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The rice shop's boss laughed, "Little girl, I am not underestimating you. You said that you are dressed like this, who would believe that you are here to buy food." Mu Rousang looked at her own clothes that were patched up so that the original color could not be seen, no wonder others would peek at him through the crack of the door. It was also because the boss he met earlier didn't bother with her that she didn't feel it.

"Boss, can you give me a real price? I want three catties of corn noodles and some vegetable seeds, soy sauce, salt and the like." Mu Rousang was not angry, but He Feng's words about the reason why he came here, and she did not plan to get into much contact with a person who would watch over them from the crack of the door.

Three catties of fine corn noodle was equivalent to thirty gold coins. This little girl, she really can't be short on money. We only earned half a gold coin per catty. "You can look at it again. If you need anything else, I'll give you the final price!" When the boss saw that she was sincere in her purchase, his tone also became more relaxed as he told her with a smile.

"How much is a catty?" No wonder Mu Jinzhi was so tired. It was obvious that he lacked salt!

"Little girl, this salt is also valuable. It's not easy to get, you have to buy the salt ticket in the imperial court to order this, so the price of this thing must not be low."

Mu Rousang rolled her eyes, this owner was a steel rooster, "Boss, I want one kilogram of salt, one kilogram of white flour, one kilogram of corn flour, and also ten cents of soy sauce! It's a total of 110 gold coins, I don't need you to give me too little money, how about this, you have to give me some of your rice seeds and wheat seeds, let me use my hands to grab each of them. Also, give me some of the other vegetable seeds, how about that! " Compared to the things that she had spent money on, Mu Rousang was more concerned with the seeds. With the seeds, he would have an endless stream of white buns and rice to eat.

Thinking that it would be difficult to sell those vegetable seeds, he nodded his head and agreed, "Alright, go ahead and catch them yourself. I'll find you a lotus leaf and you can do it yourself, but first I'll say this, only the rice and wheat seeds are one handful, and the other seeds are only a handful. If I think that there's too much, I'll have to pick some of them up."

Mu Rousang nodded vigorously, this was the effect she wanted. Mu Jinzhi followed the boss to measure the flour and salt. Mu Rousang's smile was very sinister. She didn't say that she doesn't need spatial equipment, of course the more the merrier.

She reached her hands into the wheat seed bag. This guy was really shameless, he grabbed a few of them and moved them into the warehouse, then pretended to tear off a small piece of lotus leaf, put a handful inside, then went back to the rice seeds and did the same thing. Then, there were all kinds of seeds.

On one side, Mu Rousang was happily pretending to be a seed, on the other side, the boss was also beaming at him. The two of them felt that they had earned and that they had not lost, only the two of them knew who had earned and who had lost.

After calculating the money and reporting the number, Mu Jinzhi went over to Mu Rousang's side and quietly asked, "Little sister, big brother doesn't have enough money on me!" "AHH!" Mu Rousang patted the back of her head. She was so focused on grabbing the seeds that she completely forgot that there was still half of her money left here, pretending to take it out from her bosom. She took out a bunch of money from her space and handed it over to Mu Jinzhi and said softly, "Brother, here's a hundred coins. Hearing Mu Rousang's words, Mu Jinzhi finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Mu Rousang grabbed the lotus leaf packet and walked over to the boss, "Boss, take a look, I only have these!" That's right, she only caught these, but there was still a portion of it left in the space, so the boss couldn't see it was none of her business. The shop owner opened them and confirmed they were only ordinary seeds. Then, he wrapped them up for her and kindly gave her a lotus leaf. "Here you go, use this big one to wrap them together."

Mu Rousang thanked them and the two wrapped up the flour, salt and seeds before placing them in the basket, placing them on top of the cloth. Mu Jinzhi carried the basket and hung the bamboo tube that was filled with soy sauce on the side of the basket, then pulled Mu Rousang away. Little sister, what else do you want to buy? " And just as Mu Rousang said that she would not use those two hundred coins, that was to say, the thirty coins in his pocket could no longer be saved.

Mu Rousang pointed in the direction that they came from, "Bro, let's go to the market to see if there are any chicks willing to sell there. These days, there was only light tuna oil, yet no one knew how to use peanuts to extract the oil. That, seemed too extravagant. Sigh, I think it's better to keep a low profile first!

Mu Jinzhi smiled sinisterly. This was exactly the effect he wanted, since he had money in her pockets, of course she would not want to take the "Route 11 Bus". He obviously did not want to spend a few dollars on this generation of "stragglers" ? oxcart, how awesome!

Mu Jinzhi didn't notice her miscalculation at all. He lifted the basket on his back and asked with some difficulty, "Little sister, are you tired? If you can't walk anymore, tell your brother, I'll carry you! " Mu Rousang nodded and glanced at the basket on his back. The big basket was placed on his skinny back.

Arriving at the market, Mu Jinzhi asked Mu Rousang if she knew how to choose chicken. Mu Rousang was stunned, this kind of technique was something she had never done before, let alone in her life. If she bought it and couldn't live it up, wouldn't she die from the pain of spending all her money? "Brother, I don't know, do you?"

Mu Jinzhi lowered his head and thought for a moment, "Little sister, why don't we wait until next time, or ask Qin Er for help at that time?"

Looking for the Qin Er, this was a good idea! Mu Rousang nodded his head, "Brother, then we will ask Qin Er for help!"

The sun was already setting in the west, and the two of them had been tormenting themselves for quite a few hours today. They were exhausted, so they decided to hurry back home after thinking about buying things.

