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C10 Tcm Duels


While Hsiang Yang was watching a good show, the man's speech did not end. He looked at Lu Xinrann excitedly. "Xinxin, it's okay if you don't like me now. I can wait. I believe that my sincerity will be rewarded. But... I hope that you can give me a little hope, okay? I don't ask for anything else. I saw you working so hard, yet you didn't take good care of your body. I was worried that your body wouldn't be able to take it, so I wanted to take you to a good meal. Relax, if you don't even agree to such a small request... I... I can only go and find uncle and aunt..."

"This fellow is actually a regular customer, but his skin is extremely thick. He can even bring out Principal Lu's parents for a meal, let's see how this girl will respond. However, what does this have to do with me? I should find a place to stay first. "

When Hsiang Yang smiled and was about to leave, Lu Xinrann, who was in the car, was extremely depressed. Seeing the gloating expression on Hsiang Yang's face, she had an idea. She suddenly thought of an idea and smiled at the man who was giving a long speech. When the man thought Lu Xinrann was touched by her, she saw Lu Xinrann calling Hsiang Yang sweetly, "My dear!"

"What is it?" Lu Xinrann looked at Hsiang Yang with deep affection when she said my dear. Clearly, she was calling Hsiang Yang my dear.

The man felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He looked at Hsiang Yang in a daze. At first, he thought Hsiang Yang was just a bystander. He did not expect Hsiang Yang to have a relationship with Lu Xinrann, and it was very likely that it was a relationship between a couple.

"What?" Hsiang Yang's footsteps, which had just taken a step forward, suddenly stopped. He stared at Lu Xinrann with his eyes wide open, but he could see a glimmer of pleading in Lu Xinrann's eyes.

"It seems that this girl wants me to help her get rid of this guy." Hsiang Yang chuckled and ignored the man who was looking at him with fiery eyes. He came in front of Lu Xinrann, leaned close to her ear and whispered, "I will help you get rid of him. The grudges between us are settled."

Lu Xinrann naturally knew what the 'grudges' between the two of them were. She remembered that she had been seen by Hsiang Yang. She was still being threatened by him. She was so angry that her teeth itched. She glared at Hsiang Yang and said in a low voice, "The matter between you and me is not over yet. Help me get rid of him. It can only be considered as repaying the debt I owe you for helping you solve the problems that the school teachers have made for you."

"Consider yourself ruthless." With the mindset that a good man would not fight with a woman, Hsiang Yang decided to help Lu Xinrann. He said softly, "In order to get rid of him, you have to take the initiative to cooperate with me."

"Cooperate with what?" Lu Xinrann's mouth was covered by Hsiang Yang's mouth before she could finish her words. Hsiang Yang held her head and kissed her.

Hsiang Yang's actions were too sudden. Lu Xinrann was stunned by him. Her eyes were wide open as she looked at Hsiang Yang in a daze. When she reacted and prepared to push Hsiang Yang away with her hand, Hsiang Yang had already left her lips. Then she looked at the man with a proud gaze, "This brother is my girlfriend. I hope you won't harass her again in the future."

"My God, President Lu is Teacher Hsiang's girlfriend. How is this possible?"

"No wonder President Lu keeps protecting Teacher Hsiang."


" You and I don't believe it! " The man was so angry that his whole body was trembling. He looked at Hsiang Yang as if his eyes could shoot out flames. If looks could kill, Hsiang Yang would have died countless times already.

"I have never seen you before. You can't be Happy's boyfriend." The man's face was tensed. The veins on his face could be seen. He shouted, "You are lying to me!"

"Something's wrong with this guy." Hsiang Yang looked at the man who looked crazy and frowned. He looked at Lu Xinrann and said, "Is it too exciting?"

"You bastard." Lu Xinrann stared at Hsiang Yang and looked around. She wanted to cry but had no tears. It was time to end school. There was a large group of students surrounding them. The students saw the scene of Hsiang Yang kissing her just now. Now, even if she jumped into the Yellow River, she would not be able to wash it clean.

"No, it's impossible. You can't be her boyfriend. Happy is mine. It must be mine. Ah! Ah! Ah! "

At this moment, the man seemed to have gone mad. His whole body was trembling, his eyes were red, and there was white saliva dripping down from the corner of his mouth. He looked like he had frightened the surrounding students.

"He must have had an epilepsy, right?"

"It's too scary. He actually became like this after failing to confess."

"This person is really strange."

... ""

The surrounding students' discussions immediately caused the man to go even crazier. As he roared, he knelt on the ground and continuously knocked his head against the ground, causing more foam to appear in his mouth.

"Wang Chunming, what happened to you?" Lu Xinrann, who was in the car, did not have time to seek revenge from Hsiang Yang. She quickly opened the car door and got out to check the situation of the other party.

"Don't move. You will get hurt if you go over. This guy is having epilepsy." Hsiang Yang stopped Lu Xinrann.

"Are we going to ignore him like this? What should we do if something happens?" Lu Xinrann said in a hurry.

"You are so worried about him. Could it be that you really have something to do with this guy?" Hsiang Yang's tone was sour.

"He is my classmate and his father is the deputy director of the Department of Education. If anything happens here, we will be responsible for it." As Lu Xinrann spoke, she quickly took out her phone and dialed the emergency number 120.

"When the ambulance arrives, he will knock himself to death." Hsiang Yang rolled his eyes and walked towards the man.

