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"Mu Jinzhi will only make one set for her, don't you want it?" Brother, let's go to the fabric shop first! " In the future, there will be more chances to interact with the Manager Wu, so how can I not add on some things? " Brother, let's do two more sets! "

Mu Jinzhi felt that Mu Rousang did not understand the difficulties of not having money, "Little sister, I'll just make one for you. Big brother, I can still wear the clothes on my body, look, this is something father wore in the past, I won't have a problem wearing it for a few more years." Mu Jinzhi ripped off the oversized clothes on his body. The clothes that his mother had made in the past had long since become tattered.

"Big brother, how can we do that? In the future, we will talk about business with the Manager Wu." Big brother, how can we not talk about business with the Manager Wu. Mu Rousang did not think that, that she should not spend money after earning it. Her left and right glyph had always been: Only women who know how to spend money can make more money! Little Sister, let's go take a look first before we talk! " The two of them didn't even know how much the cloth cost, but they were thinking about making some clothes.

Mu Jinzhi brought Mu Rousang and asked the passerby, who said that they had separated from the adults, and agreed to meet at the entrance of the cloth shop. Mu Rousang secretly gave a thumbs up. It seemed like, her cheap brother was not a pedantic person.

After the two of them left the market, they discovered that the commercial street was right next to them. This town was big and bustling with noise and excitement.

The two of them walked forward and saw a cloth shop. Mu Jinzhi pulled Mu Rousang and was about to enter. She shook his head. "Brother, don't worry! Let's look again! " Senior's love of shopping was high, and he loved to shop around, whether it be quality or price. Mu Rousang had his own theory of experience.

Mu Jinzhi lowered his head and asked her, "Little sister, didn't you want to buy fabric to make clothes? Why can't you go through the door? " She pointed at the door and explained, "Brother, look. Anyone that enters the sect will be wearing a flowery robe. Then, look at our clothing." Mu Jinzhi looked down and laughed bitterly, "Sister is right, this kind of shop is not for us poor people to enter."

"Mu Rousang's original intention was to teach him how to observe, not to beat him down and make him feel inferior." Brother, you're wrong. I mean, all the people who enter this store are dressed in fine clothing, and the customers' purchasing ability can tell the price of this store. Oh, that is to say, from their clothes, you can tell that the things in this shop are too expensive. And the fabric we need is impossible to buy in this shop. "

Mu Jinzhi listened and nodded, "What little sister said makes sense, could it be that mother told you before?" This is bad, Mu Rousang became excited and spoke a little too proudly, "Yes, mother said that when she came to the town to sell her embroidery." Almighty and cheap mother, you can drag anything out with you.

This time, Mu Jinzhi took note, "Little sister, look, there's one in front. Those who went in were all ordinary citizens, so this house should be pretty good. " Mu Rousang still shook his head, pulling him to continue walking, "Little sister, why didn't you go in this house?" Mu Rousang turned around and pointed to the entrance of the shop, there was an endless flow of people, "Brother, this shop's business is too good, it does not need to do our business." With so many people, the business in this shop must be very good. If so, he wouldn't give them the chance to bargain.

Mu Rousang dragged him and continued to walk for a good half a day. At the end of the street, Mu Rousang saw a cloth seller in an alley with her sharp eyes. She pointed to the cover of the "money book shop". "Brother, this is it."

Mu Jinzhi scratched the back of his head and asked in confusion, "Little sister, why did you choose this one?"

She pointed to the door of the shop. "Because it's deserted," she said. Let's go in and take a look! " Without waiting for his permission, she pulled Mu Jinzhi into the shop.

As the two of them entered the shop, an old shopkeeper was napping before the counter. Mu Rousang jumped up, "Manager!" Thump, she fell. Okay, she'll do the frog jump again. After a few moments, the old shopkeeper opened his eyes in a daze and wiped away his saliva. "Kid, you called me?" He asked Mu Jinzhi.