The two of them came to the meat table, "Sister, how much fat should we buy to boil the oil?" Mu Rousang pointed to the fat meat and said, "Brother, it's already noon, the fat meat is not too fresh, buy less!" Mu Jinzhi led him to a butcher, "Uncle, how much are you selling this fat for?"

A big and tall uncle with a full beard was rolling up his sleeves, smoking a stick with a dry smoke in his mouth. He then puffed twice and said to Mu Jinzhi, "Big fat meat, twenty gold coins for one catty, fine meat for fifteen gold coins one catty." With that, he continued to smoke his cigarette. Mu Rousang went around the meat table and arrived in front of the butcher, "Uncle, it's already noon, in a few hours it will be dark. At this time, almost everyone needs to buy food, you can consider it cheaper for us!"

Mu Rousang was not wrong, in this era, there were no working families or things like that. Everyone came early in the morning to buy vegetables, and by the afternoon, many people had already closed their stalls. The butcher touched his beard, "Little girl, aren't you afraid of Uncle?"

Mu Rousang was actually afraid of this meat seller, so she answered honestly, "I'm scared, uncle is exactly like what my mother said. The legendary Thunder Lord, my mother said that Thunder Lord looks like a furious King Kong. Mu Rousang shamelessly used this move again.

"Hehe! Little girl, based on your attitude, Uncle will give you less money. I will sell it to you for seventeen gold coins per catty. How much do you want?"

"Uncle, you're a good person. I want one catty!" If the Embroidery's Lady Boss was here, he would be scared to the point of peeing when she heard him.

"Alright, uncle will weigh a jin of it for you." He cut open a big piece, and when he touched the pole, it didn't go any deeper, exactly one jin. Mu Rousang and Mu Jinzhi were stunned, this was too much.

The butcher proudly said, "Uncle, after several decades of chopping meat, this knife skill has long been mastered."

So that's how it is, Mu Rousang said to him, "Uncle, I still want half a kilogram of lean meat, can I give you seven coins?"

The butcher was very straightforward, "Sure, I'll cut half a catty for you!" The old man sliced another huge piece of meat. Mu Rousang was puzzled, could it be that the current size was different, but he had forgotten that in the ancient times, one jin was equivalent to 16 taels of silver, so half a catty was equivalent to 8 taels.

In her mind, she knew that her family was really poor. She was meticulous with her calculations and used two parts of every penny, but she had completely forgotten that she was holding a golden rice bowl and crying her heart out.

"Uncle, you're a good person. I haven't smelled meat in a long time!" She didn't say anything, but her small eyes kept looking at the bones on the chopping board ?

"Hey, little girl, you want this bone!" The old man picked up two large bones and put them on the meat. "These bones don't have any meat. Does your family have a dog?" Mu Rousang was speechless, modern people really cared about this bone, it was more expensive than meat. Thank you, Uncle! "

"There's no need to be polite, I've already fed the bones to my dogs every day. Not only is there no meat to eat, there's no other use in kowtowing other than feeding them to the dogs!"

Seeing that he gave bones to her, she endured it. It was so nice to use bones to make soup, in order to grow taller, she and Mu Jinzhi had to drink more bone soup to replenish the calcium!

Mu Jinzhi asked him, "How much does uncle have in total?"

"Big fat meat is seventeen, lean meat is seven, a total of twenty-four pieces!"

Mu Jinzhi took out a worn out cloth bag from his bosom and carefully took out twenty-four pieces of gold and handed it over to Tu Hu.

Uncle Tu Hu took two large pieces of dried lotus leaves and wrapped them around the meat and bones carefully. Then, he took some straw rope and tied them together. Mu Rousang paid more attention and asked for two more lotus leaves. He placed one under the ground and then placed the lotus leaf packet's meat and bones on top of it. He added a lotus leaf on top and then covered the bamboo basket with the lid.

It was impossible to tell what it was filled with. "Thank you for the bone. I will come here often to buy things in the future!" It was not that Mu Rousang did not want to go to the dicotyls to buy meat, but he was truly afraid that people would see it and talk about it.

Right now, the walls of the house were collapsing and the house was leaking. If someone had evil intentions, she and Mu Jinzhi would really have no choice.

With a few kilograms of meat and bones added to the basket, Mu Jinzhi squatted down and carried the basket on his back, causing the heavy basket to bend under the pressure.

Mu Rousang reached out and grabbed onto the corner of his clothes, and the two of them slowly walked towards the town's entrance. Brother, let's go back in the oxcart! I can't walk anymore! "

Mu Rousang felt even more heartache as she looked at carrying the bamboo basket on his back. Actually, he was only a few years old, the early death of his parents had forced him to mature quickly.

"Little sister, can you hold on?!" After spending quite a bit of money today, he felt a bit of heartache. "Brother, don't be reluctant to part with these two pieces of money. Let's go back earlier. It's already late, it's no different from the morning."

Mu Rousang spoke in a low voice, Mu Jinzhi understood clearly. In the morning, there were only a few vegetables, but now, the things in his basket were worth a few hundred gold coins. Then, let's take a taxi back! " With regards to Mu Jinzhi being able to differentiate the seriousness of the matter, Mu Rousang was still very happy. At the very least, Mu Jinzhi was someone who understood flexibility and flexibility.

At this time, Mu Jinzhi was like a big brother, taking the lead and leading Mu Rousang around to ask for directions to the other cars, all the way until the last car, which had the least people, and only then was they able to get to their village.

Sitting on the ox-cart, Mu Rousang looked at the city gate that was getting further and further away from her with unspeakable bitterness. If the Mao family did not manage to get a door, then it would be picked up by a handsome brother or even a loyal helper. How could someone like him not like her? Heavens! Thunder rumbled in the sky once more.

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