Top Strong Cultivator as a Teacher/C7 Why Are You Always the One Who Gets Hurt?
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Top Strong Cultivator as a Teacher/C7 Why Are You Always the One Who Gets Hurt?
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C7 Why Are You Always the One Who Gets Hurt?

Why is it always you who gets hurt?

There are three small tyrants in Tianhai No. 1 High School called the 'Three Bullies'. They bully the weak and do all kinds of evil things, running amok in the school. Although the students are angry, they can't do anything to them because they have a big force behind them.

The Three Bullies is a lone wolf. They don't care about the rules of the school and dyed their hair with their unique colors, two red and one yellow.

The one with yellow hair was called Zhang Leekun. He was tall and strong, and he relied on his father, Zhang Danteng, to do all kinds of evil things.

There were two people with red hair. One of them was called Huang Shikai, and his father was the director of the school. The other one was called Guo Hongliang, and he was also the son of the director of the school.

The Three Bullies was definitely a cancer among the students of Tianhai No. 1 High School. To them, it was a piece of cake for them to skip class and be late. What they really did was drink, gamble, gather the crowd to fight, bully girls, and blackmail their classmates. They even threatened the three teachers, saying that they were bad guys from the bottom of their hearts.

Today was the first time Three Bullies came to school this week. Of course, their purpose of coming to school was not to attend classes, but because they did not have enough money on them. They wanted to come to school and find a few students to use some money.

The students in Tianhai No. 1 High School were either rich or powerful. Many of them were from wealthy families. There were even some people in the Three Bullies who could not be offended. The Three Bullies was very smart. They knew their own limitations. Before they attacked, they would first investigate the situation of the other party's family. Those who didn't know about the family situation wouldn't provoke them. They only bullied honest and honest students who didn't have any major powers in their family. As a result, the three of them ran amok in the school and nothing had happened.

At this moment, the Three Bullies was holding back a bellyful of anger. An hour ago... They found the target of today's extortion. It was a seemingly honest and low-profile boy. Just as they forced him to the corner and stretched out his devil claws, the seemingly honest boy actually showed a courage that had nothing to do with his appearance and resisted the extortion from the three of them. They even fought, and in the end, although the three of them won, and successfully snatched the money from the other party, but this made them very uncomfortable. They felt that the three of them hadn't come to the school to establish their prestige for a long time, to the point that even this little good-for-nothing dared to rebel against them.

Just as the three of them were thinking hard about how to establish their mighty and domineering image in a short period of time, Hsiang Yang, the new teacher, arrived. When the three of them saw the young Hsiang Yang, their eyes immediately lit up. They felt that their chance to establish their authority had come.

"Who asked you to be young and more handsome than us? Serves you right for your bad luck." The three of them said in their hearts.

"I say, brother, you're not that old. How could you enter the Tianhai No. 1 High School at such a young age? You must have spent a lot of money. Why don't you give me ten million? I'll let you be the political director within a year, right? " Huang Shikai tilted his head and looked at Hsiang Yang with a sarcastic smile on his face.

"You can make me the political director with ten million? You are so amazing?" Hsiang Yang looked at Huang Shikai in disbelief. This guy was just a student. He was really boasting shamelessly.

"Hahaha!" Upon hearing Hsiang Yang's words, the Three Bullies burst into laughter. Zhang Leekun pointed at Hsiang Yang and said, "You are a newbie who has no knowledge. Let me tell you something. Brother Huang's father is the school's largest director. Don't say that he wants you to be the political director. He can even make you the principal. "

"So he's the son of the school's largest director." He looked at Zhang Leekun and Guo Hongliang and asked, "What about you two? Who are you? ___ asked."

"Humph, why should I tell you?" The two of them sneered and glanced at Hsiang Yang. If you ask us, we will answer. Wouldn't that be too shameful?

"Look at you two big men, tall and strong. You don't even dare to tell me your names. I originally thought that you two were important figures. So it turns out that you are not something. You have really disappointed me. " Hsiang Yang's face was filled with disappointment.

"You call us worthless?" Both of them glared at Hsiang Yang angrily.

"Yo, you guys are really smart to be able to deduce the meaning behind my words. Sure enough, we are not stupid." A look of surprise hung on Hsiang Yang's face.

"Bastard, you, a teacher, actually scolded someone in class. You are going too far." Once Hsiang Yang said those words, the three of them immediately became angry. They slammed the table and stared at Hsiang Yang, as if they were going to attack if there was a disagreement.

"Are you guys things?" Hsiang Yang looked at the three of them with a smile.

"Of course we are not things. No, we are things, not me. Pooh!" After the three of them finished talking, they knew they had been fooled. However, it was also not right to admit that they were things. It was also not right to deny that they were things. They were so angry that their faces turned ashen.


"Whether it is something or not, just say it."



When the other students in the class heard this, they immediately burst into laughter.

"Shut up." The three of them furiously slammed the table and roared out. Then, they turned their furious gazes towards Hsiang Yang. Huang Shikai pointed his finger at Hsiang Yang. It almost reached Hsiang Yang's nose. "Who do you think you are? You are just a new teacher. I think highly of you. You are the teacher. Otherwise, you are nothing. Apologize, or get out of here. "

Hsiang Yang looked at Huang Shikai calmly. His eyes were as deep as water. He said lightly, "You want me to apologize to you? If you don't apologize, you want me to get out of here? "

"Yes. Kneel down and apologize. Otherwise, get out of here. I will call someone to kill you in minutes." The one who spoke was not Huang Shikai, but Guo Hongliang. His voice was very loud and clear, and it could be heard even outside the classroom.

