Top Strong Cultivator as a Teacher/C1 A Big Bully in the Shop
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Top Strong Cultivator as a Teacher/C1 A Big Bully in the Shop
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C1 A Big Bully in the Shop

The shop is full of scammers.

"I, Hu Hansan, am back!"

At the entrance of the Yan Jing airport, a young man carrying a shabby gunny sack, dressed in plain clothes, who looked a little old because his clothes were a little white due to the washing, laughed loudly without caring about the strange gazes of the people around him.

The young man's name was Hsiang Yang. He was tall and slender, and his face was handsome and resolute. If one were to talk about his appearance, he was definitely one of the most handsome men in the world, and few people could compare with him. However, his attire was not worthy of praise. His hair was messy and his clothes were not tattered. His hair was washed white, and coupled with the old sack, no matter how he looked, he did not seem to fit in with the people around him.

"The air in the motherland is still the best."

Putting the tattered cloth bag on his shoulder, Hsiang Yang greedily breathed in the air in the country. The air in Beijing was not good, and there was also fog. However, to him, this was the aura he was familiar with. For him, who hadn't come back for a few years, the air here was better than anywhere else.

While Hsiang Yang was sighing with emotion, the conversation of a family not far away from him attracted his attention.

"Look at how pitiful he is. He doesn't even have good clothes. Also, the burlap sack on his body is almost torn. He must have come back from work overseas. I'm sure no one came to pick him up. Why don't we send him out of the airport? " A young woman looked at Hsiang Yang with sympathy.

Next to the girl was a young man in formal clothes. He looked at Hsiang Yang with hesitation. "But, you finally came back from abroad. Our engagement banquet is ready. The elders of both parties are also waiting for us. Will it be too late? "

Before he could finish his words, the young woman had already arrived at Hsiang Yang's side. She spoke in a gentle voice, "Mister, do you have any relatives to pick you up? If not, why don't you leave the airport with us? We happen to have a car, so we can take you there."


Hsiang Yang was stunned. He looked at the young woman. He saw that the young lady had a serious expression on her face, as if she wanted to send him away from the bottom of her heart. His heart was filled with emotion. His hometown was still the best. Even someone he didn't know was so friendly and cute.

"Sir, it's settled then. Let my husband take these things for you."

At the same time, the woman stretched out her hand to help Hsiang Yang take the sack and pass it to the young man beside her.

"Ya, it's so heavy. What is it pretending for?"

The woman swiftly took the sack from Hsiang Yang's hand. But... She didn't expect the sack to be so heavy. Caught off guard, the sack fell to the ground. He hurriedly picked it up, only to find that the opening of the sack was opened. He discovered that apart from some clothes on the ground, the surface of the burlap sack was actually filled with sparkling stones.

"This, this is..."

With a look, regardless of whether it was the woman or the young man beside her, they both sucked in a breath of cold air at the same time. This, how could these stones be ordinary stones? They were clearly sparkling high purity diamonds!

Although there were clothes under the gunny sack, the diamonds on it were also very dazzling and priceless!

"I, I'm sorry, I didn't know..." The woman stammered and was about to apologize.

Hsiang Yang smiled gently and said softly, "It's okay. I have to thank you for your good intentions."

"But, but, I, I..." The woman remembered that she actually thought that the other party had come back from overseas and thought that the other party's financial situation was average. She wanted to help the other party, and then she looked at the sparkling diamond. She was instantly at a loss for words.

Hsiang Yang felt a little awkward. Just as he was about to say something, a tall and sturdy bodyguard wearing sunglasses came in front of him. He bowed and said, "Young Master, Madam asked us to come and pick you up."

Hsiang Yang felt even more helpless. It did not seem to be good for him to do this. He looked at the woman and found that she looked awkward. She did not even stand or walk.

"Thank you for your good intentions."

Hsiang Yang was helpless. He could only give a friendly smile to the young woman. "I heard that you are getting engaged. I wish you a long and happy life."

As he said that, he lifted the sack. With a shake of his right hand, a barely noticeable light entered the woman's bag. It was a diamond.

Others might not have seen it, but Hsiang Yang's bodyguard had been carefully trained by his family. His eyesight was naturally extraordinary. When he saw this, his eyes shrank, but he did not dare to say anything.

"Let's go."

Hsiang Yang and the bodyguard turned around and left.

"Rong'er, let's go."

Seeing Hsiang Yang leave, the young man, who was also shocked, gently held the young woman's hand and said, "Maybe he just came back from some special place or met with some accident."


The young woman nodded. She put her hand into her bag and was about to take out her phone. When she touched it and found that something was wrong, her expression changed.

"What's wrong?" The young man looked anxious.

The woman stretched out her hand and slowly opened it. On her palm, there was a sparkling diamond.

