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C8 Face Slap

Face slap.

When they saw Lu Xinrann bring a bunch of teachers over, the Three Bullies was first stunned. Then, their faces revealed a look of grievance, especially Zhang Leekun, who cried loudly at one of the middle-aged teachers. "Dad, the new Teacher Hsiang hit us."

"Huang Shikai, isn't this Director Huang's son? He was beaten up like this by the teacher. This is too much."

"And Guo Hongliang is also the Director's son."

"Director Zhang's son is also among them."


The group of teachers looked at the miserable state of the three of them and their expressions changed drastically. They looked at Hsiang Yang sternly.

Zhang Leekun's father, the director of the Education Bureau, Zhang Danteng rushed to his son's side with a look of pain on his face. When he saw that half of his son's face was swollen, he was so angry that his face turned ashen. He roared at Hsiang Yang, "You bastard, how dare you hit my son? Find him!" He originally wanted to rush over and fight Hsiang Yang to the death, but when he thought about Lu Xinrann and the other teachers, he had no choice but to hold back his desire to kill Hsiang Yang. Instead, he shouted angrily. “ As a teacher, it was lawless to publicly beat up a student in the classroom. Call the police. You must call the police and arrest them. President Lu, don't you think so? " As he spoke, he looked at Lu Xinrann.

Lu Xinrann had a headache on her face. She looked at Hsiang Yang. However, she found that the latter was smiling heartlessly, as if this strange thing had nothing to do with him. She couldn't help but feel angry in her heart. Wow, you. I was thinking about how to help you get out of this predicament. You're laughing so happily instead, I don't care about you anymore.

Lu Xinrann originally wanted to not care about Hsiang Yang, but when she thought of her teacher's instructions, she felt helpless and could only say, "Director Zhang, don't be impulsive. Get to know what happened first before making a decision."

"Isn't the process of this matter already very clear? The three students were beaten up like this. Could it be fake?" Zhang Danteng said angrily.

"Are you blind? When everyone came in, they saw three students fighting themselves. Only you saw that the teacher was beating up the students. What a good example of pointing a deer at a horse. In order to hide the vicious nature of your son fighting in class, you actually reversed the truth. Pointing a deer at a horse, do you think that the eyes of so many people present are the same as you can't see? " Hsiang Yang said lightly and began his counterattack.

"President Lu, you just saw three students fighting. Two people beating up one, right? President Lu asked. And the whole class of students saw what happened. You can ask them as you wish. The story is very clear."

"There is no need to ask. I have already recorded the entire process of the matter. The truth is right here." After Hsiang Yang finished speaking, Sun Qingya walked up with her phone with a proud smile on her face.

"President Lu, this is what happened. You will understand after you have seen it." Sun Qingya turned on the video recording of the phone and showed it to Lu Xinrann and the other teachers. Zhang Danteng also quickly came over. The video compensation was only a few minutes, but all the teachers saw clearly what happened. There was no need to explain anymore. Zhang Danteng's face immediately turned red.

"Mr. Hsiang Yang, we are really fated. Hehe. You have become my teacher. You will not be able to get rid of me now, right?" When Lu Xinrann brought the teachers to watch the video, Sun Qingya giggled and chatted with Hsiang Yang.

"Yes, what a coincidence." Hsiang Yang was helpless. He had been pestered by this girl when they were on the plane. It was not easy for him to get rid of her. Now that he had become her teacher, he would probably be annoyed to death by her in the future.

"I helped you today. You owe me a favor." Sun Qingya said in an irrefutable tone.

"You are taking advantage of me." Hsiang Yang said.

"It is burning charcoal."


When the two of them said this, the school doctor came. First, bring the injured 'Three Bullies' to the infirmary for treatment. After Lu Xinrann and the group of teachers finished watching the video, after returning the phone to Sun Qingya and calling Doctor Hsiang Yang, the group went straight to the meeting room.

Not long after, the group of people had already sat down in the meeting room. Lu Xinrann sat at the head of the table, while Zhang Danteng and the other teachers in the school sat on either side of her.

"I believe that after the video just now, everyone already knows what happened. This matter has nothing to do with Teacher Hsiang. Call everyone over. I want to tell everyone. From today onwards, Teacher Hsiang will officially become a teacher in Tianhai No. 1 High School. He will be in charge of the physical education class and form teacher for Grade 12 Class 12. " Lu Xinrann said.

" President Lu, why does it have nothing to do with Hsiang Yang? As a teacher, he watched his students fight in class without stopping them. How can this kind of teacher stay? " Zhang Danteng said persistently.

"Director Zhang, we have seen it clearly in the video. It wasn't that Teacher Hsiang didn't stop them, it was that the students were too fierce. He can't stop them. I think we should look for problems with the three students first. " The director of the Political Affairs Department had always been at odds with Zhang Danteng. Once they found an opportunity, they started fighting.


Hearing the argument between the two of them, Hsiang Yang suddenly laughed. These guys spoke very well, but they cleverly avoided the question of students beating up teachers in the video. It turned into a student fighting, which reduced the evil nature of Three Bullies in an instant.

"Principal, teachers, I did not completely stop the students from fighting. I think it wasn't easy for the three students. They were still young. If you don't agree with me, you can go ahead and f * ck them up. Even though it's too violent... However, for the sake of their young age, I beg the school not to expel them. As long as you remember the punishment. " Hsiang Yang said.

