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The Manager Wu's heart burned with passion, "About that, I just saw that Pu Zi has not been settled yet. However, with your words, I am relieved."

"It seems that she still had some connections in this matter, Mu Rousang was not in a hurry, anyway, she was not in a hurry to eat and wear. Once the cotton in the air had been harvested, she could grow a few acres of land and turn them into cotton in the air. Alright, let Manager Wu know whenever you need it! "

"Haha, straightforward, Sang'er is a master in business!" Manager Wu praised her a little, then took out a half-hanging copper coin from the counter, and gave it to Mu Jinzhi in a string of two hundred gold coins in half and a string of fifty gold coins, "Carefully hold this!"

Mu Jinzhi thought about her sister saying that she wanted to buy a donkey, and was afraid that it would be the same as last time where she bought a chicken, "Uncle Wu, do you know how to buy a donkey?"

Manager Wu thought for a moment, "What, you want to buy a donkey?" Then, he thought about it and understood, "This matter is easy to handle, I will get an assistant to take you guys there, and there is no one in this town who does not know my Manager Wu!"

Mu Rousang hurriedly said, "Uncle Wu, we need to buy some things first before we go and pick a donkey!"

"Sure, come find me at the restaurant when you're done!" This time, he realized that the two siblings were dressed much better than the first time, and he was even more sure that his judgement was right. Adding on Shui Ling'er's vegetables, it would be difficult for his restaurant's business not to surpass the ones across the street this year.

This time, Manager Wu took the two to the back of the restaurant as usual, and told the two to come in through the back door next time, then went into the kitchen and gave the order to keep their mouths shut. All of them announced that the two siblings were here to look for Qin Chunshu, and that Manager Wu's wish had always been to force the restaurant opposite them into a corner.

After the two of them came out of the restaurant, Mu Jinzhi took off her backpack and said, "Little sister, are you tired?!" They had been chatting in the restaurant for so long that they had forgotten to find a place to sit down.

"I'm not tired, I'm not tired!" The clear, tender voice of a child was filled with joy.

"I'm not tired!" Just thinking about the big bag of coins inside the bamboo basket made him feel very good. Even the air he inhaled smelled sweet.

"Brother, let's hurry to Embroidery!" However, in her heart, she was thinking that she couldn't come here next time and sell them. It would be scary if she could get two of them in such a short period of time.

"Big sister boss, I'm here!" A large lump of ink landed on the Accounts, and the account that was just calculated had turned into a huge black lump. Since the first time she had been entangled by Mu Rousang, the first thing she had seen Mu Rousang do was to find a place to hide.

"Big Sister Lady Boss, wow, your skin looks even better than it did a few days ago." Her small mouth was filled with sweet words that would kill anyone.

The Lady Boss quietly squeezed and trembled, and an uneasy smile appeared on her face. "Little girl, what do you want this time?"

"Big sister boss, I missed you! Last time I made a detour to see you, but only big sister Xiao Cui was here!" They had to flatter her to the point that they couldn't see any trace of her at all. Look at Mu Rousang's words.

The Lady Boss was instantly amused. Xiao Cui, she was ten years younger than her! Even though the little girl was a bit greedy, her words were very honest, "Little girl, whatever you want to buy, just say it!"

She pointed to a green mosquito net and asked, "Sis, how much is this for?"

The Lady Boss's mouth twitched. Last time, she fell into this pit, but this time, she definitely could not go back in. Therefore, she said, "That mosquito net is only worth 8 taels of silver. At the mention of this mosquito net, the Lady Boss couldn't hide the smile on her face. This embroidery skill of hers was a good sign.

Mu Rousang's small head kept spinning, "It's so beautiful. This elderflower herb's cooking skills are really good, then the other things she's embroidering must be the best and most expensive here!"

The female boss remembered that she had earned a lot of money from elderflower herb, and felt very happy, she took Mu Rousang and walked over, "Look at this curtain, it belongs to Bai Zi Tu, it costs 10 taels of silver, and because this curtain is thin, and there are a lot of flowers, it has to be a little expensive. This curtain is the one that is hung on the outermost corner of the bed, it has very few patterns, but it is made with soft tobacco, so the price is also 10 taels of silver."

Mu Rousang looked left and right, and did not see the banner curtain in front of the bed, so she asked the Lady Boss, "It can't be that the elderflower herb doesn't like embroidery, right?"

The Lady Boss waved her hand. "Of course not. Five taels of silver each. I've just sold the last two. I'm out of stock right now!"

Mu Rousang smiled, it turned out to be five taels of silver each, beautiful sister! The Lady Boss trembled. "What is it!" She didn't seem to have said anything wrong!

"Of course I have something on my mind. Beautiful big sister, let me help you solve your problem of lack of stock!"

The Lady Boss's eyes lit up and she instantly turned on her guard. "You're not saying that you have one?" It's over, it's over! She shouldn't have spoken so quickly and told her the selling price!

She nodded her head and took the cloth bag from Mu Jinzhi, "Brother, what did mother tell us when we were about to leave."

Mu Rousang winked at him, "Oh, Mother told me not to sell it if the price was too low. She said that it would be worth a higher price if I brought it to the county."

"Oh ~ ~!" She deliberately dragged her voice long. "Elder sister, look, aren't these flowers beautiful?" Mu Rousang tiptoed over and pushed the embroidery in front of the Lady Boss.

Originally regretful, the Lady Boss was attracted by the exquisite embroidery. She snatched it over and carefully held it with trembling hands. "This, this, this was really embroidered by your mother?" This was a loose set of embroidery, and the color matched well. Looking at it from afar, it looked alive and fragrant. If it was added with a bit of incense, it would give off a faint fragrance ?

"Ah?!" The siblings looked at her, and they looked at each other. It seemed that they would have to raise the price a little.

