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Mu Rousang's small neck shrank. She didn't dare to complain anymore, and didn't dare to scold the heavens. The people on the ox-cart said that it was about to rain, and there were not many people on it. In order to not attract attention, Mu Jinzhi intentionally brought Mu Rousang to sit in a corner with her head lowered, not saying a word.

Not far away from Mu Rousang was a shoehorn face. There was a big black mole on the corner of her mouth, hanging there like a fly. This person was a Mrs Liu from the same village as Mu Rousang, and was only three courtyards away from Qin Er's home. She looked up and down at Mu Rousang's Brother and sister with her little dazed eyes, her big rough hands slapped her thighs, "Yo, why does this old lady seem so familiar! After fighting for a long time, it turns out to be the Mu siblings! "

Mu Rousang did not recognize her, and raised his head to look at Mu Jinzhi: "Little sister, this is Grandma Liu!" She turned her head and smiled at Mrs Liu, "Greetings, Grandma Liu!" She didn't care what the other party was up to, she smiled sweetly at him.

The Mrs Liu tightly tore her coat, "Yo, where did your Brother and sister come from? Didn't she say that you are so poor that you can't even eat? Why would they even have money on them! "

Mu Jinzhi wanted to explain, but Mu Rousang reached out to stop him, and narrowed his almond eyes, "Grandma Liu, where did you come from! It seems like you just returned from a family trip! "

Mrs Liu's face was full of pride, "That's right, my daughter just had a big fat brat, I'll go and see her! "Hey, where did you two siblings come back from? Brother Jin, I saw that your bamboo basket's cover was so solid, it couldn't have been filled with good stuff, right!?"

As a boy, Mu Jinzhi could not reveal himself regarding this sort of thing. If word were to spread out in the future, he would argue with the old ladies, and the other Elementary Scholars and raising child would look down on him and ruin his future prospects. Mu Rousang was not some soft persimmon, it was only because Mrs Liu was not home for a few days and did not know what happened in the village that he dared to act like this.

She raised her voice and said to the Mrs Liu, "Grandma Liu, I respect your seniority by calling you Grandmother. Do you really think that the things in my house are something your family can look through as you please? Are you looking at how my brother and I are so easily bullied?"

Sure enough, the people on the carriage laughed loudly, there were people who were not afraid of the Mrs Liu, "Yo, Mrs Liu, don't you think you can look at your things as you wish? How about we also go to your house to rummage through it tonight!" She felt disgust when he saw her bullying the young.

Mrs Liu's face turned red and then green, "Hmph, I just think that these two little fellows are very strange, I suspect that they have come from a bad place." The frustrated Mrs Liu didn't know what to say, and the carriage instantly quieted down. If Mu Rousang's item really came from an unorthodox place, at least they would drive him out of the village, and at most they would immerse him in a pig cage.

Mu Rousang did not know about this, but she was so angry that her eyes were red as she pointed at her, "Alright, Mrs Liu, you spout nonsense! It's none of your business whether or not my stuff is coming from somewhere. "

Mrs Liu spat at Mu Rousang and Mu Jinzhi, and used her hands to wipe her mouth, "Hmph, your family has four walls and a roof that opens the sky, you are famous for being poor, hmph, I already said that the things inside the bamboo basket came from the wrong place. Otherwise, if you open it for everyone to see, are you afraid of hiding anything that you see? "

Mu Rousang was furious, "Hmph, you said that my things came from a wrong place, which eye did you see that? Words have no proof, even if you go to the yamen, you still need proof. Just based on your lies, the black and white are reversed and you want to give people dirty water." Mu Rousang glanced at the bamboo basket in her hands, which was covered with a red cloth. It must be something good that she had to take out to cover it.

She pointed at the bamboo basket and said, "Yo, according to what you said, the things in the basket that we're carrying all come from some wrong place. Only after we've all taken out the things in the basket to dry for you, Lady Liu to see can we feel at ease!" The people in the carriage were all here for the gathering, which family didn't have any good stuff or money? Mu Rousang merely avoided the topic and pointed the finger at her.

