Top Strong Cultivator as a Teacher/C4 She Was the Principal!
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Top Strong Cultivator as a Teacher/C4 She Was the Principal!
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C4 She Was the Principal!

She's the principal!

Tianhai No. 1 High School was located in the commercial district of Tianhai City's east district. It was the number one high school in Tianhai City. The school's decoration was grand and luxurious, and it covered a large area. It had the most advanced teaching equipment in the world, and its teachers were extremely powerful. If one wanted to become a teacher in Tianhai No. 1 High School, the minimum requirement was to have a PhD in the country. There were even more professors and scholars.

At this moment, it was the time for class at noon. A group of pretty and generous young men and women walked by in groups. Hsiang Yang stood at the school gate. He changed into the clothes that were full of holes. He wore it. He looked at the young men and women walking past him in the new casual clothes. An intoxicated expression appeared on his face, "I firmly believe that youth is the most beautiful scenery."

"Du du."

Just as Hsiang Yang was looking at the young and beautiful female students passing by with an intoxicated expression, his phone rang. It was' Old Man Chen '.

"Benefactor, have you arrived at Tianhai No. 1 High School? Are you satisfied with Tianhai No. 1 High School?" Old Man Chen's aged voice came from the phone.

"Yes, I am satisfied. Thank you." Looking at so many young and beautiful people in front of him, how could Hsiang Yang not be satisfied? He felt that his previous life had been in vain. He had been fighting and killing all day long. It was better to look at the beauties around him more.

"It's good that Benefactor is satisfied. I'm relieved now." Old Man Chen heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he asked cautiously, "Benefactor, when are you free? Can I treat you to a meal?"

"Ah, about that. We'll talk about it in the future. You know that too. I want to live the life of an ordinary person. I hate trouble the most." Hsiang Yang quickly rejected him. Although Old Man Chen did not have a position, however, his Chen family was one of the top aristocratic families in the country, especially his sons. Each of them held a high position in the family. If he met these people... The news of him appearing in Tianhai City would soon reach the ears of the Hsiang family.

"Ha, if I have time, I will come and find you. Don't come and find me. I am going to report to the ___. That's all. Thanks."

After hanging up the phone, Hsiang Yang looked at himself from head to toe. He couldn't help but praise, "He's so handsome. The word 'handsome' is simply tailor-made for me. Cough cough, from now on, I am the sacred and great teacher of the people. "

At this moment, Hsiang Yang was wearing a new set of casual clothes. His beard was shaved clean and he had a sunny smile on his face. He looked like a handsome and extraordinary high school student. No one would have thought that he was here to be a teacher.

When they arrived at the security room, they told the security guard their purpose of coming. Unexpectedly, the security guard brought him in without Hsiang Yang's explanation.

"Vice Principal Lu told us this morning that if you come, we will take you to her directly. Young man, you are really good. He was going to become a teacher in Tianhai No. 1 High School at such a young age. One should know that... It is not so easy to be a teacher in Tianhai No. 1 High School. A teacher in Tianhai No. 1 High School. Every single one of them is the best in the same industry. "

"You're welcome."


The security guard took Hsiang Yang to the vice principal's office and left. The office door was closed. He didn't see anyone. He remembered what the security guard said and asked him to wait in the office. Hsiang Yang pushed open the office door and walked in.

Tianhai No. 1 High School was very rich.

This was the first thought that came to Hsiang Yang's mind after he entered the office. The decoration of the office was no less luxurious than the offices of some big corporations.

"Why is there the sound of water?" Hsiang Yang felt it was a little strange. Could it be that the water in the bathroom had not been turned off? With a good habit of being thrifty and thrifty, Hsiang Yang decided to enter the inner room to take a look. He also helped to close the water.



When Hsiang Yang entered the inner room, a scream was heard.

Hsiang Yang was stunned. He didn't expect that there would be a peerless beauty bathing under the sound of the water. "I'm sorry. I thought the water wasn't turned off and wanted to come in to help turn off the tap. Cough cough, I didn't see anything. Just pretend you didn't see me. Go on, go on. "

"Hurry up and get lost." Lu Xinrann angrily shouted. I will pretend not to see, but can I pretend not to see you?