Mu Rousang was not anxious either, standing quietly by the side with Mu Jinzhi, and waited for the Lady Boss to calm down before asking her, "Beautiful big sister, are you satisfied? Hehe! I already said that I can help you! "

"Ahem, about that, this embroidery work of hers is not bad, it's just that the quality of the material is a bit mediocre!" The Lady Boss began to pick at him.

"Beautiful sister, do you wear brocade in the summer?"

The Lady Boss covered her mouth with the kernels and laughed. "Silly girl, that was only worn during the autumn and winter, it's so hot to death to wear something this thick during the summer!"

"Aiyo, big sister really knows how to dress up. According to what I've said, it's not unreasonable for big sister's shop to be so popular."

"Of course, when I first went to this shop, I was just feeling poor!" The Lady Boss thought of how the dilapidated shop became the best Embroidery in town once it was in her hands.

"That's because I have good eyes. The embroidery here is the best in the town!"

"Little girl, you have eyes!" Hearing someone praise her, the Lady Boss's face was filled with pride.

Mu Rousang pursed her lips and laughed, "So, boss lady, you said that my spring and summer use of this banner should be pretty good, and with this embroidery work, big sister is very satisfied!"

The Lady Boss pursed her lips, there was not a single time where she did not fall into Mu Rousang's hands, "Name a price!"

Mu Rousang unrestrainedly extended ten of her pure and white fingers, causing the Lady Boss's body to sway and slip. Luckily, she was able to hold onto the pillar at the side, "Little girl, you're too ruthless!"

Mu Rousang blinked her eyes and turned to ask Mu Jinzhi, "Bro, am I ruthless?"

Mu Jinzhi felt that his sister was the best sister in the world. "How could I not? He raised his voice in urgent explanation.

"Little brother, I didn't say that your sister was fierce. Alright, let's not talk about it this much, I will at most give you one of these drapes, and you can also see that our best elderflower herb s are only worth 50 taels."

Mu Rousang smiled sweetly, "Lady Boss, look at this thread. Although the embroidery craftsmen do not brag, they still took several months to finish the two lines, it is still better than yours!" This was the truth. Mu Rousang had trained hard in this space for a long time, and had to use up a lot of shreds of cloth in order to cultivate this kind of skill. Adding that her color was already higher than ordinary people, this flower seemed even fresher and more elegant in this green curtain.

"Alright, you little girl, it's really too wasteful to not do business. Oh right, does your mother want to come to our Embroidery to work? How about I give her three taels of silver per month?" The Lady Boss thought about it, wanting to dig out Mu Rousang's mother, but unfortunately, if she wanted to do it, she had to find her, no?

Mu Jinzhi rejected her immediately, "Mistress, my father will not allow my mother to go out to work." Ancient times were not like modern times. If a man let a woman come out to make money to support their family, they would be mocked by the surrounding people.

As the two of them walked out of embroidery workshop, Mu Jinzhi took a deep breath, his slightly meaty face was filled with a blissful smile. It was really good to have corn flour to eat, and when he looked at the street, even the old houses had become a lot brighter, unlike in the past, they were completely covered in grey fog.

Mu Rousang was infected by his happy mood. "Brother, let's eat three fresh dumplings today!" The spring sunshine was very bright, shining on her small face that was slightly raised, Mu Jinzhi felt that her sister was growing more and more beautiful.

"Alright, let's eat the dumplings, and buy some meat and some rice to eat!" It was rare for him to bring it up on his own.

The two of them found a clean little stall, ate two bowls of dumplings, and bought a few meat buns. "Little sister, let's go look for Manager Wu!" Now that he had free money, he was much more confident when he spoke. He brought Mu Rousang to the back of the restaurant where a waiter was already waiting for them.

"Oh? Little brother, little sister, you've finally come. Boss told me to wait here a long time ago." The waiter quickly came out and pointed to the market, "I'm buying a donkey, I'll just walk through the market."

"May I know the name of this elder brother?" Mu Jinzhi asked him.

"Hehe, look at my memory. We're surnamed Li. Let's respectfully call you Brother Li!" The waiter said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Brother Li, I'll have to trouble you with this matter!" Mu Jinzhi said politely.

The waiter didn't say anything more and brought the two of them to the cattle store. Obviously, he was very familiar with the place. "Old man Chen, what kind of goods are there today?"

A middle-aged man dressed in a short navy suit came out from a cowshed, "How come you're free to come here? Aren't you on duty now?"

"The waiter pointed to the two children behind him, but and his sister were too young, they were blocked by the waiter earlier and Old Man Chen did not notice it. Oh, your relatives are way too young! Can you do it? " He asked the waiter surnamed Li in disbelief.

"Hehe, you don't need to worry about that. Old man Li, how's your business doing today?" The waiter casually asked as he glanced at the barn with his small eyes.

"What is it? Is there anything I need to take care of?" A smile appeared on his glowing face, and the smell of alcohol permeated the air as he approached. His pair of ox eyes clearly harbored ill intentions as he sized up the two siblings, as if they were merchandise waiting to be sold.

Mu Rousang pulled Mu Jinzhi a little backwards, and the Li waiter stopped him, "Old man Chen, this is my boss's relative!" There was a clear warning in his eyes.

"Hey, okay, it's just a peek! "Why are you looking for me?" Old man Chen did not mind his response, and stopped staring at Mu Rousang and her sister after receiving his reminder.

"Are there any donkeys to sell today? You want a donkey! " The Manager Wu had specifically told him not to let this Old Man Chen bully these two kids.

Old Man Chen casually pointed at the shed. "Pick one yourself. Picking out the worst depends entirely on your eyesight!" After saying that, he turned around and glanced at the two siblings before turning around and leaving with a fake smile.

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