Hsiang Yang did not speak. Instead, he slowly stretched out his hand and grabbed Huang Shikai's finger. He said lightly, "As a student, point your finger at the teacher's nose bridge. You are too much. If this was in ancient times, people like you would be soaked in pig cages. "

"He is. It hurts." Huang Shikai cursed loudly, but before he could finish, he screamed. It was Hsiang Yang's hand, which was holding his finger, that gradually exerted force.

"What are you doing? How dare you hit me? Let go of me!" Zhang Leekun and Guo Hongliang immediately became furious when they saw what happened. Both of them lunged at Hsiang Yang.

As soon as the two of them started fighting, they knew that they had more or less practiced some random attacks before. Zhang Leekun was very fast. He sent a slap towards Hsiang Yang's face, while Guo Hongliang sent a kick towards Hsiang Yang's lower body. This was too insidious.

"You are too insidious."

Hsiang Yang glared at Guo Hongliang and decided to teach them a little lesson. He took a casual step back and pulled Huang Shikai. Immediately, Huang Shikai stood in Hsiang Yang's original position and accepted the attack from Zhang Leekun and Guo Hongliang.



"Ah, you two bastards, you hit me!"

Huang Shikai took the place of Hsiang Yang and endured their attacks. They were his two good brothers. One of them! He kicked his lower body and slapped his face. These two kicks were real, especially when his lower body received this kick. The pain made his face pale as he squatted on the ground, clutching his crotch as he cried out in pain.

Zhang Leekun and Zhang Hongliang were stunned. In order to teach Hsiang Yang a lesson... They had never thought that Hsiang Yang would be so insidious. He had used their brother as a shield, and the injured man had become their brother.

"You guys are going too far. How dare you fight openly in class? Aiyaya, Student Huang, are you alright?" Hsiang Yang first glared at the two of them, then looked at Huang Shikai, who was screaming on the ground, with a 'caring' expression.

"Bastard, you have gone too far. You actually used Huang brother as a shield."

Zhang Leekun and Guo Hongliang reacted in time. When they saw the smile on Hsiang Yang's face, they became furious. Both of them clenched their fists and lunged at Hsiang Yang.

The two of them had learned their lesson this time. Instead of facing each other, they attacked Hsiang Yang side by side. In their point of view, there was no way Hsiang Yang could avoid them this time. He was going to be hit by them.


When the students below saw Zhang Leekun and Guo Hongliang, two fellows who looked stronger than Hsiang Yang, attacking Hsiang Yang, they cried out in shock.

Hsiang Yang had a smile on his face. He didn't wait for their fists to hit him. He lowered his body and jumped into their arms. He quickly pressed both of his hands under their armpits. The fists that were about to hit Hsiang Yang suddenly changed direction. The fists were aimed at the faces of the two men.



The fists of the two good brothers greeted each other, and they used almost all their strength to punch each other. It almost caused half of the other's face to collapse. Then, it quickly swelled up. In the blink of an eye, half of their faces swelled up like buns.

"Why did you hit me?"

"Didn't you suddenly hit me too?"

The two of them glared at each other angrily. After they spoke at the same time, they came back to their senses. At the same time, they covered their faces and turned around to look at Hsiang Yang, who was standing opposite them. "It's all your fault?"

"Your good brothers are sparring with each other. What does this have to do with me?" Hsiang Yang looked at the two of them with an innocent expression. "Could it be that although you two appear to be brothers on the surface, you have already been unhappy with each other in your hearts? You took advantage of this time to expose your dissatisfaction with each other, so you attacked each other, right? "


"I originally thought that they were brothers, but in reality, they were all hiding knives in their stomachs."

"This is too funny."


When the students in the class heard this, they immediately burst into laughter.

"Shut up." The two of them roared angrily and looked at each other. At the same time, they said, "F * ck this guy!"

While saying that, the two of them picked up their chairs at the same time and threw them at Hsiang Yang.

"I will not change my stubborn nature."

A cold light flashed across Hsiang Yang's eyes. When the two of them threw the chairs at him, he took a step to the right and immediately dodged their attacks. The two of them didn't stop, but turned to sweep across. A smile appeared on Hsiang Yang's face as he dodged the attack. Coincidentally, Huang Shikai, who had just stood up with his hand on the table, was behind him.



Huang Shikai had just felt the pain slightly alleviate, and was just about to stand up. He saw his two brothers holding a stool and smashing it over with force. His face instantly turned pale with fright. He shouted loudly. The other sound was from outside the door. It was the voice of Principal Lu Xinrann.


Lu Xinrann had arrived late with a group of teachers. She was very intimidating in Tianhai No. 1 High School. Even the Three Bullies did not dare to disobey the order. If the two of them had not made a move yet... When they heard Lu Xinrann's shout, they would definitely stop immediately. But... It was useless now. They could not stop at all. Thus, the group of teachers and students watched helplessly as Zhang Leekun and Guo Hongliu used all their strength to smash their good brother, Huang Shikai, with the bench in their hands.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Two stools, one on the head and the other on the waist, smashed Huang Shikai to the ground, causing him to fall to the ground with blood flowing out. He screamed loudly, and it was extremely tragic.

"This is too tragic." Hsiang Yang could not help but sigh, but his movements were not slow. He quickly rushed to Huang Shikai's side and squatted down. He asked nervously, What happened?" Aiya, are you alright? Why did they bleed so much? They had gone too far. They actually beat you up like this. Why are you always the one who gets hurt?"

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