the morning, Mu Jinzhi woke her up. "Little sister, wake up, we overslept, we have to hurry on our journey." Mu Rousang, who was dreaming of countless meat buns flying, tried her best to grab onto one of them. Hehe, I finally got it, wuu, why was this meat bun not moving at all, "Ah, Mu Rousang, you want to bite me to death?" Mu Jinzhi, this pitiful child, had been bitten so hard by his sister. If he knew that his sister only treated his hands as meat buns, wouldn't that mean that meat was flowing all over her face?

Mu Jinzhi brought Mu Rousang on a morning journey, since they were already halfway there. In between, the two of them had even rested once, making him feel surprised that her own sister hadn't said a word. He was so tired that she could barely stand up straight, yet Mu Rousang had been following him closely, holding a large bamboo tube.

Mu Rousang was ecstatic, it turned out that the hot spring was very good for your health. The more she walked, the more comfortable she felt. It was not at all like what Mu Jinzhi was worried about. "Brother, let's rest a bit longer and have a drink of water. I'm starting to get a little sour from walking so far away." Mu Jinzhi herself also wanted to rest, so she took the bamboo tube and fed some water to Mu Rousang, and drank some, but after a while, she felt her entire body heating up, and she felt an inexhaustible strength.

"Sister, can you walk? How about I carry you. " This was also the first time Mu Rousang drank this cold spring water. She never thought that the effect would be so good. Hearing Mu Jinzhi's suggestion, she was speechless. Isn't this kind of thing scary? An eight-year-old brat with a fifty kilogram heavy bamboo basket and even a few dozen kilograms heavy doll, no matter how you looked at it, she was fierce.

He quickly waved his hand, "Bro, I'll still walk by myself. Carrying the bamboo basket on your back is just too much work." She didn't want to be watched like a cat. Hearing her words, Mu Jinzhi felt a wave of gratitude in his heart. His little sister was indeed sensible, and he pitied her for being so understanding at such a young age. If her parents were together, she wouldn't need to wake up early in the morning and have to walk a dozen miles to get to town.

"Little sister, I'll buy some meat buns for you after we sell the dishes in town." As Mu Jinzhi thought this, she kept repeating that he wanted to eat meat buns. This time, he must buy one for her to eat. What Mu Rousang was thinking was, this time, she would definitely bring Mu Jinzhi to eat meat buns until he was full. Just like that, the two of them walked and stopped, finally stepping onto Chenshi's tail and arrived in front of the restaurant.

The restaurant had only just opened, and Mu Jinzhi stood in front of it, looking a little afraid. Little sister, let's go to Chinese toon first and have him bring us to the boss. " Mu Rousang originally wanted to object, but after thinking about it, since she and Mu Jinzhi were young, it would be more reliable to have someone as a middleman, so she nodded. She ran to a waiter who was unloading doors, "Little brother, do you know my Chinese toon brother? He said that she was running around the hall, and that I came with my brother to see him today. " That waiter was also a child from a poor family in the town. Seeing Mu Rousang's appearance, she knew that the people in the house were sad.

"Little sister, wait a moment, I'll go call him." He's busy on the second floor. " That waiter had been ordered to go look for someone by her little brother. She turned and waved towards Mu Jinzhi, "Brother, when the Chinese toon comes down, let's not be in front of people's doors. Go in, the shopkeeper will definitely come later!" The vegetables in the space were growing well. Even after putting them all night, there was not much left.

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