"This is..."

The young man was stunned. He looked at Hsiang Yang, who had just entered the car, and whispered, "He... he actually gave us a diamond..."

The young woman stared blankly at the diamond in her palm. Hsiang Yang's words of blessing for their marriage were still flowing in her mind. She could not help but whisper, "Good people have good karma."

Hsiang Yang casually threw the tattered cloth bag onto the big man's body and entered the car first.

"Bang!" The big man took the tattered cloth bag and only felt that it was heavy. He was puzzled in his heart. Looking at the opening of the cloth bag, the dazzling light made him close his eyes. He could not help but be shocked and carefully hugged the cloth bag. After looking around, he followed Hsiang Yang.

In the car, Hsiang Yang was holding a glass of top quality red wine and tasting it. He had an unrestrained smile on his face. He turned around to look at the brawny man. "How have you been at home these few years?"

"Young Master, don't worry. Everything is fine." The burly man hurriedly said.

"En, that's good. I'm tired. Rest for a while. Call me when you get home." Hsiang Yang yawned and habitually closed his eyes to sleep.


"Wait, this isn't the way home. Do you want to take me there?" Just as the big man thought Hsiang Yang was asleep, Hsiang Yang suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were like knives and looked at the big man with a sharp light.

"Young master, I am just following the orders of my wife to take you to Wan Xing Tea House." Feeling the sharp killing intent in Hsiang Yang's eyes, the big man felt his scalp go numb. He didn't dare move. He was shocked in his heart. After all, he was a genius of the special forces. A figure at the level of a Weapon King, and in front of this young master... He couldn't even muster the slightest bit of resistance. It was too terrifying.

"What are you going to Wan Xing Tea House for?" Hsiang Yang asked coldly.

"Going to Wan Xing Tea House for a blind date!" After saying that, the burly man wanted to slap himself. Why did he say it out loud? His wife told him that he couldn't say it unless he reached his destination.

"Blind date?"

"Hsiang Yang's eyes turned. He habitually looked out of the car and his phone rang. He looked at the notification on the phone. It was his mother. Hsiang Yang happily picked up the phone.

"Mom, I'm back."

"You brat finally came back. You know that I'm going to take you to a blind date, right? Let me tell you, you're not going on a blind date this time. You're just letting the two of you see each other first. Anyway, the day of your engagement is in a month's time. But... I'm warning you, if you mess things up... Just do as you see fit. "


From beginning to end, Hsiang Yang did not even have the time to say a word. After his mother finished speaking, she hung up the phone, not giving him any chance to analyze her.

"F * ck, he actually asked me to go on a blind date. This is an arranged marriage!"

"You don't even have the chance to resist?"

"Young master, I have worked so hard to fight for my life outside. Once I return, I will be oppressed. Where is the justice?"

"Go to hell with the marriage alliance, I am not going to do it anymore."


The man sitting next to Hsiang Yang turned pale and broke out in cold sweat. My god, this young master doesn't seem to want to go on a blind date. Then, my mission won't be completed.

"Young master, Madam has instructed that you must go to Wan Xing Tea House." The man said with a trembling voice.

"Don't worry, I won't make things difficult for you. Go." What the burly man didn't expect was that Hsiang Yang's expression changed so quickly. He actually patted Hsiang Yang's shoulder with a kind face and agreed to go on a blind date.

"Yes, yes." The burly man was overjoyed. He wanted to roar at the sky to express his joy. He was afraid that Hsiang Yang would go back on his word, so he quickly gave the driver a look and sped towards the tea house.

Not long after, the car had stopped near the Wan Xing Tea House. Hsiang Yang pointed at the tattered bag and said, "You can go back. You don't have to wait for me. Oh, right. Give the things inside the cloth bag to my mother. Just tell her that it's a gift from me."

"Keke was told by the madam to let me follow you." The burly man bit the bullet and said.

"Mhmm." Hsiang Yang turned his head around and looked at the burly man with a cold expression. "Remember, I'm not a criminal and I don't need you to supervise me. Go back and don't let me see you again. Otherwise, bear the consequences yourself!"

"Yes!" The man's face turned pale when he felt the cold killing intent coming from Hsiang Yang's body. It was as if he was suffocating. He could only say yes with difficulty and watch Hsiang Yang leave.

Hsiang Yang got off the car and searched his body for a long time. He took out a cigar and put it in his mouth. He looked at the signboard of Wan Xing Tea House. He looked unhappy. "You don't even know how to pick a hotel for a blind date. Can drinking tea fill your stomach? Forget it. Master should go and fill his stomach first. "

Rubbing his stomach, he directly walked past the entrance of the Myriad Xing Tea House and entered a luxuriously decorated restaurant next to it.