The corner of Mu Jinzhi's mouth raised slightly. Mu Rousang was extremely angry, "Uncle storekeeper, I was the one who shouted, I was the one who shouted!" "She jumped up again. The counter was too high, and the shopkeeper had not seen her before." Little miss, what's the matter! " Since he had nothing better to do, the shopkeeper started to play with Mu Rousang.

Mu Rousang asked crisply, "Innkeeper, we want to buy two sets of coarse clothes, do you have one here?" There was a row of cloth on the counter, and a lot of dust had fallen on the last few pieces. The business of this shop is so desolate. It seems like it is really expensive. Mu Rousang smiled as she closed her eyes.

The shopkeeper sized her and Mu Jinzhi up. Although her clothes were tattered, they were still neatly tidied up. Little girl, where's your family's adult? Buying cloth or calling you adults over! " Mu Rousang only had his second brother in the family, no relatives.

Her small eyes darted around, "Shopkeeper, my parents are both selling vegetables there. Now that we're busy with farming, my parents do not have the time to come over." He specially told us that his location is in this house here, and that the shopkeeper is very kind. "

Mu Jinzhi took a step forward, "Shopkeeper, my parents have sent us here to buy a few sets of clothes for my sister and I. Even though he said that, if the clothes were expensive, he didn't plan to buy them, he would only buy one for Mu Rousang.

"As soon as the shopkeeper heard this, he realized that it must have been a regular customer who had sent his children away because he was too busy to do anything." "Fine, you want a coarse cloth, right? Here, the color is more beautiful and you need 15 coins for one foot. The color is less pleasing and 14 coins for one foot." When Mu Jinzhi was young, his father taught him how to settle debts in the first place. Manager, how much cloth do we kids need for our clothes? " The shopkeeper looked at her and said to him, "Two and a half feet is enough for you. One foot six and seven is enough for this little girl!"

Mu Rousang looked at the cloth, it was already worn to the point where she felt goosebumps at the edges, this cloth was most likely not this year's new cloth. "Manager, these cloths, my mother and I came here last year because of these flowery colors!" Mu Jinzhi was normally dumbstruck, when had his sister come to visit last year? He was smart, too, and didn't interrupt her. The head storekeeper wiped the sweat off his forehead. This little girl's eyes were too vicious; he clearly remembered this little matter.

"That, that's right, little girl, look, they are all regular customers. I'll give you guys a discount!"

Mu Rousang squinted at the shopkeeper, "Uncle, I will thank you first, look how much this cloth costs." She pointed at the blue silk of one Fire Crow and the blue silk of another. She had chosen these two dark coloured clothes for Mu Jinzhi. The storekeeper looked at her and said, "Alright, other people would sell it for fourteen gold coins for a foot. How about I sell it to you for a foot!"

"Manager, these are all last year's pieces!" Mu Rousang pointed it out without restraint. The shopkeeper was embarrassed, "Little girl, I am already very cheap!"

"The shopkeeper asked for two and a half centimeters each for the two colors from before. He also asked for the light cloud and light blue color for one and a half centimeters each. "We'll pay twelve dollars a foot." The shopkeeper was a little hesitant, but Mu Rousang tried to add fuel to the fire, "Shopkeeper, look, I asked for a total of five feet for the old and old ones, and only three feet for the old and four feet for the old. The shopkeeper took out his abacus and said, "Little girl, I'll sell it to you at this price. However, you can't tell others about it." It was almost noon, and it was rare for there to be a business opening up. Although it was a bit thin, at least he had sold quite a few cloths.

Mu Jinzhi did not even have the chance to interject before he had already made his decision, "Innkeeper, how many copper coins does it cost?!" The storekeeper calculated the price, "Little girl, I will take out all the coins and charged you 104 copper coins in total!" Mu Jinzhi stepped forward and took out a copper coin. He only had a total of 150 copper coins in his pocket. After paying, Mu Rousang pulled Mu Rousang out of the shop.

Mu Jinzhi was a little unhappy, "Little sister, why didn't you discuss it with big brother? Mu Jinzhi's heart ached, and he went to eat his food for a few days.