Lu Xinrann almost cried. The weather was rather hot. She had just gone to the school to patrol once and her body was covered in sweat. Thus, she took a shower in the inner room. What she did not expect was... When she forgot to lock the door, someone actually barged into the office that no one dared to enter without her permission. Moreover, he even recklessly barged into her bathroom and bumped into her.

"Oh, my eyes suddenly disappeared. It's so strange, why is it so dark here? " Hsiang Yang cried out loudly in order to make the act more realistic. He even narrowed his eyes and looked around. When he saw that Lu Xinrann was about to flare up, he quickly left.

"Why am I so unlucky?" Lu Xinrann looked at the bathroom door with tears streaming down her face. Her clothes were on the office sofa across the door. In the past, her door was always locked. After taking a shower, she went out to get dressed. But... There was a strange man in his office.

"Who is that bastard? He broke into my office without permission. I have to call the police to arrest him. " Lu Xinrann squatted on the ground and thought of countermeasures, but there was nothing she could do.

"Could it be that I have to ask that bastard to go out first? No, that bastard is obviously not a good person. He definitely won't go out. Are you going to ask him to bring the clothes in? But what if this fellow goes crazy? " Lu Xinrann had a conflicted expression. Although she was the youngest beautiful principal in the entire Tianhai City, she had a pivotal position in the education world of Tianhai City. She was a typical strong woman in the education world. But at this moment, she was stunned. She didn't know what to do.

"Hey, beauty, do you need my help?" Just as Lu Xinrann was in a dilemma, Hsiang Yang's voice sounded.

"No need." Lu Xinrann clearly heard the man's voice with a teasing tone and was instantly angered. After answering, she immediately regretted it. "Anyway, he saw it. He wouldn't dare to mess around. What are you still holding on for? Then ask him to bring the clothes in."

"Wait a moment." Lu Xinrann opened her mouth.

"What orders does the beauty have?" Hsiang Yang stood at the door and asked with a smile. He was holding Lu Xinrann's personal clothing in his hand. Obviously, he had expected Lu Xinrann to ask him to pass the clothes in.

"Help me pass the clothes on the sofa to me. Remember, you can't come in. You can only close your eyes and pass the clothes in." Lu Xinrann said fiercely.

"Here." What answered Lu Xinrann was a man holding a bunch of clothes in his hand. It was the clothes she had put on the sofa.

"This bastard must have been holding my clothes." When she thought of her personal clothes being held by an unfamiliar man, Lu Xinrann felt goosebumps all over her body. She wanted to throw away the clothes that Hsiang Yang had handed over, but when she thought about how she would not be able to wear it if she did not wear it. She could only clench her teeth and take the clothes. She endured the disgusting feeling and put them on.

After putting on the close-fitting clothes, Lu Xinrann felt much better, but she could not go out just like that. Helpless, she could only shout to Hsiang Yang outside, "Hey, help me bring the other clothes in."

"Why didn't I see any other clothes?"

Hsiang Yang's voice came in. Lu Xinrann's face was red, but she had to answer, "In my office chair."

"I saw them."

Hsiang Yang, who was outside, held back his laughter and took a purple dress above the office to the bathroom door and handed it to Lu Xinrann.


The bathroom door opened and Lu Xinrann, who was wearing a purple dress, walked out with a pale face. Her hair was still wet and loose. Her beautiful face and purple dress should be the most attractive. But at this moment, her entire body was emitting a cold aura.


What surprised Hsiang Yang was that this peerless beauty flew up without saying a word. A kick was sent towards Hsiang Yang from the sky. The strength of this kick was extremely fast. If it was an ordinary person, he would definitely be kicked by her, and it wouldn't be a good feeling.

"What a powerful girl." Hsiang Yang's face carried a surprised expression. The strength of this kick was extremely strong. Even a strong man didn't have such strength. It was obvious that this woman had practiced it before. The moment Lu Xinrann's leg kicked over, he stretched out a hand and grabbed it tightly.

