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Mu Rousang was looking at the birds flying in the sky when a very discordant voice sounded out. Maybe it was because of years of work, but her skin was very yellow and rough, and she wore a set of white, starched clothes. The torn parts of his clothes were patched up, making him look much better than Mu Rousang's unusual clothes.

The man walked closer with a twist, two words appearing in her mind. She quickly called out sweetly: "Eldest Aunt!" It was's personality in the modern world to not like to provoke trouble. Therefore, she took the initiative to call out to him. In her heart, this was only a title, and did not mean anything.

"Yo, there is always a day when the boring pot opens up! "Tsk tsk!" The woman came over and sat down in the doorway as casually as she did.

"Stupid girl, where's your brother?"

She knocked on the melon seeds and asked Mu Rousang. Just now, the ground that she had gone through great difficulty to sweep clean was continuously tossed around by this so-called Eldest Aunt as if he wanted to beat her up.

He lowered his head to look at her pair of thin hands that he had gone through great difficulty to wash off. He was truly powerless as he feebly replied, "My brother went to the mountain!"

Mu Rousang continued to look at the sky and ignored this annoying woman. This Eldest Aunt was Mu Rousang's uncle's wife, Mulberry.

"Did you go to pick some wild vegetables? Ask your brother to send two over to my house." This spring is very dry, and the vegetables in the fields have not grown up yet.

The Mulberry was extremely familiar with each other, so Mu Rousang couldn't be bothered to care about her, and continued to support her lower body while looking up to the sky. When she saw her sitting on the wooden block like a silly goose, she shouted angrily: "Hey, stupid girl, go get Eldest Aunt some water. If you eat too many melon seeds and you're thirsty, next time, you have to tell Old Sun at the east-side grocery store in the village, don't be so stingy.

There were no adults in the house, so Mu Rousang didn't want to talk to her about loving children. She went in and poured a bowl of water for her. Mulberry finished half of the bowl in one breath and burped in satisfaction. She placed the bowl on the ground, patted her hands that were dirty from knocking on the melon seeds, and touched her runny nose. Mu Rousang thought darkly. She would never tell her that she had smeared the melon seeds on her face.

Mulberry brushed off the melon seeds on his body before shouting out, "Damned girl, ever since your parents died, your uncle and I have been relieving you of the pain. This is good news, there is a family on the side of my mother's side that wants to take in a child bride, and that's the village's rich family. I think you should go over there and have a good meal while you're warm. Your brother can also have a good life, and then we can have a good talk and have his family pay for your brother's studies! "

Mu Rousang was furious, you dare to have thoughts on this Big Sis, this Big Sis will let you know why the flowers are so red! However, since her brother was not home, she was just a five year old carrot. She could not compete with this Mulberry in terms of strength, so she rolled her intelligent eyes, and asked with a smile: "Eldest Aunt is so nice, why not let my elder cousin go!"

Mu Rousang purposely pretended to be innocent, the Mulberry did not expect her to ask that question. After hesitating for a long time, she did not manage to come up with a good reason, so she could only flippant and said: "Um, about this, Eldest Aunt seems like it wasn't easy for you, Brother and sister, to pass your days here, so ? Eldest Aunt truly loves you guys, right, truly dotes from the bottom of her heart! "

Mu Rousang rolled her eyes and thought carefully. She purposely said, "It sounds pretty good, thank you Eldest Aunt for your concern. When my brother comes back, I will plan things out with him. Didn't the Eldest Aunt already instruct my brother to send some wild vegetables over tonight to honor the Eldest Aunt? "

The way she looked at him was as if she had seen the look in his eyes. Mu Rousang was even more sure in her heart that the Mulberry did not have good intentions, hmph, even daring to take advantage of her, her guts are really fat, she must teach her a lesson today.

Mulberry felt that he had coaxed Mu Rousang too much. As a little kid, he would believe in something that sounded nice: "It's a promise then. When your big brother comes back, you should try to persuade him. It just so happens that my family is lacking one. How about you give it to my family for use, even though your family is lacking one, Eldest Aunt will not mind it. Your uncle usually looks after you guys too, your Feng'e Sis also said that your family's bowl is missing one. Mulberry was about to pick up the bowl on the ground and bring it back.

Unexpectedly, Mu Rousang was faster than her, she grabbed the bowl and ran into the courtyard with her short legs, it was almost noon, the villagers who were busy with their work in the fields were all heading back home.

Mu Rousang rolled her eyes as her mouth shrunk and she started crying loudly. The clear and loud childish voice resounded in the sky, even the villagers who were working a few miles away could hear it loud and clear.

They were all pointing at Mulberry, and a busybody was asking Mu Rousang what was going on. Mu Rousang looked at Mulberry timidly, and did not dare to speak, only lowering her head and crying loudly, that little appearance of her was like a white lotus flower.

Normally, Mulberry would have already offended many people, but now, there were wives who disliked Mulberry and did not put her in their eyes. "Sister-in-law of the Mu family, you can't have a bad premonition, can you be careful not to get struck by lightning?"

Mulberry originally wanted to cheat Mu Rousang to sell, but she felt guilty because of what she saw. She placed her hands on her waist and said to the female disciple: "Chungen's daughter-in-law, who are you talking about, no matter how crooked your heart is, it can't be bad for you. I have seen how you treat this big bastard, I pooh, only you acting like a bitch!"

