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It was not that she didn't think Mu Jinzhi would notice it, but she really couldn't bear for Mu Jinzhi to use his frail shoulder to lift a bucket half his height. Seeing him swaying back and forth all the way, with only a third of his water remaining by the time he returned, Mu Rousang's cold and detached heart was missing a corner. At the very least, she still could not completely trust Mu Jinzhi right now.

Only after doing all this did she feel tired. She sat on the threshold of the main door to the hall to rest, only to discover that her body was much better than it had been on the day she had first worn it. The warm spring water had a certain healing effect on her body. Furthermore, when there was a chance in the future, after getting the water out, Mu Jinzhi could also take a bath. Towards such a good thing, Mu Rousang would never be stingy towards his big brother.

Not long after, through the broken walls of the courtyard, they saw Mu Jinzhi, little fellow, walking on the road alone in the distance. "Brother!" Mu Rousang ran out and shouted while waving his hands. That's right, Mu Jinzhi was no longer alone, he already had a very sensible sister. This was the first time Mu Rousang treated Mu Jinzhi as his own brother.

"Little sister, why did you come out!?" The spring wind is still a bit cold, so little sister should be a bit better off, quickly go into the house. " If he knew that Mu Rousang had planted a piece of vegetable in the vegetable garden behind him while he was not at home, he didn't know what to do. In his memory, his sister had always been in poor health, but now, she seemed to be very lively and lively.

Mu Rousang realized that the cloth bag in Mu Jinzhi's hands contained half of a kilogram of cornmeal. "Eh, brother, why are there so many faces?" "Being able to eat food, she finally stopped eating wild vegetables. If she continued eating, her face would turn green." When I went there, it was early. Chinese toon was just about to go back to town, and when she saw me go there, she told Qin Er to dig up more corn flour. " Ever since Qin Chunshu started working in the town, not only did the Qin Er save a person's rations, the money that Qin Chunshu earned was all given to the Qin Er. As a result, her family lived quite a good life in the village.

"Brother, let's eat garlic leaf tortilla at noon." Mu Rousang remembered that in her previous life, she would occasionally roast some corn and egg cakes by herself, and the garlic leaves that were placed inside would smell really good, making her salivate just thinking about it. Mu Jinzhi had a troubled face. He would not do it, if it was done badly and his face was ruined, he would really feel heartache, but facing Mu Rousang's shining eyes, she still softly nodded.

"Little sister must be hungry." It was already noon, and he went to borrow food early in the morning. He only returned home after seeing Qin Chunshu out of the village. "Oh, brother, I'll go and pluck some garlic leaves." She remembered a small piece of garlic growing crookedly at the end of the field behind the house.

Mu Rousang picked some garlic leaves, then went to look at the plants she had planted previously, they looked pretty good, how could they not be good, they had only been growing for a few hours. She snuck back into the room. She ran to the field that was planted with wild vegetables and peeled off a lot of leaves that had grown up. She ran to the field that was planted with wild vegetables and peeled off a lot of leaves that had grown up. She went out of space with wild cabbage leaves and garlic leaves.

Mu Jinzhi had just boiled a pot of water and entered with a handful of garlic and wild leaves, "Little sister, where did you get so many wild leaves?" Oh no, she had forgotten that there were no wild vegetables at home. In the house, he casually pointed out, "Brother went out in the morning. I was bored when I was alone at home, so I went to the road to wait for brother. I played around here and took a look there. "Brother!"

Mu Rousang's soft and gentle voice unconsciously dissipated his anger, and she patted her small bag, "Big brother thought you had entered the rear mountains. These days, the village has been busy with farming in the spring, and no one has the leisure to go into the mountains and destroy that huge snake. "

So it was Mu Jinzhi who was worried about her, she heaved a sigh of relief, afraid that she would ask further about where she got this from. Mu Jinzhi looked at the wild herbs in his hands. There were really a lot of them, he didn't even need to go out to gather herbs for the next two days. This was where he and his sister earned a year's worth of rations. If he could grow them well, he wouldn't have to go out to beg for food this winter.

