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Mu Rousang's nose turned sour, and she forced herself to hold back her tears as she grabbed onto his arm. "I think this biscuit is too hard, how about we cook some more wild vegetables? I'll use wild vegetable soup to make this cake to eat. If so, I wouldn't be so tired from eating it! "

"Mu Jinzhi's heart ached. If it wasn't for the fact that his family was too poor, his own sister wouldn't have to be so young to understand. "Alright, let's eat together!" Mu Jinzhi took a pinch of wild vegetables and washed them clean. Mu Rousang sat in front of the stove and helped ignite the fire.

A faint fragrance wafted out from the pot, "Eh, why is the wild vegetables today so fragrant?" Mu Jinzhi stood in front of the stove and cried out in alarm.

Mu Rousang thought that he was starving. When Mu Jinzhi previously said that he had eaten before, it was definitely to comfort her. Fried tortillas are easier to eat than pancakes, but they can't stand hunger. Mu Jinzhi took out two broken mortar s and scooped one bowl for each of them, then began to eat in front of the stove.

Mu Jinzhi, who had smelled the fragrance in front of the stove for a long time, anxiously raised the bowl and blew on it. After drinking a small mouthful, he felt that the taste was not bad and hurriedly blew the soup again, feeling that it had cooled down a little, he then gave it to Mu Rousang, "Be careful not to overturn it, this soup is really very sweet, I'm not lying to you.

Mu Rousang carefully tried it, and the taste was indeed different from before. Was it because of the river? But the message didn't say anything about the river. Could it be that the person that did not enter his eyes was actually a good item? If he couldn't figure it out, then so be it. This was Mu Rousang's usual style.

The two of them stood by the stove and ate the broth pancakes in one gulp. Mu Jinzhi's face was filled with a smile, as if the bowl was not filled with wild vegetables and corn cakes, but was filled with delicacies. It had been a long time since this child had eaten his fill. In his memory, only his father could eat delicious rice.

Mu Rousang bit her lips, "Brother, in the future, we will definitely eat well and dress well every day. Don't worry, brother, you will definitely be able to study in the academy every single day. The better our days will be! "

Mu Jinzhi did not want to hurt his little sister's heart, so he followed her words, "Hehe, yes, big brother will definitely study well, and after taking the examinations and returning, our family's Rou Sang will be the daughter of the Shangguan Family, and at that time, we will find a good marriage for little sister, and we will definitely have to kick a horse and marry our little sister Feng Guang back home. With big brother supporting you, we will see who dares to bully you." Black lines appeared on Mu Rousang's forehead. How old was Mu Jinzhi, and he already knew this.

Mu Jinzhi slowly ate the pancake soup from the mortar s and secretly glanced at Mu Rousang's bowl. "Little sister, your entire body is warm from drinking this soup, drink more."

After saying that, he picked up the mortar that was about to be finished and gave her another bowl. Mu Rousang took over his bowl and realized that Mu Jinzhi had not cooked for herself, "Big brother, why aren't you eating anymore!" Mu Jinzhi gently caressed her dry yellow hair. Because he was not full, he was always very thin and small, "Big brother was too anxious to eat just now, so I'm feeling a little stuffy now. I'll rest for a bit first, little sister, eat first." Mu Jinzhi wanted to wait until Mu Rousang was full and see if he could scrape the bottom of the pot off to eat.

Of course, Mu Rousang would not be coaxed by her words, she put down her bowl and chopsticks and tightened her little face, "Big brother, if you don't want to eat, I won't want to eat too!" She wasn't a real kid. She couldn't even see that. The two of them stood in front of the stove and fought in silence. It was Mu Jinzhi who lost in the end.

"Alright, I'll eat then. Don't be angry, hurry up and eat. If you get cold, you'll feel uncomfortable from eating it!" Mu Jinzhi then covered the bottom of the mortar a little bit, causing Mu Rousang's heart to feel uncomfortable. He pretended to show her, "Brother, why are you holding so little? Mu Rousang raised his little finger and pointed to the side of the mortar.