The Chungen's daughter-in-law was the stepmother of the big bad egg, and when she heard that the Mulberry was going to stir up trouble again, she was also unwilling to be outdone, "Pah! You wild thief, only your family's old wood has a toad in their pants, and you're allowed to climb the wall and steal a man!" Mulberry was so angry that his neck was stuck on his chest. "Pfft, you stinking woman, why does my family's matters have anything to do with you, you stinking woman!" Chungen's daughter-in-law was immediately discouraged. He really was a family matter and she could not interfere.

She wanted to destroy the prestige of the Mulberry, so she rolled on the ground and started wailing, "Wow, Father, Mother, Rou Sang's life is so bitter, I'm the yellow of March in that vegetable patch ~ ~ ~, I have lost my father at the age of three, I have lost my mother at the age of five, my mother, how can I live ~ ~ ~ ~ ~, I can only depend on my brother, if I don't have enough to eat, I can't even sleep anymore, but my poor uncle will bully me, bully me, oh my father, ah, my mother, my fate, I must sell my crippled leg to a forty year old granddaughter of the Eldest Aunt! Sad! I am only five years old this year, wuu, I might as well run into a wall and die there. If I die clean, it will hinder the Eldest Aunt's view, wuu! " Mu Rousang thought about how she had lived a good life in the modern world, yet, her soul had suddenly returned to another world. The fear, confusion, and longing for her loved ones all surged in her heart at this moment, exploding out.

Mu Rousang didn't care at all. She just laid on the ground and cried her head off.

Most of the villagers were obedient and honest. Seeing that the situation was like this, they looked at Mulberry with unfriendly eyes, and the voices of criticism grew louder and louder. Mu Rousang saw that all the public opinion was in her direction, so she decided to cut off this matter at the same time, so as to avoid a lot of trouble in the future.

She really did get up from the ground with great agility, and was about to find a place to hit it. Of course, it was the people on the other side who were standing there, and the walls on the other side who were going to hit it. A loud aunty hugged her and bellowed, "Good girl, Sang girl, you don't need to worry about the Eldest Aunt that was eaten by dogs. Your parents have already separated from them a long time ago.

Mu Rousang remembered this aunt. She was the one that Mu Jinzhi always mentioned, the Qin Er that lived in the middle of the village. After Mu Rousang's mother passed away, the Qin Er would often take care of them, taking care of them from time to time. Otherwise, if the Qin Er did not ask Qin Tieshu to send over some food, they would have already starved to death. It was just that they were both very poor, and there were less that could be shared with Mu Rousang and her sister.

With regards to the Mulberry, Mu Rousang was determined to teach her a lesson first. Otherwise, she would interfere in everything that happened, like these direct relatives, as juniors, they couldn't just fall out with her, even if their elders disregarded them, as juniors, they would still have to respect and respect her.

Mulberry wanted to sell her today, if she continued to think about it, maybe she would make the decision on her own accord in the future. Her family did not have an adult in charge of things, so she could not help but scrape around Mulberry. It would be best if they didn't have anything to do with each other in the future. In any case, she wasn't the real Mu Rousang, so she only needed to take responsibility for him. At that time, she had taken care of her brother for the original owner, but now she had taken her body.

Just like that, Mu Rousang was caught under the Qin Er's armpit, bringing a large group of wives, the young ladies all arrived at the Village Chief's house. There was no need to worry about Mulberry running away from her at all. A few of her wives blocked her path faintly discernable, including her in the middle. Mu Rousang was ecstatic. It seemed that there was a lot of people who wanted to add insult to injury. You have to make good use of this.

"Aunt, is the Village Chief here?" When Qin Er arrived at the Village Chief's house, she shouted at the top of her lungs. She was not afraid of the Mulberry, and hated her crappy mouth the most. Come to think of it, if Mulberry didn't first solve the problem of Chungen's daughter-in-law, he would definitely stick out. Who asked Chungen's daughter-in-law to be her niece? If not for her family being so poor, such a good daughter would not be her successor. He was already a bitter child, how could Mulberry take it lying down when she wanted to ruin her niece's reputation?

The Mulberry had angered the masses this time. From the village, who didn't know whose family this was? "Qin Er's gong throat finally shook the village chief out. Only then did she remember the broken child she was holding in her hands ? ? Mu Rousang. Village Chief, look, Sang girl was so frightened by her little aunt that her face turned white. She just got sick and her little aunt wanted to trick her into selling her money so that she could earn money to buy and wear it! " Mu Rousang's body was not well in the first place, but she had brought him here with her, and even made him dizzy from her loud voice. No matter how she looked at it, her little face was green, and her lips were bloodless.

Mu Rousang really wanted to stop Qin Er from spitting out blood. He was not angered to death by Mulberry and was almost shaken to death by her! With the Chungen's daughter-in-law as a representative, the ladies in the village started to exaggerate the situation. In the end, the village chief's wife took off her shoes and threw them at the Mulberry, and everyone in the village was looking at her. She could not afford to embarrass this person, the Mulberry was too much of a disgrace to her.

He cursed in his heart. This idiot, how could he say such things in front of everyone? He didn't pick a good hour and secretly did it. He couldn't even pinch a shitty child.

The village chief saw that everyone was lying down, so he did not try to openly protect the Mulberry, "Rou Sang, your parents and your uncle's family have already separated. However, even though your father died, your brother is still young. Your uncle and the others are still able to propose a marriage to you. Of course, you're still young, so let's not talk about it for now. In the future, when Rou Sang grows up, I will make my decision! " The Village Chief's hammering came to a halt.

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