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C9 The Best Actor

The Best Actor.

"How is this possible? A person who has a PhD in seven books from the Stanford University? This is simply a desolate land of night!"

"This is unbelievable."

"[This is the biggest joke I have ever heard!]"


When Hsiang Yang took out the doctoral certificate of the Stanford University with seven books at once, everyone in the meeting room showed a look of disbelief. It was possible that some people could take out many doctoral certificates. However, Hsiang Yang was so young and took out seven doctoral certificates from the top universities in the world. This made people doubt its authenticity.

"This is ridiculous. I have never heard of anyone who could get seven doctoral certificates at such a young age. Do you really think you are a genius?" Zhang Danteng said with a sneer.

"Bullshit." Hsiang Yang looked at Zhang Danteng indifferently.

"What did you say? How dare you scold me?" Zhang Danteng stood up with an ashen face and glared at Hsiang Yang.

Hsiang Yang sneered and said, "You are the one who scolded me. You asked me for my degree certificate. I gave it to you, but you said it was fake. If that's the case, why are you talking so much nonsense? Just say that I am not qualified. I can see that in the entire Tianhai No. 1 High School, only you, the head of the Education Bureau, have the greatest authority. To be able to decide everything, no wonder your son was called one of the 'Three Bullies' in the 32nd class. No one dares to interfere in his evil deeds."

"You, you, you're talking nonsense. My son is an outstanding student in the school every year. He's not a person who does evil. On the contrary, you, even if you have a PhD in the seven schools of the Stanford University. However, you don't have a good character. You can't become a teacher in Tianhai No. 1 High School even if you swear." Zhang Danteng said angrily.

"How shameless. You can even call white black. I'm sure all the teachers here know what your son looks like. It's useless even if you explain yourself. " Hsiang Yang looked at Zhang Danteng with ridicule. He was never afraid of others when it came to talking. Of course, he was even more afraid when it came to fighting.

"You are the one who is shameless. You are a teacher who came in through the back door. You're acting so tyrannically here, you're going too far." Zhang Danteng was so angry that his whole body was trembling. He had been doing very well in Tianhai No. 1 High School. When had anyone ever said that? If it wasn't for the fact that there were too many teachers present... He couldn't hold himself back anymore and rushed forward to fight Hsiang Yang to the death.

In fact, Hsiang Yang was also thinking about whether he should teach this guy a lesson.

"Enough." At this time, Lu Xinrann slammed the table and stood up. She angrily said, "This is the meeting room, not the vegetable market. How noisy is it?"

Lu Xinrann was angry. Even Zhang Danteng did not dare to continue talking. He sat in his seat and looked at Hsiang Yang unhappily.

Lu Xinrann looked at Hsiang Yang with surprise in her eyes. Hsiang Yang was introduced by her teacher. She did not know that Hsiang Yang actually had seven doctoral certificates from the Stanford University. This was simply heaven defying. No wonder her teacher was so respectful when he mentioned Hsiang Yang.

"Since Teacher Hsiang's academic qualifications are enough for his position, from now on, Teacher Hsiang will officially become the sports teacher and class teacher of the 32nd class." Lu Xinrann said directly.


"Director Zhang, if you still have any objections, wait until you can take out seven doctoral certificates from different departments of Stanford University." Zhang Danteng wanted to say something but was interrupted by Lu Xinrann.

"I, I have no objections."

Zhang Danteng had no objections. The others naturally had no objections either. Next was the matter of Hsiang Yang's appointment procedures.

Half an hour later, Hsiang Yang finally felt the revenge of offending Zhang Danteng, the director of the teaching department. In front of him was a room filled with mold. The ceiling was dark and still dripping with water. The white paint on the walls had fallen off. He looked angrily at the young man who had brought him to the logistics department called Xiao Li. "Are you sure this is my room?"

"I'm sure. This was arranged by the higher-ups." Xiao Li nodded and looked at Hsiang Yang with pity. He really didn't know which big shot this new teacher had offended. He was actually arranged to stay in this place.

"Does the other teachers also live here? Why do I think the next room seems to be a junk room?" Hsiang Yang said angrily.

"Ahem, the other teachers live in the teachers' apartment. This place originally stores junk. I just received a notice from the higher-ups to pack up the worst room for you to use as your dormitory." When 'Xiao Li' saw Hsiang Yang getting angry, he immediately shivered and told the truth.

"Brother, let's discuss something. How about you get me a teacher's apartment?" Hsiang Yang looked at 'Xiao Li' with a smile.

"Hey, teacher, I also feel sorry for what happened to you, but I can't. I don't have the right to do that." Xiao Li carefully looked at Hsiang Yang, who was constantly changing his emotions, and helplessly replied.

"Bastard." Hsiang Yang understood that it must be that bastard Zhang Danteng who did this. He thought to himself, Master will remember this grudge.

The poor Zhang Danteng was feeling proud of what he had done in his office, but he didn't know that he had offended a powerful man who had dominated the world.

Looking at the dilapidated room in front of him, Hsiang Yang decided not to stay in the school. After finishing the other procedures, he left the school and planned to rent a room for himself. Ever since he escaped from the marriage to Tianhai, Hsiang family's movements were extremely fast. All of his bank cards in the country had been frozen. The current him... He only had a few tens of thousands of dollars in cash on him, not much. It was not a lot, but it was enough to rent a better house.

"Teacher Hsiang, haha, how is it? The accommodation I specially arranged for you is not bad, right?" When Hsiang Yang walked to the school gate, he bumped into Zhang Danteng and his son, Zhang Leekun, who were leaving in a BMW. Zhang Danteng had a sinister smile on his face, but he did not hide his revenge on Hsiang Yang.