Mu Rousang hurriedly tried to curry favor with him, "Brother, these clothes are something that I must buy. We will have to deal with the shopkeeper in the future, we can't wear such shabby clothes!" didn't think that she was wrong to rely on the good saddle person Zhechang.

"But, little sister, then we only need to pull out a set of cloth. Why are we buying so much?" Mu Jinzhi was truly a good brother, even when he was unhappy he could not bear to scold her. Brother, in ten days, the dishes in our backyard will be sold. I'm going to buy some needlework and chicken this time. At that time, big brother will have the money to go to school. " Mu Rousang had already planned for this.

"Little sister, you still want to raise chickens, but we don't have any rations!" Mu Jinzhi was a little moved when he heard this. He also wanted to live a better life, and he already felt pressured to the point that he couldn't breathe at such a young age.

"Big brother, it's spring now. If we wait a bit longer, the corn seed will grow taller as well. Brother, keep the chickens in the corn then, and let them find their own worms to eat. After school every day, you can pull some wild vegetables along the way and feed them with weeds. "Besides, we've also planted quite a few wild vegetables at the back of our house. It should be enough for them to eat." Mu Rousang's idea was good, but the two of them never thought that chickens could be raised that easily. Of course, Mu Rousang had space, she was not afraid of pestilence.

Mu Jinzhi felt that what she said was reasonable, but he still had to teach her a lesson, "Little sister, it's not that big brother isn't against you buying things, it's just that our family's situation is really bad, big brother wants little sister's future to be better." Especially in winter, he was no longer willing to leave Mu Rousang to go out and beg for food. He was afraid that his sister would leave, leaving him alone in this world, looking pitifully and lonely.

Mu Rousang looked at the items in the basket, "Brother, let's go buy some embroidery threads and rags!" Mu Rousang pulled him towards the street, "Brother?" Mu Jinzhi stood there and did not move, "Little sister, mother did those embroidery activities ?"

"Brother!" Mu Rousang was truly moved, "Don't worry, I won't. Moreover, I'm still young, and my body is so good. "I promise that when our days are over, I will definitely do less embroidery work." She had never wanted to develop this trade in the long run. To her, it was just a hobby, a pretense to walk the path of becoming rich.

Mu Jinzhi seemed to have hardened his heart, "Little sister, if we're poor, then let's be poor. At most, big brother won't study anymore and will go to the mountain to gather firewood for sale!"

"Brother, you really don't have to worry. You clearly know that if you go to school for a few years, you will have much better prospects than fighting firewood on the mountain for a few years, won't you!?" Even in the future, you must be able to read! " Mu Rousang's words were not unreasonable, the amount of work that could be learnt was enough to cover a whole field, and the ancients even had problems with food and clothes, so there were very few people who could read.

"Brother, think about it. If you were to return from the Elementary Scholar examination, would your uncle's family still dare to coax me to a terrible old man like last time?" Mu Rousang had hit her weak spot.

"Little sister, it's big brother. Not good, big brother is useless. Wait until we get better, you can no longer embroider. Later, we'll buy more chickens. In the future, big brother will gather more wild vegetables to feed them." Mu Jinzhi felt that rather than getting bullied by his uncle's family, he might as well grind his teeth and make Mu Rousang suffer a little. At the very least, when she was older, he would be able to protect her.

"But, little girl, I don't think you need that purse!" Although Mu Rousang's family was poor, Mu Jinzhi was still a good brother. She could do laundry and cook every day, even if her clothes were a little tattered, it was still very clean.

"Where are the threads!" She then pointed to the different kinds of silk, "Different texture and different price, different silk is the most expensive, and the flowers that are embroidered are the most fine, the hemp thread and the cotton thread are also different in price, and of course, the coarse thread and the thin thread are also different in price." "When the Lady Boss heard her ask about this, she knew that someone in her house must have been working at it." "Little girl, does anyone in your family know how to work embroidery?"

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