"What are you doing?" Lu Xinrann, who had finished the phone call, saw Hsiang Yang come to the man's side. She was shocked and quickly followed him.

"Save him." Hsiang Yang raised his eyebrows and pressed a few times on the man's body. Instantly, the man fell to the ground weakly.

"Ah, what did you do to him?" Lu Xinrann was shocked when she saw this.

"Do you have needles on your body?" Hsiang Yang asked directly.

"No, what do you need needles for?" Lu Xinrann looked at Hsiang Yang in confusion, but the latter ignored her. He looked around and said to the onlookers, "Who has needles or needles on them? Lend them to me."

"I have them."

Just as Hsiang Yang finished speaking, Sun Qingya walked out from the crowd. With a happy smile on her face, she actually took out a silver needle bag and opened it. A row of silver needles were shining.

"Mr. Hsiang Yang, this is the silver needle that I just bought."

Hsiang Yang held the silver needles in his hand and found that although the silver needles were shiny, the quality was extraordinary. Moreover, the age seemed to be extraordinary. They were actually antique silver needles.

He looked at Sun Qingya in surprise. "Why do you carry these 'antiques' with you?"

"Because there is a senior in my family who likes to collect all kinds of things. I saw that these silver needles are pretty, so I bought them." Sun Qingya said with a smile.

Hsiang Yang did not ask in detail. Instead, he took the silver needles and began to perform acupuncture on the man.


When the surrounding people saw Hsiang Yang, an unknown person, casually holding the silver needle and about to insert it into the man's body, they were so frightened that they cried out in alarm.

"What are you doing?" Lu Xinrann also asked nervously.

"Stop arguing." Hsiang Yang's right hand twisted the silver needle and gently rotated it. His left hand was placed on the man's left wrist as he took the man's pulse.

"This guy is treating Wang Chunming? Could it be that he knows about TCM?" After seeing Hsiang Yang's actions, Lu Xinrann did not dare to open her mouth to disturb him, but stared at Hsiang Yang's actions with widened eyes.

Hsiang Yang's treatment was very simple. He only used acupuncture needles to prick the man's head and gently twisted it with his hand. It took him about five minutes to stop.

"The doctor is here."

At this moment, the school doctor from Tianhai No. 1 High School arrived. A middle-aged man in a white robe arrived. When he saw the shiny silver needles on the man's head, his expression immediately changed and he shouted, "What are you doing? Do you want to commit murder?"

Hsiang Yang couldn't be bothered with him. He directly pulled out the silver needle. Strangely, not a single drop of blood flowed out.

"You simply inserted a needle into a person's head. This is ridiculous. If something goes wrong, people will die." The middle-aged doctor shouted at Hsiang Yang without mercy.

"Do you know how to treat illnesses?" Hsiang Yang suddenly asked.

"What do you mean? I am the school doctor. You said I don't know how to treat illnesses. Do you know?" The middle-aged doctor had already squatted down to check on the man's condition. When he heard Hsiang Yang's voice, he was so angry that his face turned green.

"Then you should take a look at what kind of illness this guy is suffering from." Hsiang Yang said.

"The middle-aged doctor suddenly had nothing to say. He is only Western medicine and does not have the ability to see and ask. How can he tell what illness the man who fainted was suffering from when he is empty-handed?"

" I don't know. Let me tell you. He is not sick. It was just that his mind was too weak. When he was struck, I couldn't control my actions. The acupuncture point I inserted into him was the Shenxin Acupoint. It allowed his fragile mind to calm down and use it." Hsiang Yang said faintly.

"Who knows if you are talking nonsense. I have never heard of any holy points." The middle-aged doctor argued.

"Those who don't know are fearless." Hsiang Yang sighed and shook his head. He did not pay attention to the other party.

However, Hsiang Yang did not pay attention to him, which made the middle-aged doctor think that Hsiang Yang was guilty. He sneered and said, "You are young. You have made a mistake, but you found an excuse to cover it up. You are really rotten wood that cannot be carved."

"Make way."

As he said that, the ambulance arrived. The one in the lead was an old doctor with a long beard and wearing a white vest.

"You're wrong. The Shenxin acupoint does exist. I have read in ancient medical books that the Shenxin acupoint can be used to calm one's mind. Moreover, the Shenxin Acupoint is very hidden. Everyone's position is different. According to ancient books, only those experts who had been immersed in TCM for decades could not find the location of the Shenxin Acupoint. I never thought that I would be able to see such a young master in my lifetime. Not only that, but he is also so young. I am Huang Daoming. Greetings, sir. " As the old doctor spoke, he actually bowed deeply to Hsiang Yang.

"What? He is Huang Daoming, the old director of the First Central Hospital. He is a true expert in TCM." The surrounding teachers exclaimed and said the old man's name.

"How is this possible? How could Director Huang follow the ambulance?"

"I've long heard that Director Huang is a benevolent doctor who doesn't care about trivial matters. He even frequently goes out with an ambulance to save people. I originally thought that a big shot in the medical world like him wouldn't casually go out with an ambulance to save people. I didn't expect that I would actually meet him. Moreover, Director Huang actually treats him with great respect. Could it be that he's really very powerful? "

The middle-aged school doctor was also stunned. As a medical practitioner, he didn't expect that such a powerful figure would actually bow to this young man, Hsiang Yang. Didn't this mean that Hsiang Yang's medical skills were even better than Huang Daoming's?

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