"Waiter, order the dishes." Hsiang Yang sat by the window and snapped his fingers, waiting for the waiter to come over.

"Hello, sir. This is the menu." The waiter came over. It was a fat man with a round face that looked a little cute. He reminded him kindly, "Sir, there are many more dishes after this. You can take a look first before you decide."

Hsiang Yang glanced at him and then turned to the back of the menu. He found that there were indeed other dishes at the back, but the price was many times cheaper than the previous ones.

Obviously, after the fat waiter saw the clothes he was wearing, he felt that he might be more suitable for the dishes at the back of the menu.

He laughed. He knew the waiter didn't mean anything. He closed the menu and said with a smile, "Abalone porridge, steamed lobster, fried goose liver, and a bottle of appetizer and a bottle of 1982 Lafite."

"By the way, two servings for each dish."

While saying that, Hsiang Yang handed the menu to the round-faced waiter.

The waiter was already stunned. He felt that perhaps the waiter did not see the price of these dishes clearly. He just randomly ordered, so he said very vaguely. "Sir, actually, I am also a foodie. I usually like these delicacies. However, I'm short of money, so I can only take a look. However, I feel that the real foodie is... As long as you have a good mentality, no matter how ordinary the delicacies are, you can eat them incomparably delicious. "

" That's great. " He was just trying to remind Hsiang Yang to change the menu. Unexpectedly, Hsiang Yang slapped his thigh and said with a smile. " It's great that you are a foodie. Hurry up. One serving for two, send the dishes I ordered over. Then you can come back. "


The fat waiter was stunned.

"Hurry up and go!"

Hsiang Yang urged from the side.


The reminder had been given. Hsiang Yang still ordered those dishes, and they were for two people. The fat waiter had no choice but to take the menu and leave.

Not long after, he came back again and took the two bottles of appetizing wine that Hsiang Yang had ordered. After opening them, he poured a cup for Hsiang Yang. "The dishes you ordered will be served in a while. Sir, please enjoy your meal."

At the same time, he prepared to leave.

"Wait a moment."

However, Hsiang Yang stopped him.

Hsiang Yang looked at him with a smile. "Today, your task is to listen to my arrangements. Just serve me well."

"This..." The fat waiter looked at Hsiang Yang with confusion.

"Sit down."

Hsiang Yang ordered.

The latter obeyed and sat down. Although he was confused and a little frightened, he still sat down obediently, as the customer was God.

What Hsiang Yang did next stunned him. He saw Hsiang Yang personally pour him a cup of wine. Then he said with a smile, "Come, have a drink. Didn't you say that you are also a foodie? I feel that we are fated to meet, so I want to ask you something about food."

"That can't be. You're a customer, and I'm a waiter. According to the rules, I can't do this during work hours."

"You're serving me"

The fat waiter was interrupted by Hsiang Yang before he could finish his sentence. Hsiang Yang sat there with a troubled look on his face. He felt restless. Fortunately, the manager of the restaurant arrived not long after.

"Sir, I am the manager of this restaurant. My surname is Lin. May I know if I can help you?"

The manager of the restaurant had just opened his mouth when Hsiang Yang interrupted him. "I hope he can serve me during this period of time. What do you think?"

"Of course." The manager hurriedly responded, then said to the fat waiter, "Remember, customers are God. You must make this guest satisfied."

"Ah, yes, manager."

The fat waitress quickly nodded and agreed.

The manager then looked at Hsiang Yang with a smile on his face. "If you have any requests, you can ask Fat Boy or call me."

As he said that, he took a deep look at Hsiang Yang's clothes and felt a little puzzled, so he continued, "How about this, I will wait by the side. If you need anything, you can call me at any time."


Hsiang Yang smiled and nodded. He said to the fat waiter, "How about it? You can sit down now, right?"


Since he had received orders from his superior, the fat waiter could only sit opposite Hsiang Yang. However, since it was his first time doing this, and the manager was watching from afar, he could not sit still.

Not long after, the dishes and drinks were all served. Hsiang Yang greeted the fat waiter with a smile as if he was greeting an old friend. He started to eat and drink.

Although he was a standard foodie and was very picky about all kinds of food, Hsiang Yang's eating method was not very particular. He directly picked up a signature dish of the hotel, fried goose liver, and swallowed a piece of goose liver. It was done in a few bites.