Hsiang Yang's words were too cruel. It was just an ordinary fight, but in his words, it had suddenly risen to the level of killing.

"Who said that they are going to be fired?" This was what all the teachers thought in their hearts. Unless they did not want to stay in school anymore, who would be stupid enough to fire the sons of the two directors of the school?

Lu Xinrann had a helpless expression on her face. She rubbed her temples, which had some headaches, and said, "Let's talk about the fight between the three of them later."

"Okay, then we will not pursue this matter. However, the requirements for our Tianhai No. 1 High School to recruit teachers are very strict. Although he passed Vice Principal Lu's review, what about the audit of the school's Human Resources Department? I think since everyone is here, why don't we just do a public recruitment? " Zhang Danteng obviously wouldn't let Hsiang Yang go.

Lu Xinrann glanced at Zhang Danteng with an expressionless face. In her heart, she was very unhappy with what Zhang Danteng had done. But in front of so many teachers in the school, she could not be too biased towards Hsiang Yang. She could only faintly nod her head and say, "Since Director Zhang has this idea, then let's begin."

"Haha, that should be the case." Zhang Danteng looked at Hsiang Yang complacently, thinking that he must chase Hsiang Yang out of Tianhai No. 1 High School this time.

"Hsiang Yang, I won't make things difficult for you. I just want to propose a condition. If you can satisfy me, I will no longer oppose you becoming the teacher of Tianhai No. 1 High School." Zhang Danteng looked at Hsiang Yang with a serious expression. He wanted to see the fear on Hsiang Yang's face. But he was disappointed. Not only was there no fear on Hsiang Yang's face. Instead of smiling.

"What condition? Just tell me." Hsiang Yang.

"Everyone knows that the teachers in Tianhai No. 1 High School need to have a high degree. They need to at least have a master's degree from the top schools in the country. Do you have it?" ___ asked. Zhang Danteng sneered and looked at Hsiang Yang.

"Uh, the master's degree from the top schools in the country, I really don't have one." Hsiang Yang spread out his hands and said.

"No, then I should have a master's degree, right?" Zhang Danteng couldn't wait to laugh at the sky. If he knew that he could deal with this guy so easily, he wouldn't have thought about it so much.

"I don't have an undergraduate degree in the country either." Hsiang Yang rolled his eyes and said.

"No? Haha, you must be joking. A person like you who doesn't even have an undergraduate degree wants to be a teacher in Tianhai No. 1 High School?" Zhang Danteng looked at Hsiang Yang with a mocking expression.

"Lu Xinrann opened her mouth, not knowing what to say. She looked at the smile on Hsiang Yang's face and felt that something was not right, but she could not say it.

" President Lu, this matter is very clear. This kind of person should be kicked out of the school, right? " Zhang Danteng said and looked at everyone in the meeting room.

"Indeed, people who don't even have a scholar's degree can't stay in the school as teachers."

"Sigh, this is too absurd. They don't even have a scholar's degree."

"Go and be a security guard, but you're too skinny, I don't think so either."


The teachers in the meeting room started to discuss among themselves. The requirements for teachers in Tianhai No. 1 High School were very strict. Hsiang Yang did not even have a scholar's degree. This was something they could not accept.

" What do you think, President Lu? " Zhang Danteng looked at Lu Xinrann proudly.

"Lu Xinrann's face became a little ugly. She glared at Hsiang Yang fiercely, but the latter still had a smile on his face. She immediately became angry and gritted her teeth to make the decision to fire Hsiang Yang.

" Don't worry. I haven't said anything yet. " When Lu Xinrann was about to say something, she saw Hsiang Yang smile leisurely.

"Nothing you say will help."


Just as Zhang Danteng was about to mock him, Hsiang Yang placed a certificate on the table and said leisurely, "This is the certificate for the Physics Department of Stanford University."


"This is the certificate for the Psychology Department of the Stanford University."


"This is a PhD in mathematics from the Stanford University. “


"This is..."


"This is the Teacher Qualification Certificate!"

The entire meeting room fell silent. Only the sound of Hsiang Yang slapping the certificates on the table could be heard. Zhang Danteng's face turned very ugly. Hsiang Yang slammed the certificate on the table as if he had slapped him in the face. It was red. It was a slap to his face.

Especially when Hsiang Yang took out the last Teacher Certificate, it was the final decision. It shocked everyone.

Originally, they thought that no matter how many certificates Hsiang Yang took out, as long as Hsiang Yang lacked the certificate, he would not be qualified to be a teacher. Who would have thought that Hsiang Yang actually had all the certificates?

Hsiang Yang slammed the seven doctoral credentials and Teacher Certificate of different departments of Stanford University on the table with a leisurely smile on his face. Teacher Certificate, Teacher Certificate, Teacher Certificate, Teacher Certificate, Teacher Certificate, Teacher Certificate, Teacher Certificate, Teacher Certificate, Teacher Certificate, Teacher Certificate, Teacher Certificate... His gaze swept across the faces of everyone in the meeting room and said faintly, "I don't have an undergraduate and master's degree from the top universities in the country. That's because I grew up abroad. I stayed in Stanley for a few years and got these certificates. You can go and verify if it's true or false. Of course, if it's not enough... You can also give PhD certificates to other schools. "


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