Mu Jinzhi frowned as he looked at the pile of garlic leaves. He really didn't know how to make them, at most he would cook some vegetable leaves or make some corn paste. Little sister, do you remember what Mother used to do? " What? The almighty Mu Jinzhi also didn't know how to do it, "Oh, I remember, brother, you first cut the garlic leaves into pieces, then mixed them with the corn noodles and made them into thin pancakes and left them in the pot to be roasted." Can't hurt ah, there is no oil, no sugar, and no eggs, will be!

Mu Jinzhi followed the method that Mu Rousang taught him and stuck the cornbread on the pot edge. Mu Rousang lowered the fire in front of the stove and after a while, the fragrance of a pot of roasted cornbread floated out. Mu Rousang tried it with her hands, but didn't add any white flour. It was a little rough in the throat, and it tasted pretty good.

"Little sister, this cake is so fragrant. When we get the corn, big brother will brand this cake for you every day and raise my family's Rou Rou to be fat, ok?" Mu Jinzhi carried the wild vegetable soup in one hand and nibbled on the tortilla in the other. Ah, he finally felt alive. This was the first time he had eaten dry food since coming here.

Hearing Mu Jinzhi's thoughts,hee almost choked on her own soup, expressing how bad he was eating this everyday ? She didn't want it. She wanted to eat meat in a fat pot with pork hands covered in sauce. She wanted to eat meat more. However, she kept nodding his head, thinking that by then, he would be able to eat like it was New Year every day.

After eating this unknown breakfast or lunch, Mu Rousang took the initiative to ask, "Bro, leave this bowl for me to mess around with here. Since I have nothing to do at home, you should rest for a while before digging." Having just eaten a meal was not suitable for strenuous exercise, she told Mu Jinzhi to take a break first. However ? Mu Jinzhi was looking at her with a strange expression? Wasn't she just showing that she was more diligent!

"Little sister, it's still big brother's turn. You're still young, so it's not too late to wait for you to grow up a bit!" How euphemistic he was, afraid that he would hurt Mu Rousang's cool glass heart ~! She was a little worried that she might hit the only two bowls in the house, two of them with big holes on their faces. There was no need to bully others like this!

After Mu Jinzhi finished washing the dishes, he carried his family's only hoe and continued with the revolution that he did yesterday. Looking at the remaining ground, he estimated that Mu Jinzhi would finish digging tomorrow morning at the very most. When she comes back from selling vegetables the day after tomorrow, he should be able to plant some. Mu Rousang took out the corn seed that Qin Chunshu brought yesterday. He found a small wooden basin. This kind of thing could be produced even without money. There were quite a few in the house. She poured the corn into a basin and added some spatial water.

"Sister, what are you doing?" "Mu Jinzhi came in thirstily to drink, and discovered that Mu Rousang was squatting on the ground pouring water into a basin. "Oh, brother, I remember what mother said before. You have to soak the corn before it goes into the ground. Only by sowing it can it grow faster."

"Why didn't I hear Mother mention it before?" Mu Jinzhi thought about it, her mother did not seem to have said such a thing. "Of course you've never heard of it. Our family doesn't have any land, and I only found out when I asked my mother out of curiosity." Mu Rousang openly used her body's mother as a shield, since she had already been buried, Mu Jinzhi wanted to ask, hehe, there was no proof! Right now, the temperature difference between morning and night was huge. It was the only way for corn to sprout faster and maintain its temperature.

"Bro, help me carry this pot to the stove. It's warmer there!" Mu Rousang stirred the corn in the bowl with his hands and ordered Mu Jinzhi to do his work. Why was that place so narrow! It's inconvenient to light a fire at night! " He did not understand his sister's strange request.