Hsiang Yang sighed. He walked closer to the BMW and knocked on the window.

"Is this guy angry from embarrassment?" Zhang Leekun muttered.

"This is the school entrance. There are still security guards around. What are you afraid of?" Zhang Danteng seemed very calm. He rolled down the window. He looked at Hsiang Yang with a proud smile. "Why? Is Teacher Hsiang here to thank me for arranging a 'good' dormitory for you?"

"I really need to thank you." Hsiang Yang grinned and stretched out his hand to pat the roof of the BMW. He praised. He said. "BMW 7 Series, a luxury car worth more than a million dollars, tsk tsk. Director Zhang could really be considered a successful family in life. He became a rather big leader in the school. He drove a luxury car, and his son is a prodigal son of a b * tch. It's too perfect."

"You are the prodigal bastard." Zhang Leekun was so angry that his face turned ashen.

"Sigh, son, he is saying that the grapes are sour because he can't eat them. We have to understand, we can't lower ourselves to his level." Zhang Danteng said with a generous smile.

"That's right, we don't have to lower ourselves to his level." Zhang Leekun said with a sinister smile.

The smile on Hsiang Yang's face did not change. "Gentlemen, I forgot to tell you. Actually, I can predict the future. The two of you are like dark clouds covering the sky. There will be a bloody disaster later."

"What nonsense can predict the future? I think you are crazy. Nonsense, only you will have a bloody disaster." Zhang Danteng was so angry that his face turned green. This guy was obviously cursing him and his son.

Hsiang Yang showed a kind face. "I have calculated. The bloody disaster started with this car. To be safe, I think it is better for you two not to drive. It should be safer to walk."

"This guy is crazy. Don't bother with him. Let's go." Zhang Danteng snorted and ignored Hsiang Yang. He drove his luxurious BMW 7 series out of the school.

"Sigh, if you don't listen to the old man, you will suffer in front of us." Hsiang Yang sighed, but there was a mischievous smile on his face.

"Hsiang Yang." At this time, the principal Lu Xinrann drove to Hsiang Yang's side. She looked at Zhang Danteng's car thoughtfully and asked, "What happened to you and Director Zhang?"

"I communicated with him." Hsiang Yang said with a smile.

Lu Xinrann rolled her eyes at him. The two of them were like fire and water. They almost fought in the meeting room. Who would believe that they could communicate?

"Where are you going?" Lu Xinrann looked at Hsiang Yang with a complicated expression. On the one hand, Hsiang Yang was introduced by her teacher. Even if it was for her teacher, she should take special care of Hsiang Yang. However, Hsiang Yang had barged into her bathroom by accident. This was something she could not tolerate.

"I'm just casually strolling around." Hsiang Yang had a smile on his face. She did not tell Lu Xinrann that Zhang Danteng used his position to arrange a storeroom for her as a dormitory.


When Hsiang Yang was about to leave, Lu Xinrann suddenly stopped him.

"Is there anything else President Lu needs?" Hsiang Yang seriously looked at Lu Xinrann who was sitting in the car. Without a doubt, Lu Xinrann was very beautiful.

"What are you looking at?" Lu Xinrann called Hsiang Yang on impulse. She saw him staring at her blankly. She suddenly felt disgusted. As expected, every man had the same moral character. No matter how outstanding the man in front of her was, he was still a stinky man.

"Beep! Beep!"

Lu Xinrann thought of those stinky men who kept pestering her to pursue her. When she thought about it, a loud car horn rang out. A top sports car rushed over at a speed of more than 80 km per kilometer, and it did not slow down at all. The surrounding people were scared.

"Chi!" Under the worried gazes of the surrounding people, the luxury sports car braked. The tires rubbed against the ground and produced a series of sounds as they stopped in front of Lu Xinrann's car.

"Xinran, you finally got off work. I have been waiting for you for a long time. I have already booked a restaurant. Let's go eat together." The car door opened and a young man in a f * cking suit walked out with flowers in his hands. He had a gentlemanly smile on his face. At first glance, he really looked like a dog.

"Could this guy be Lu Xinrann's boyfriend?" Hsiang Yang stood beside Lu Xinrann's car and touched his chin with one hand. His face revealed a thoughtful smile.

When Hsiang Yang looked at Lu Xinrann, he suddenly smiled. He saw that Lu Xinrann had a forced smile on her face and there was a trace of undetectable disgust in her eyes.

"So it turns out that they are not boyfriend and girlfriend. Hei, this guy's background is not small. He is actually able to make Lu Xinrann dislike him and not dare to openly reject him." Hsiang Yang suddenly felt that the relationship between Lu Xinrann and the man with fresh flowers was a little interesting. He had a smile on his face. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, ready to watch a good show.

"Happy, this is for you. These are 99 roses, representing my love for you for a long time." The man treated Hsiang Yang as air, and at the same time, he handed the flowers in his hands to Lu Xinrann. He looked at her with an infatuated look on his face.

"Thank you, but I don't think I need it." Lu Xinrann's expression was stiff and she did not take the bouquet from his hands.

The man's expression stiffened and his smile immediately became forced. But he did not give up, "Happy, we are classmates from high school to university. I have chased you for so long, are you not willing to accept even a flower?" As he spoke, his face revealed a sad expression. He almost cried.

"He really is a performing emperor." Hsiang Yang couldn't help but exclaim when he saw the man's expression. This brother's acting was too good.

This guy wore a suit and a collar, looked like a human, and even drove a luxury car. He was simply the prince charming in a girl's dream, plus his invincible acting. He was actually unable to deal with Lu Xinrann. It seemed that this woman was either stone-hearted or abnormal.

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