When the manager saw this, he could not help but raise his eyebrows. Looking at Hsiang Yang's clothes, he hesitated for a while. He came forward and said to Hsiang Yang, "Sir, this goose liver in our restaurant is our signature dish. Because the ingredients are of high quality, it will look authentic if you eat it directly. However, it will taste better if it is dipped in some sauce. "

Hsiang Yang picked up a piece of goose liver and looked at it carefully. He smiled and said, "The goose liver is soft and tender, and the taste is delicious and delicious. It is the most delicious thing in the world of foreigners. What I eat is not only fresh, but also tender. The temperature of the heating should not exceed 35 degrees, if it exceeds that... The water will leak out, and look, this goose liver... The temperature should be higher than 50 degrees, which would make it appear dry. Of course, if you added some sauce, the taste would be better. However, since the entrance was filled with the taste of the sauce, I didn't really like it. Besides, the best combination of goose liver is truffles. It's just that... I don't see any truffles on your menu... "

"I didn't expect you to be so good at processing foie gras." The manager was confused. He really didn't know how to process all kinds of dishes. He just knew how to eat them.

He thought Hsiang Yang had never eaten foie gras before and wanted to kindly introduce them to Hsiang Yang. Who would have thought that Hsiang Yang would eat like that? His reminder seemed to be showing off.

"Please take your time."

The manager stepped back again and was too embarrassed to speak again.

At this time, the fat waiter looked at Hsiang Yang very excitedly. "Sir, you know so much about the cooking of goose liver. You must have been to a country called goose liver cuisine, right?"

"I've been there a few times. There are a few friends there who are very good at cooking." Hsiang Yang smiled.

The fat waiter looked at Hsiang Yang with excitement. "I really envy you for being able to go to that country and have close contact with some gourmet. My goal is to become the greatest chef, and a chef who has integrated all kinds of cooking methods from famous countries in the world. Unfortunately, my family background is unable to support me going abroad to study... "

Recalling that not only was he unable to learn cooking, he could only be a waiter. As he was getting further and further away from his dream, the waiter suddenly felt a little depressed.

"As long as you keep your original intention, I believe that you will definitely realize your dream one day." Hsiang Yang comforted him and continued to talk about some gourmet culture.

After this conversation, he was suddenly shocked. This fat waiter actually had a very deep understanding of the food in various places. There were even some delicacies that he had never tasted before, but this fat waiter actually knew about them. He was truly worthy of being called a 'foodie'.

During this process, Hsiang Yang completely forgot that he still had to go on a blind date. When his phone rang, his mother asked in a gentle tone, "Yang, how was it? Did you go on a blind date?"

"I'm about to see the other party. After we go on a blind date, I'll report the situation to my mother."

Hsiang Yang said and quickly hung up the phone. He touched his chin and looked at the fat waiter who was very familiar with him. He smiled and said, "Fat Boy, we can be considered half acquaintances. Can you do me a small favor? I can also help you with something. How about it?"

"Ah, it's my honor to be able to help you, sir. You don't have to help me with anything." The fat waiter quickly stood up and said excitedly.

"How about this, brother, I was actually forced to go on blind dates by my family, but I didn't want to go, so I wanted to ask you to help me test the other party. You will be like this when the time comes."

Hsiang Yang went to the fat waiter's side and whispered. After the latter heard it, he made a guarantee, "Sir, don't worry, I will definitely complete the task."

"Thank you."

Hsiang Yang smiled happily and walked back. He watched the fat waiter walk towards Wanxing Teahouse in a dignified manner. He felt that he was really too smart.

"Manager Lin, can you do me a favor?"

After waiting for a long time, he saw the hotel manager looking at him curiously and called him over.

"Sir, please speak." Manager Lin looked at Hsiang Yang with more respect than before. He was a knowledgeable person. No matter how ordinary his clothes were, if he was willing to enter the catering industry, with his extraordinary experience, he would definitely have extraordinary achievements. Of course, the fat waiter also shocked him. He did not expect that his subordinate actually had such a character.

"Help me pay the bill and withdraw some money. Then, um, you know Fat Boy's bank card number, right?" Hsiang Yang asked.

"Sir wants Fat Boy's bank card number to be..."

Manager Lin didn't know Fat Boy's bank card number, but he would know if he asked the finance department. Before he knew what Hsiang Yang's purpose was, he couldn't tell Hsiang Yang casually.

"Can you please ask the finance department's Fat Boy's bank card number and lend me a computer? He has helped me a lot. I want to return his dream."

Hsiang Yang said with a smile.

At the same time, Hsiang Yang took out a black gold card. It was an international black gold card, a symbol of VIP. Not many people in the world had such a black gold card.


Manager Lin took a deep breath and looked at Hsiang Yang in shock. However, before he could say anything, Hsiang Yang handed the card to him. At the same time, he said, "The amount of money used to swipe the card is less than 100,000 yuan. It is password-free. Go ahead, remember to help me withdraw the money."

"Yes, please wait a moment."

Manager Lin turned around and left. The hand that was holding the card was trembling slightly. The muscles all over his body were tight, afraid that the card would fall off accidentally.

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