"Bro ~ ~ ~ I'm scared that I'll freeze these corn seeds. In the past, my mom was afraid that I'd freeze, so she just enjoyed sitting in front of the stove with me in her arms!" Mu Rousang took his arm and acted coquettishly.

"I know, stop messing around. I'll move it over to you right now. I don't know where you got all that nonsense!" Carrying the pots to the stove, Mu Rousang placed some grass on top of the pot and patted the dust off his hands: "Okay, brother, so they won't be afraid of the cold!" Even Mu Rousang herself felt like vomiting, and only Mu Jinzhi would believe in such a childish excuse.

After drinking the water, Mu Jinzhi continued to carry the hoe and go finish the great business of cultivating Earth. Taking advantage of this free time, Mu Rousang sneaked into the space and pulled some vegetables. The cucumber vine in the space had already grown five or six big leaves, and the middle of it was already opened like a vine. He planted the melon seeds in the vegetable patch on the left side of the yard wall, then filled the entire space with vegetable seeds and watered them once more. If the spatial water was different, with her method of watering from time to time, she would probably drown before the vegetables could grow up.

Of course, Mu Rousang's little friend poured water on them happily. After this great undertaking, she toured the vegetable patch again. To her, it was filled with small coins. Grow up, she would have meat and rice. When she arrived at the main hall, she heard someone talking in the courtyard.

"Jin Zhi, come up the mountain with us tomorrow. Right now, the bamboo shoots on the mountain are still fat, you can still pick some wood ears, mushrooms, and the like." At the very least, it would be hard for us to gather some firewood. " A voice-changing little boy was lobbying beside Mu Jinzhi.

Mu Rousang had never seen these people before, she stood at the door and shouted, "Brother!" A little girl with her front teeth missing came running over, "Sang Sang, let's go up the mountain to gather mushrooms, Li (you) come with us!" Yo, this little kid has a bright future. He knows how to save a country, but who is she?

Mu Jinzhi put down the hoe and led the others to the side of the stairs to sit, before pulling Mu Rousang along and saying, "Little sister, they came to find me tomorrow to go up the mountain. Peach Blossom, you are too young. If Chinese toon finds out that you guys are luring the peach blossoms and carefully took note of your skin, he would definitely beat you guys up when he comes back. "

Mu Rousang thought for a long time. Ah, Qin Taohua, you poor peach blossoms, what a shame! In the past, it was because Mu Rousang was too young, and then, Mu Rousang's father passed away. She had to stay at home and mourn. Then it was gone!

Mu Rousang looked at Mu Jinzhi with certainty. "Big Brother, since you want to go up the mountain, then I ?" Mu Jinzhi interrupted her, "I am going to chop some bamboo. Didn't you say that you want to grow cucumbers, that the vegetable garden in the house needs to set up a roof, and that the ground in front of the yard needs to be surrounded by fences?"

In fact, Mu Rousang wanted to say that she didn't want to go to that kind of place. "Oh, then I'll wait for my brother at home."

was not at home, she was the world! "We can soak in space tomorrow." "Sang, Li, are you really not going?" Qin Taohua blinked his starry eyes and asked.

"Ah, no, Peach Blossom, I don't think you should go. Be careful not to dirty your flowers, your mother definitely won't let you go! And you see, no one in the village is as pretty as you in these clothes. "

Mu Rousang wiped away her sweat that did not exist, coaxing a little girl out was truly not easy, look, she was still looking at him with suspicion. Rou Sang, although Brother Jin is your blood brother, you can't just break us up like this! I will treat your sister-in-law well in the future! " This time, Mu Rousang was in chaos.

"dicotyls, look. Peach Blossom likes the hibiscus!" Qin Taohua flushed red and roared at the two of them with her hands on her waist, "What's so funny about that? My mother already said that among our generation, brother Heng is the most knowledgeable, hmph, if I don't marry him, could I marry the slug, dicotyls?"

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