"Ah!" Lu Xinrann had jumped up just now. Now that one of her legs was grabbed by Hsiang Yang, her balance suddenly became unstable and she was about to fall down. She was so scared that her face turned pale. She screamed and closed her eyes.

Just when Lu Xinrann thought that she was going to fall heavily on the ground, Hsiang Yang grabbed one of Lu Xinrann's legs and gently pulled it. He pulled Lu Xinrann over and then used his other hand to wrap around Lu Xinrann's small waist and hugged her whole waist.

Lu Xinrann let out a sigh of relief and immediately became angry. Not only did this stinky man look at her pure body, he even dared to hug her. He directly slapped towards Hsiang Yang.

"Wah, you repay kindness with ingratitude." Hsiang Yang directly threw Lu Xinrann onto the sofa and took two steps back. He looked at Lu Xinrann, who bounced heavily on the sofa, with a smile on his face before stopping. A beauty who had just finished bathing was thrown onto the sofa and bounced up and down again. This action was too fascinating. Hsiang Yang could not help but sigh. It was such a pity. Although the beauty was good, it was not his.

"Bastard!" Lu Xinrann was angry. With her dexterity, she bounced up like a carp. She made a gesture of Taiji Fist and faced Hsiang Yang.

"Hsiang Yang was stunned. Is this beauty an expert from the Wudang Sect?" Otherwise, why did she make a gesture of Taiji Fist?

" Pa! "Immediately after that, Lu Xinrann pushed her hand towards Hsiang Yang. She actually used the Taichi Fist to deal with Hsiang Yang.

"Beauty, your Taiji Fist isn't that good." As the saying goes, an expert would know when he attacked. Although Hsiang Yang wasn't from the Wudang Sect, he had also come into contact with the mainstream Taichi Fist. The moment Lu Xinrann attacked, he laughed out loud.

"Hmph, even if I don't fight well, I can still beat you." Lu Xinrann sneered. She knew that her strength was not as good as this man's. She could only use the Taichi to borrow strength to subdue this bastard.

"Let me teach you Tai Chi."

Hsiang Yang laughed. He struck out Taichi with one hand and began to spar with Lu Xinrann in the office.

Lu Xinrann's Tai Chi was already very good in the eyes of ordinary people. It almost made this popular Tai Chi as pure as fire. However, it was not enough in front of an expert like Hsiang Yang. Hsiang Yang easily blocked her attack with one hand. His other hand was behind his back, leisurely and leisurely. There was a leisurely smile on his face.

"Headmaster's school. After a while, the door suddenly opened. A woman pushed open the door and entered in a panic. When she saw the scene in front of her, she was stunned. Lu Xinrann, the perfect goddess in the hearts of everyone in Tianhai No. 1 High School, was actually playing Tai Chi push-ups with a strange man in the office. It was really too explosive. In her opinion, the gestures of the two people were very gentle. It was simply a romance between a couple.

"Ah!" Lu Xinrann was shocked by the sudden intrusion of the woman. She did not manage to control the strength of her feet properly. Her center of gravity became unstable and she immediately fell to the ground.

"It's over." Lu Xinrann's face fell to the ground. If she really fell to the ground, even if her face was not disfigured, she would have a nosebleed. She was so scared that her face turned pale and she closed her eyes in despair.

"Be careful!" The woman who pushed open the door was also shocked and cried out in alarm. She covered her mouth and looked at the scene in horror.

Just when Lu Xinrann was half a meter away from the ground, a strong arm reached out from her waist and hugged her small waist that did not have any fat. Both of her hands directly hugged her whole body.

"What are you doing? Let me go."

"Alright." Hsiang Yang straightened Lu Xinrann and quickly let go of her hand. He then took two steps back and stood there. He blinked and looked at Lu Xinrann.

"Principal, are you alright?" The woman who pushed open the door and came in quickly asked with concern.

"I'm fine." Lu Xinrann shook her head.

"This woman is the principal. It's over." Hsiang Yang was shocked.

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