In the end, Mu Rousang's body was too weak, after eating two bowls, she could not eat anymore, and she forced Mu Jinzhi to finish the rest. What a joke, I've heard that even if you have the space, you will starve to death? Mu Rousang realized that the river water in his space was really sweet, it would be easy to fill his stomach after drinking it.

After the meal, the two of them sat at the main entrance to rest. Mu Rousang supported her chin with her small hands as she rolled her eyes, "Brother, when did you clean up vegetable garden?" Mu Jinzhi opened his eyes wide and looked at her, and only after a long while did she regain her senses, "Little sister, I have never taken care of vegetable garden before." Mu Rousang intentionally furrowed her brows and asked suspiciously, "Isn't it you?

Mu Jinzhi nervously asked her, "When did you go to the garden? Didn't Big Brother say that you should stay at home?" He picked up her arm and her calf and felt them. He was relieved to find that she wasn't hurt or had been bitten somewhere. Mu Rousang knew that Mu Jinzhi was worried about her, but she had already tidied up the garden, so she had to report it to him.

"Big brother, I have already sowed quite a few seeds in the morning in vegetable garden, don't go over and ruin them. I will water the vegetables every day." Mu Rousang did not want Mu Jinzhi to know how long it would take for a small dish to sprout to grow up. Otherwise, how would she be able to get his first pot of gold out of it? Right now, it was still early spring and vegetables were still in the market. She had to take advantage of the time difference to earn some money, only then would he be able to carry out the follow-up work. Worry, no worry about external affairs, there is more worry about external affairs.

Mu Jinzhi didn't believe her. He ran to the backyard and saw that vegetable garden had been tidied up neatly, even the weeds in the garden were all gone. He returned to the front door of the living room and asked Mu Rousang who was sitting on the doorstep, "Little sister, did you not hear anything when you were at home?"

Mu Rousang looked at him innocently with her big eyes: "Brother, if I hear about it, I would know which family in the village helped us." Seeing that, Mu Jinzhi did not know what to do, "Brother, in my opinion, if she was helping us secretly, it must be because she did not want us to know about it." Mu Jinzhi also felt that what her younger sister said made a lot of sense.

Seeing that he was still in a dilemma on who had helped him, Mu Rousang decided to give him something to do. He pointed at the grass on the ground and said, "Let's pull all the grass in the yard in the afternoon."

Mu Rousang wanted to use this plot of land to plant some corn or something similar so that she could cover them up. Mu Jinzhi looked at her worriedly: "Little sister, you haven't fully recovered yet, just sit here and rest. Big brother will be fine by himself." Mu Jinzhi also knew that there were no fields at home, so she could only rely on her own land.

Mu Rousang suddenly thought of the empty land outside the courtyard, "Brother, is the land outside the courtyard our house?"

Mu Jinzhi nodded his head, "Yes, my father thought that the courtyard was wide enough, so he did not place the courtyard wall on the side of the road." Oh, so the foundations of her house were still large enough. It should be more than three acres. Ah, silver, I lack silver.

She stood at the side and watched as Mu Jinzhi got busy, then asked: "Does our family have any grain seeds?"

Mu Jinzhi's face was filled with dejection. I'll think of something. You don't have to worry about that. "

Mu Rousang was not worried, after a few days, she would be able to eat the snacks she grew. "Mu Jinzhi rested for a while, then went to the stove house and found a rusty hoe. That hoe was even taller than Mu Jinzhi by a head." You can stay by the side for now. I'll dig out the surrounding grass first, and then I'll set the fire in the middle of the torch.