She wouldn't foolishly rush up to make a ruckus like that, pulling everyone in the car over to be her ally. Someone was already dissatisfied, "Good God, Mrs Liu, so you are jealous of someone else's family's stuff. Don't tell me that someone should always be poor, can't they carry a basket and pack up their stuff and go out?"

Another lady spoke up, "Isn't that so? Oh, Mrs Liu, let me see what delicious things you have in that heavy basket of yours!"

Yes, I heard that your daughter has a fat kid, you went to wash the dishes, you must have gotten a lot of red eggs, Mrs Liu is wrong, shouldn't the red eggs from washing the dishes be shared among the neighbors, are you still hiding so that you aren't afraid ? Just pretend I didn't say anything! "

Under the encirclement of a group of women with blades and sticks, Mrs Liu shrunk her neck and glared at Mu Rousang hatefully. Hmph, she's not afraid at all, hurry up and come at me if you dare! She gave it her all to gain a reputation. At least the house was peaceful.

The oxcart moved slowly along the country road. It was getting later and later. When darkness came, the moon was shining in the sky. The women on the oxcart were tired too, leaving only the sound of the coachman driving the oxcart. A quarter of an hour later, the ox-cart stopped at the entrance of the village. Mu Rousang got off the ox-cart, and looked back, although it was just an earthen carriage, it took a lot of time and effort. Mu Rousang's life goal had extended from a manor with a good wall to a village that had houses and carriages.

Mu Jinzhi originally wanted to get off the car and leave immediately, but Mu Rousang pulled him back and waited for Mrs Liu to walk in front of him slowly. In any case, she would not need to worry about food and clothing in the future and would not have to worry about anything else.

No matter how much Mrs Liu wanted to stay close to Mu Rousang, she had no choice. She could only move slowly and slowly in front of Mu Rousang, so no matter how fast she moved, Mu Rousang would walk faster and slower. Watching as Mrs Liu entered the courtyard, she pulled Mu Jinzhi and hid behind a pile of grass, "Big Brother, let's take out the thing we need to give Qin Er and put it on top of the pile!"

Although Qin Er treated them very well, Mu Rousang still didn't want her to see everything. Qin Chunshu wasn't present at the time of the transaction, he only knew that she had sold some vegetables to the boss. Mu Jinzhi did not ask her, and removed the bamboo basket according to her instructions.

Mu Rousang took out the four buns she wanted to give Qin Er, the three kilograms of cornmeal, and the cloths used to make the clothes. She placed the meat at the bottom of the basket, put the flour on top of the meat, and then covered the lotus leaves with the cloth and placed the rag on top. Only then did she place the things she wanted to give Qin Er at the top. After doing all this, she clapped her hands, "Alright, brother, let's go!"

Mu Jinzhi carried the bamboo basket on his back, "Un! It's getting late. Little Sister, let's go back quickly! " As soon as it was dark, the village became pitch black, and could only be seen by the faint moonlight as they walked through the village. Soon, they arrived at Qin Er's house. When they knocked on the courtyard door, Qin Taohua came to open it.

"Yi, Big Brother Jin!" The Little Peach Blossom only had eyes for Mu Jinzhi, the little brother. Mu Rousang coughed at the side, and Little Peach Blossom turned to look at him, "Hey, Little Sister Rou Sang, why are you here too?"

Mu Rousang rolled her eyes, seeing the question, only her brother could come, it would be weird if she came! " Peach Blossom, I came here with my brother! " It's just that Qin Taohua did not see her, "Oh, I didn't see that just now, Little Sister Rou Sang, don't be angry, that's right, have you eaten yet, my mother is currently cooking, do you want to eat together, Brother Jin!"

Mu Rousang's mouth twitched. Towards Qin Taohua, who only had her brother in her eyes, she was speechless. Mu Jinzhi shook her head, "I just came back from town with my sister and I, and I haven't eaten yet!" Qin Taohua pulled him in and called out to Mu Rousang, "Come over quickly, Mother. Come over quickly, Big Brother Jin and Little Sister Rou Sang are here!"

