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Spring Rain City was not very big in the east of the continent, but it was very lively. Furthermore, because the Spring Rain City was protected by the local Spring Rain Sect, it could be considered a pure land in this continent where cultivation was the majority.

At this time, Spring Rain City was the most lively time. Golden sunlight was rising from the east, and strands of the nature's spirit energy filled the heaven and earth. From time to time, a young man and woman wearing the Spring Rain Sect's symbol would fly past the city like meteors, bringing along looks of envy.

There were many people weaving in and out of the city. Rows after rows of shops were releasing the energy of the Spring Rain City in the morning light, making people intoxicated with the scene.

At this moment, there was a commotion at the south gate of the city. Then, a thin and weak man dragged a wild boar that was about the size of his body into the gate.

This man could only be said to be a boy, small in stature, medium in height, his foreign trade ordinary or even thrown into a crowd wouldn't attract anyone's attention, but this boy had a calm aura about him, his eyes were bright and spirited, as if spirit was flowing within them.

The wild boar that was being held down by the boy was around the size of his body. This was not considered good for the Eastern Continent, as it would frequently appear in the forest outside the city. However, the reason it was so eye-catching was that the boy was attractive enough.

Of course, this was not about appearance.

"Who is this, his age isn't that great, but everyone knows him?!" Seeing that this boy had attracted everyone's attention, a foreigner couldn't help but ask.

The man who was asked was also a warmhearted person, and explained: "Before this child was called an idiot by us, we had always been foolishly living with his father, our mother died a long time ago, but now we can't call him an idiot, because when we were hunting together in the city together with his father, lightning suddenly struck us from the dry land, and we were struck by lightning. He can be considered an immortal's blessing, and after being struck by lightning, he actually did not die, and after waking up, he had even recovered his consciousness, so everyone used to call him Li Hao!"

"This is not a small miracle. Even being struck by lightning, you can still live?" The person beside him said in disbelief.

"That's not it, this matter has been spread out by many people, and this brat is considered lucky, to actually be able to catch the eye of a manager of the Spring Rain Sect, and say that he will enter the outer sect of the Spring Rain Sect for a period of time."

"Good luck!"

A slightly envious voice came out of the man's mouth as he gasped in admiration.

"Who says it isn't? In recent days, his father went up the mountain and broke his leg, so he was delayed for a few days. It should be the next two days. "

Li Hao heard the whispers of discussion from the surroundings and smiled. He took a deep breath, although this kind of air that was purely natural and full of spirit energy had already passed through these many days, he was still infatuated with it, the famous mountains and rivers of Earth probably wouldn't have this kind of fresh air.

Li Hao was someone who had experienced death once, and was used to living here these few days. His personality was especially calm, and his body had a calm aura, as if he was not someone who had lived through the vicissitudes of life, but an experienced wise man.

Li Hao smiled and greeted the people around him. Everyone quickly replied with a smile, and entered the Spring Rain Sect's limitless future.

Li Hao did not say much, and after he said his goodbyes, he carried the wild boar on his shoulder and headed towards the city.

The wild boar meat was delicious, and there was a bit of spirit energy mixed in it, making it quite popular in the Spring Rain City. On the way, Li Hao did not stop to rest, and after walking along the street for a few hundred metres, a third floor restaurant stood in front of him.

Waves of fragrance continuously spread out from the restaurant and attracted the attention of the passersby. A signboard was hung at the restaurant's entrance, with the words "Carefree Pavilion" written on it.

Although it had experienced a storm, it was still able to stand tall. I heard that the Spring Rain Sect was backing them, and even near the Carefree Pavilion, I could feel that the spirit energy here is a lot more than in other places. Li Hao guessed that this place must have been set up with a Spirit Gathering Formation or something.

The morning breeze blew, and the jingling of bells rang out from the pavilion. It was a pleasant sound that made those who heard it feel refreshed.

The building had three floors. It was quaint and had a cool breeze blowing across it. Although it was a restaurant, it was like an immortal paradise in the secular world.

It was no wonder that those who were able to enter the Carefree Pavilion were all people with noble statuses and elegance.

At this time, it was not the peak hour where food was used, so there were not many people. Li Hao had come at the right time.

As if he had noticed Li Hao's arrival, a well-dressed manservant quickly ran over with a smile on his face. He did not look down on the youth in front of him at all.

Seeing this servant coming out, Li Hao smiled and took two steps forward.

The servant looked up and down at Li Hao and said, "Li Hao, is it you who has come again? Is your father well? "

"Thank you for your care. Father's leg injury is much better after undergoing careful recuperation. It's all thanks to you this time. Otherwise, we'd be in deep trouble." Li Hao cupped his fists and said.

"How many times have you thanked me? I only called you a doctor for the sake of our knowing each other." The attendant shook his head helplessly. "How many times have you thanked me? Don't mention it again from now on."

Hearing that, Li Hao cupped his fists and said solemnly: "To you, it is a small matter, but to me, it is a favor to save you. At that time, there were so many people around but no one could help me.

"You ?" The manservant shook his head. "Let's go. I'll bring you in."

Li Hao no longer spoke, he turned around and picked up the wild boar and placed it on his shoulder again, then followed the other party around the main entrance, arriving at Carefree Pavilion's back door and entering Carefree Pavilion's backyard, the kitchen was right there.

The front of the Carefree Pavilion did not look big, but the backyard was not small. There were busy but organized people everywhere in the courtyard. Some warriors were carrying swords and sabers as they made their rounds around the courtyard. As the kitchen was an important place, there was naturally someone to watch over it.

Although these people were not cultivators, they were still outer court disciples of the Spring Rain Sect back then. They would only do things after they had failed the examination three years in a row, and were first-rate experts amongst ordinary people.

When some warriors saw Li Hao and the other woman, they nodded their heads and gave a simple check before placing them in the kitchen in the backyard. They naturally knew about Li Hao's situation, although Li Hao had not officially entered the Spring Rain Sect to become an outer court disciple yet, for these disciples who had been sent out to do some work, it was still a good fate for them, as who knew if they could use him in the future.

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