Mu Rousang could only sit on the doorstep and fearfully watched as Mu Jinzhi swung the hoe around. Sitting there alone was so boring that after watching for a while, she felt like she wasn't doing anything, which was quite a waste of her time. She thought for a moment, then said to Mu Jinzhi, "Brother, I'm going to sleep for a while, don't call me. Wait for me to wake up." Just now, drinking water from the river was much sweeter than water from the outside. Mu Rousang felt that the water from the river had a pretty good effect too, she wanted to go in and see how those wild vegetables looked like.

Mu Jinzhi replied while panting heavily, "I know, huhu, little sister, you remember to cover yourself with a blanket."

"Got it, there's still some hot water on this chair!"

After saying so, she hurriedly ran into the room, leaving behind only her crisp voice. The blooming spring flowers always gave people endless hope. He believed Mu Rousang's words, the better their life would be, the better it would be.

When Mu Rousang entered the space, she discovered that a lot of the seedlings that she had planted could already be eaten. She carefully tore off the large leaves and put them together. She looked at the place where the seeds had been planted and saw that there were already two small leaves growing there. It seemed like she wouldn't need to go out and look for food in the day, so she watered it again. When Mu Rousang arrived at the front of the small wooden building, she was somewhat conflicted whether she should tell Mu Jinzhi that she had this kind of space.

Mu Jinzhi was currently very good to her, and she only had a close relative like Mu Jinzhi, but no one knew what would happen in the future. Mu Jinzhi would definitely want a wife in the future, it would be more useful to make a wind around his pillow than anything else. Forget it, let's talk about it when the time comes. She wandered around the small wooden building for half a day before he finally found a few books on cultivation. It was written on it, Look at the pictures, read: f * ck, this is the Enlightenment Book!

She came to the front of the house with a pile of books and took a random book to sit on her butt. He picked up the book and happily opened it. One book, throw it on one side, two books, throw it on the other ? After the 'N' book, there was nothing to be interested in. They were all books on strengthening one's body and becoming a super tall fighter after training. He then pulled out that book from under his butt. Oh, what is this, 'Embroidery'?

It turned out to be a book that taught people how to embroider needles while teaching people how to stifle their mouths with needles. felt his butt hurt.

This book is too outrageous. It's obvious that this space toy is for a smelly brat, why is there such a book in it? who was suffering from lack of money, saw that everything was just silver. The space outside had been there for almost half a month, so she could easily do some embroidery. For the first pot of gold, she endured it.

After flipping through the needle technique for a long time, she realized that her memory was not bad. She also remembered quite a lot about the needle technique. The only thing he lacked now was training. This training was built on money, so Mu Rousang couldn't do it anymore. She bitterly looked at the fields with two leaves growing on them. Her silver taels had all grown up quickly.

He was tired of reading, so he went to the bedroom on the second floor to sleep. After exiting the space, he noticed that Mu Jinzhi was still digging, "Brother, you should rest for a while! "It's so tiring!" Mu Rousang made up his mind that this would be the last time. In the future, he would not let Mu Jinzhi do the hard work again.

Hearing her voice, Mu Jinzhi stopped moving, and slowly straightened his back, which had become stiff. At the same time, he thumped his hands, "Did you sleep well? Why did you only sleep for a short while? "

Mu Jinzhi realized that Mu Rousang was standing by the door, "You must be awake, to see if brother is tired. I'll go pour some water for you!"

Just now, when Mu Rousang was flipping through the books in her spatial space, she found out that even drinking that river could heal a person's body. However, the effects were not as good as drinking from the small pond in the center of the hot spring.

She ran into the kitchen to bring Mu Jinzhi half of the mortar's water. It was fortunate that the hoe she used to dig the ground was a sharp weapon in space. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to open up much land even if she was beaten to death. Mu Jinzhi took the water from her hands and drank it all in one go. He wiped his mouth and smirked at Mu Rousang: "Little sister, this water is so sweet! Stand away from me, big brother, and light a torch to burn all the grass. "

The raging flames in the courtyard caused long tongues to fly up to the sky. During this year, food for the two of them would grow on this piece of land, Mu Jinzhi was very interested in this matter.

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