Qin Er's loud voice came out from the kitchen, "Qin Taohua told you to light a fire, where did you run off to now?" Mu Rousang looked at the peach blossoms, this would be another small Qin Er in the future.

"Second Aunt, we're here. Peach Blossom has come to open the door!" Mu Rousang's soft and sticky voice came out from the courtyard. "Sister Rou Sang, you're here!" Mu Rousang is so weird, it's not like the whole family doesn't want to enter, her good brother is standing right beside her!

Mu Jinzhi greeted him, "Tie Shu!" It was only then that Qin Tieshu noticed Mu Jinzhi standing at the side, "Ah, Hibiscus! When did you come here? "

Qin Taohua replied happily, "Just now, I went to open the door. Mother, Big Brother Jin and Little Sister Rou Sang have come!"

Qin Er came out of the kitchen, "Yo, why did you guys only come when it's dark!" The two siblings called out to Qin Er, causing Mu Jinzhi to open his mouth, "Second Aunt, we just returned from town!" Qin Er was surprised, "What? When did you two kids go to town? How far is it? Qin Er carried Mu Rousang and turned, instructing Qin Tieshu, "Second Aunt, we are not tired, we came back in an oxcart!" Mu Jinzhi immediately explained.

Qin Er was even more surprised. A few days ago, her eldest son had specially asked her to take care of these two siblings, how could she have the money to ride an ox cart now? Qin Er was worried that Mu Jinzhi would be bad at learning it.

Mu Jinzhi immediately waved his hand, "Second Aunt, it's not what you think, I picked a bunch of vegetables from the mountain with my sister and bought some money. I bought a few steamed buns for peach blossoms and iron trees, and also the corn flour that I borrowed a few days ago, I bought them back!"

When Qin Er heard him, he knew that the two siblings were lucky, "Child, why are you spending money randomly? Leave the steamed buns for you and Rou Sang to eat, even if you want to pay me back the flour, I won't be polite!" Her family didn't have any extra money to store food, so these few catties of noodles were enough for her to eat for a few days. He extended his hand out and took the thing that Mu Jinzhi handed to him.

Mu Rousang hugged her neck and said, "Second Aunt, don't worry, these white buns are for siderocarpus and Peach Blossom to eat. My mother had said before that only by eating this can you grow taller." The Qin Er patted her head, "Good child, how about this, you four children, each of you split a bit!" Mu Rousang shook her head, "Second Aunt, this is for you. Second Uncle, siderocarpus, each of you take one peach blossom, you don't have to worry, my mother taught me to embroider flowers in the past, and I can buy them to make money in the future."

Qin Er thought about how Mu Rousang's mother had done it well, "Alright, but if you guys are going to earn money, then you have to save some money, understand?" Mu Jinzhi took out a few pieces of cloth from the bamboo basket s, and said a little embarrassedly, "Second Aunt, my sister and I grew up really fast. In the past, my mother's clothes were either torn or too small, can I ask Second Aunt to make us a few sets of clothes for us?"

Qin Er took the cloth, "Alright, no problem, in a few more days, the spring farming will be finished. I have time to help you guys sew it." Mu Rousang obediently said, "Thank you, Second Aunt! At that time, I will come over to see how Second Aunt cuts clothes, and my mother will still have enough time to teach me how to weave flowers, I haven't ? "

After Mu Rousang finished speaking, she lowered his head, she really doesn't know how to sew clothes! Foolish child, Second Aunt will teach you, but have you thought about the place to get these clothes? "

The two siblings looked at her, not understanding her words. "Let's not talk about your uncle's family, Second Aunt. Just think of a good reason!" Mu Rousang could not understand, she had spent the money she earned on herself, and was obstructing her family's way of doing things.

Mu Jinzhi asked her in confusion, "Second Aunt, why do you say that? What should I do with my sister? After my parents died, not only did my Eldest Uncle and his family not take care of my sister and me, she even pawned all the books my father left behind. If it wasn't for the matter of my mother's grave, I would have already fought it out with him. "

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