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C1 Chapter one

Lady Salsa was cradling her eggs when the imperial guards came with heavy armory and entourages, she immediately changed to her human form and clothed herself, as she came out of the hay she kept her eggs, she noticed that her two handmaidens were busy chatting happily with each other.

" Kariya, tell me why are there so many guards today in our little mansion," Salsa asked the eldest handmaiden," My lady.

"I heard from the servants that the Dragon king ordered your entrance to the imperial palace, " Kariya replied beaming with a smile. What!!!! " no no nooooo, I won't go, I won't go, the witch will kill my hatchlings" lady Salsa retorted, tears started streaming down her face as she recollects the dreadful rumors she heard about Queen Tekiya

No! No!

"Nobody can make me go there, no one can snatch my hatchlings from me" Lady Salsa immediately ran to where she kept her eggs but before she got there, the imperial guards already seized the eggs and guided them heavily with soldiers Lady Salsa roared when she saw that her eggs had been kidnapped, her dragon form immediately took over her human form The soldiers were startled as they've never seen a very beautiful dragon.

Even Queen Tekiya dragon found ain't as beautiful as the white dragon with green eyes before them.

Lady Salsa took the opportunity and release her inner qi and cough out a big flame, the soldiers immediately changed to their Dragon form to withstand the blow.

After so many attempts, Lady Salsa was defeated because she previously used her inner qi to heat her eggs...

Her human form took place as she sat down defeated on the hay. "My hatchlings, give them back you scum!! She cried Give them back!!!! "

My lady, Dragon king ordered us to escort you and the royal hatchlings to the imperial palace, please don't make it hard on us anymore," the chief guard said signaling to one of the guards to assist her up.

"Get your hands of me, you little scrum"," Lady Salsa clawed at him at the side guard attempting to help her up.

The chief guard then signal for him to step back when he noticed that her two handmaidens are near.

"My lady, we will go back to the palace today with or without you, The royal hatchlings needs to be monitored by the Dragon King," the chief guard said indifferently

"My lady let's go with them, You can't leave the hatchlings with them" Kariya pleaded with Lady Salsa

" Pack my belongings" Lady Salsa ordered as she sneered at the chief guard.

"Yes, My lady" All the soldiers changed back to their Dragon form and headed back to the Imperial Palace with Lady Salsa at their back making sure no harm befalls her eggs.

The Dragon palace was massive with the beautiful landscape of ancient designs, the magnetic aura hasn't dimmed a little even as decades washed over it, Lady Salsa was astonished and breath was stolen of how big it was...

It wasn't long when they all arrived at the south palace where the king received visitors, Queen Tekiya and kunshiya Kun sat majestically on the throne when the imperial guards led Lady Salsa and her eggs in...

"Long live, My King and My Queen" they all bowed down in greetings,


Kunshiya commanded gently at the audience, the imperial guards then signaled for the left guard to bring forth the eggs..

The eggs were magnificent, round, and beautiful.

Kunshiya stared at them in awe "My hatchlings!! Quickly bring them to me" he ordered thunderously with happiness shown in his fine jade face.

He looked as his hands brushed over them lightly while he inspected the eggs with keen eyes.

"They are beautiful!! my hatchlings"!

Kunshiya marveled after inspecting the two eggs.

"My order, Lady Salsa is to conferred the title "Dragon Lady" and the second rank lady, arrange her to live at the west palace with her hatchlings" Kunshiya edict as the king's Eunuch quickly commands servants to prepare the order...

Queen Tekiya was utterly surprised and angered at how kunshiya Kun could simply just give the second-ranked noble title to the outside slut.

The second rank lady was just a rank away from her title, who did that slut think she is?

Because she laid some imperial eggs means she can climb up ranks?

What imperial eggs? What hatchlings?

Since they are in this imperial palace, this Queen will make sure they didn't witness the first sun .. Queen Tekiya vowed inwardly as she stared at the eggs in Kunshiya Kun's hands.

Kariya tugged Lady Salsa softy on her sleeves to remind her to accept the imperial decree, the slight tug brought Lady Salsa back from her astonishment as she quickly knelt and give her thanks " humble Lady Salsa accept Dragon king grace, may you live thousand years"

Kunshiya smiled as he noticed how clumsy her greeting was but took no offense to it as he knew she's not from this country nor adhere to their ways but Queen Tekiya took the opportunity to oppose and ridicule Lady Salsa.

"Dragon Lady Salsa, it can't be that you are an uncultured dragon from nowhere because that's the only explanation to this awkward acceptance you just presented," She said, her voice laced with mockery.

"Forgive me, My Queen, This humble lady is not from this country, that's why I didn't know of the ways of greetings and acceptance,"

" You even dare talk back to your Queen!!" Queen Tekiya roared, "servants take her down" she ordered as numerous servants rushed to Lady Salsa's sides and forced her to kneel.

Kunshiya Kun wanted to interfere but he knew if he showed Queen Tekiya his affection for Lady Salsa that will only give Tekiya more reasons to exploit and manipulate Lady Salsa and her hatchlings, though he doesn't care much of the foreign servant she just gave him eggs and the imperial hatchlings are more important than her safety.

So he watched as the servants dragged Lady Salsa to the prison indifferently.

Later he will command her to be released but for now, she needs to get used to the palace rules and etiquette as fast as possible.

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